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A gun made of GUNS


There are two kinds of people in the world:

those who leave when you want them to stay and those who stay when you want them to leave.

by skriks
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by meiw8
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I loved HappyBee's voiceover, so I decided to add Lexischerr's Dum Dum song very quietly to the background of my gary the ghost bumper too! 

download for HD

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re: prom queen 

just needs some people inside!

transparent background 

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just needs the milk from her pores but i wasn't entirely sure how to do that justice!

Note: if anyone would like me to create one with parts for remixing please let me know :-)

transparent background

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drawing hot air balloons is so much fun!

but i'm not too sure if i like the men, so i've added a zip file with the photoshop file and other versions of this without them etc incase someone wants to remix it.

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this is what i made in my art class today. the theme for my personal study is going to be "secret worlds" so i think i might make a children's story book, which i am pretty damn excited to do! 

i'll upload a seperate file of just the leaves/background soon for remixing.

if you'd like to purchase it, you can do so here on my redbubble shop :-)

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Time travel is possible. When/where do you go? How does such a fundamental change in human reality affect the everyday, for example relationships?


Time-Loop Love


"Why do you antagonize me?"

I should know better than this. I should know by now that any real question, any direct confrontation will lead nowhere. As soon as the words leave my mouth I know where this will go but I let it play out anyways.

He pretends to be distracted, reading the paper, stirring his coffee, scratching his chin.

He says "Hm?"

Giving me an out I should have taken. Or trying to annoy me, break me, work me up as always.  I should know better than this. This is how it always plays out. But I can't stop myself.

"I mean, I reach out to you, and you just sit there."

He still won't look at me even though my voice is now all weird and high-pitched.

"It's like you can't admit that I was right about anything, it would, like, bring your whole goddamn world down."

Now he looks at me.

"What the hell are you talking about?"

Our little play is just moving along, right on schedule, hitting all the marks, building up to that final scene. Right about now I'm supposed to get worked up over his not understanding. He will pretend that I'm overreacting and act oblivious that the argument is taking place at all. I will get up to leave. And then… Then what?

My head spins, my stomach is aching.

"I'm tired," I say.

He's back to "Hm" and his paper/coffee bit.

"I am so tired of this dance," I say, and think up names of random places in the world as not to think of him. Helsinki. Minsk. Oklahoma. My heart is pounding. Miami. Kazakhstan. Beirut.

He's looking at me now, eyes full of questions. His self-importance gone, if only for a second. And then he reaches out from across the table and grabs me, kisses me on the mouth and the whole room dissolves again. For the hundredth time I am sitting alone in the dark, wondering what I could have done different. Swearing I'll stop, this was the last time, I'll move on. Heartbroken for the umpteenth time. Until the next time.

And then I get up and put the Time Machine back on the cradle to charge it. 

by ioanna
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download for HQ :D 
(i hope) 

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A ghostly, electronic remix of The Secret Club!  :)


Stems are included in the remix file.

by Tsuroo
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