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cold open idea

by wirrow
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(idea for tiny story animation which starts of with sad, profound sort of music)


when i am finally laid to rest


don't look through my search history.

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idea for a darker take on this tiny story. like kids chanting as they roam the night

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i'm kinda scared of the dark cause there's nothing to distract me from that feeling

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the idea is to start from the bottom and move up - kinda showing how we come from the dark and return to the dark.

it's all in layers so i can tidy up the photoshop file if anyone wants it.

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it's 3am i wrote this thing and then i read it. but i would love you to read it too pls! only late at night though



have u ever wondered where inspiration comes from?

the word itself
is a derivation of the ancient word ‘in-spiritus’
which means ‘the process of spirits going into you.’

these spirits are very tiny and live in the air
constantly looking for humans to inspire.

their scientific name is Awesome Creativity Particles.
or ACP’s.

they travel through the optic nerve
and then explode intoxicatingly into the brain -
destroying themselves so that others may create!

every day each spirit will find a vessel to inspire in its small way..
a creative decision at work perhaps
or an artistic flare in a home cooked meal.

but in the very late and holy hours of the night
the gates slam shut
leaving millions of spirits homeless and unfulfilled.

luckily there exists a rare and isolated species of human beings
who, against the norms of their society see the dark
not as a signal to rest their souls
but as a ceremonious fanfare to rise and create!
to bathe in the late night radiance of glowing screens
to remedy themselves with prose and melody
and stain their claws with splatterings
a baptism of paints and inks.
these few, these happy few
whose wide eyed portals
spirits swarm to
in endless streams
exploding gloriously through the night.

this barrage does take its toll on bruised and tired eyes though
and you may find the morning after
that dark circles have spiralled around them .
these dark circles are a monument to the spirits’ sacrifice
commemorating a night of creative bliss.
wear them with pride

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for animators 

by wirrow
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testing out a cartoony sort of version of timothy dark.

made him a bit more colourful cause i think it somehow makes him darker

by wirrow
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just wanted to write a trashy, dark, nick cave-ish sort of horror song :)

this is only an IDEA for a song, i advise against using this actual audio record.. it was recorded with all i had with me (my earphone mic) cause i'm away from home for a few months.



once there was a girl i loved a long time ago
she woke up screaming late one night
she looked at me in such a fright

she told me a story about a man she once met
she said his soul was taken from him
damned for all eternity and

he said he’s a member of a secret club
a group of soulless creatures
who were cursed by hearing secrets

once you have heard that secret you are forever cursed
to roam the earth without a soul
no love would ever fill that hole

and then after he told her this - he whispered in her ear
the secret of the secret club
..and her soul disappeared.

and then he sang..

you are one of us now

welcome to the secret club.


and the with teary eyes she turned to me and said
she loved me way too much to let me
love someone who’s so unholy

a few days later i came home and she was gone for good
but she left behind letter and
it said “please read, you’ll understand.”

so heartbroken i opened it and lo and behold
she had written only one line
and a shiver fell down my spine

but then suddenly she rang me and i answered the phone, i said
"what’s this letter all about?"
but she stayed silent for a while

and then she sang..

you are one of us now

welcome to the secret club.


now usually at this point of the song people plead
pls don’t share what she wrote down
i do not want my soul to drown

but it’s far too late for that, i say "here’s the twist
the secret is just knowing
that the secret club exists."

and then i sing..

you are one of us now

welcome to the secret club.

by wirrow
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obviously this is not a new idea. you might even say it’s overdone.
but i think it could work as a future setting for a ‘slice of life’ short film.
so this isn’t a story, just a setting/environment that i’m hoping might inspire some stories:

• post-‘singularity’ future.

• humans can now live forever as a downloaded consciousness.

• a consciousness is uploaded onto ‘machine banks’ for future resurrection. it is put into a sleep state and it is referred to as a ’sleeper’.

• the human must be alive to upload their consciousness. usually this happens immediately after birth.

• the sleeper consciousness will only carry the memories of the person up until the last time it was uploaded, therefore the person has to ‘back up’ regularly.

• the sleep state prevents it from forming memories of its own.

• it is illegal to awaken a sleeper consciousness whilst its human counterpart is still alive.

• the sleeper consciousness can only be woken once the person has died.

• there is usually a funeral and ‘resurrection’ ritual that occurs on the same day.

• it is then downloaded into a mobile ‘consciousness-receptor brain’ which is then placed into a ‘shell’.

• the desired shell is stipulated by the human before they die, usually a human body shell though some choose animal shells.

• once the consciousness reawakens in its new shell.. it is no longer referred to as ‘human’, it is now called ‘immortal’.

• religious and morally disapproving activists refuse to call them immortals and instead call them ‘ghosts’.

• these disapprovers believe philosophically that the ghosts are not actually conscious.. they just appear to be.

• ‘consciousness merging’ is when 2 people want to live on as one merged consciousness after they both die. only theoretically possible as it is strictly illegal.



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- timothy dark walks up to a stranger trying to make a friend -


timothy dark: my dog has no nose!

stranger: (bored 'heard it before' tone) how does he smell?

timothy dark: he smells awful.

stranger: what a lame joke.

timothy dark: because he's dead.

stranger: ..

timothy dark: i thought cutting off his nose would make him stop smelling but it didn't.

stranger: .....

timothy dark: he was my best friend i miss him. but now WE can be best friends!

stranger: ............ O_O

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