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Request List:

  • Writing

    • write a tiny myth
    • come up a prompt for a tiny myth
  • Illustration

    • illustrate a tiny myth
  • Animation

    • animate a tiny myth
  • Voiceover Artists

    • record a VO of a tiny myth
  • Curation

    • your favourite tiny myths
  • Music

    • write a tiny myth song
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Wraaa_logo wirrow Released Nov 03, 2014



extraordinarise the ordinary!

take something 'ordinary' from every day life and write a tiny myth about why it exists or how it works. maybe no more than a paragraph long. i think they could make cool short diagrammatic animations.




some prompts:


why do we get deja vu

why do we sleep

why are we symmetrical

how does teleportation work

why do we hug

why do we yawn

why do we have nightmares

why do kids…

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