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I AM: MattConley
MattConley Released 16 hours ago

Username: Matt Conley

Pronunciation: Matt Con-ley (not Con-nol-ley)

Origin of Username: It's my real name.

I can still recall spontaneously choosing my real name to be my username and not really thinking twice about it. I can't, however, remember if the no space between my first and last name was intentional. 

What I can say is that once I was collaborating quite a bit on the site, I definitely started to have second thoughts about my username. You see, back when I was a kid I always thought I had one of those last names that wouldn't sound cool if a sports announcer was doing play by play (like, "Conley's got the ball and he's running down court...") I always thought my last name sounded kinda lame and I was self conscious about it for years. 

And yet here I was with a username that included my last name. I was totally regretting it for a while, and considered starting another account with a new username. But I never did. And now I get called by my full name all the time and I'm no longer self conscious of it. In fact, I really like it now.


The end.