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by wirrow


culture of advertising

how long has advertising existed?

will everything in the future be free but with adverts?

is advertising a form of pollution?

how does advertising distort our image of other people and ourselves?

how do we advertise our selves?

do other species advertise?

culture jammers - street art and manipulation of public space advertising

can we avoid advertising?



what is the soul?

how are souls perceived in different cultures, literature and throughout history?

what happens to the soul?

what does it mean to be soulful

how does a ‘higher power’ enter into it?

do souls have a source?

the mythologies of the soul.



what is a myth?

how is it different to ‘fact’ ?

why do people create myths?

the connections between myths in history that were lands and centuries apart.

creation myths.

what are modern myths?

the mythology of ourselves.

mythological worlds as escapism.

urban myths.



is everything relative?

which way is up?

the theories of relativity.

how people define their worth relative to others.

the issue of subjectivity and ‘normality’.

point of views / perspective.

sides of a story.



what constitutes a family?

why are we so connected to our family?

is family as important as it used to be?

how did the idea of family evolve?

families in the animal kingdom.

the families we create in our lives.

family as form of protection.

dysfunctional families.

family break downs.




“who am i?”

what is our identity? (family, language, culture, hobbies, likes)

how do we create an identity?

our online identity.

mathematical identity.

should we have identity cards?

can we change our identity?

how many identities can we have?


the future

the distant future,

the near future

what will the future look like?

do we imagine our future differently as a child, teenager and adult?

do our hopes for the future change?

dystopian futures

utopian futures

climate change.


how did previous generations envision their future (our current times) and how does it differ?

worrying and stressing about the future - college, owning a home, job, marriage, retiring etc.

future plans.

science fiction future.

scientific breakthroughs in the future.




why do we dance?

history of dance.

dance in various cultures.

dance as mate-attraction.

dance in the animal kingdom.

the way we dance alone compared to how we dance in public.

how does dancing make us feel?

being too embarrassed to dance

being forced to dance at weddings.

dancing around conversation.

dance shoes

romanticised dance - what other things are considered a dance? things in nature? metaphorical things?

spontaneous dance


the evolution of dance! ..heh just kidding fuck that



what is time?

what is space-time?

how do we use time?

atomic clocks and leap seconds

time travel / speed of light / einstein

are we running out of time?

how to we organise our time?

is there enough time in the day?

time going quicker as we get older

days lasting forever when we’re young

is time an illusion? can anything exist outside time?

stress/worry about time, especially when we’re trying to sleep

what if time slowed down?

what if time slowed down for just one person?


What is 'Soul'? Is it spiritual? Is it physical? Is it musical? Is it Social? Is it Universal? What makes up "soul" in our world, and how does it affect us as a human race? Can the idea itself empower humanity? Can it contribute to our morals, our creativity, our work, our culture?

Do we as human beings have 'souls'? When you meet someone, are you getting to know their 'soul'? Do some people lack a soul, and what fills the void? 

What makes living things what they are? Is 'soul' what differentiates between purely material 'things,' from creative, emotional, faithful, vengeful, living 'beings.' 

The idea can be personified in a character that is searching for their own soul that has seemingly gone missing. They begin to find pieces of their 'soul' energy in the art that they admire, the people that they love, the society they live in, and the world that they understand. 

What debates surround the idea of 'soul'? Why would people refute it, or believe in it? 

by MarSL
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  • What is consciousness?

  • What makes us conscious?

  • What's the difference between the consciousness that animals experience and that of humans?

  • What happens to our minds when we are unconcious?

  • We could explore self-consciousness.

  • We could explore self-awareness: how much do we know of how others perceive us?

  • Are there aspects of the self that the self can never be conscious of?

  • Please also view a previous piece of writing I did in answer to RegularJOE's question 'what happens after we die?' which is related to this topic: We Are All Radios. It might be interesting for creating a short film about consciousness.

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What about a huge compilation of myths, legends, wives tales, etc.?

-Tales from around the world and each story stands on their own, or

-Put the tales together, making one huge story that creates a connection between the different cultures and people from around the world.

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Some ideas:

I am fascinated by the idea that we only know where we are in the universe in relation to other things in the universe. Imagine yourself in a colourless, lightless, empty space, disconnected from everything: which way is up? Are you falling, floating or hurtling forwards? Knowing ourselves in relation to other things rationalises the world for us.

People often define themselves in relation to other things. A lot of people compare themselves and their achievements to other people and other people's success.

Under this theme we could also explore the idea of normality. The 'norm' can only exist because of relativity and this is why normality is subjective. Normality can only be defined within a constrained realm. We could also look at sub-culture in this context.

I think there's a lot more that could be investigated RE: RELATIVITY, so please contribute your ideas.

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Family is maybe the most important thing in life. It is what connects us to each other. it teaches us to love and care. It helps shape the person we become. But Family isnt just those in our life we call Mom or Dad, Brother or Sister. Family can be your closets friends, your teammates, or brothers in arms. It can also be a community. Family can mean a lot of things.
What does Family mean to you?
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Idea : Self 

What makes up oneself ? What makes oneself different from another ?

Where does self esteem come from ? Why can we feel/experiance a lack of self esteem ?

Why do some people not respect themselves ? ( Lack of self respect ? and Why ? )

Etc , Etc , and so forth .

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