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I didn't like the cloud's movement direction in the other one after looking at it for a while. The clouds needed to be more upward in direction of the figure's movement. So, I went back to a previous file version and made some changes.

I also like this version because it has a few more stars.

I'm not sure if I should recite my previous sources or just the one I'm remixing which is my earlier record which has all the citiations. Any comments on that are welcome and I'll recite them if that's what others prefer.


A deadline is just what I needed.

I tried a whole different process this time which emphasized time over quality and it came out decently.

The colors are perfectly remixable.

I got a bit carried away when I experimented with a hair drawing pattern and ultimately reminded me of ribbons(thus the title). It ended up in a similar theme as my first REC FiveBeardedFaces.

I resourced a few Tiny Stories that I thought the image could illustrate.

Remix away my friends. 

Each Recommend and Remix is greatly appreciated and cherished.

Edit: Again, thanks for the Feature, MattConley.

Edit: Thanks for including me in Act VI Bumpers for RE: Fantasy and A Chicken is a Chicken for RE: Money.

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I wanted to illustrate Curls (tiny story) by bellaarts but I don't have time to draw the hair like I want so here's as far as I got into remixing mama it's a hairplane! by maryer96.


I suggest printing it and drawing some hair, lashes, and brows on her. This image is made for remixing so have some fun.


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If only we were small: we could sleep on marshmallows. - Edited words of heyjadebarry

I submit as High-Res as I can get to encourage remixes.  Don't be shy.

Each Recommend and Remix is greatly appreciated and cherished.

Edit: Thanks for the Feature, MattConley.


Please don't fear the heart because it has a few, we can always use more hearts.

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Five Bearded Faces - it's pretty straight foward but it should be noted that those are eyebrows and not eyes

uploaded as png with transperencies, so different browsers might display it differently

my program froze midway threw creating it so the file isn't as I originally intended but still close


first record down, let's have some fun


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It's a portrait of a fluffy sheep in a suit. I don't have a story for it, so I encourage all of you, the hitRECord community, to mix it up and have some fun.  


I came to this community wanting to try things I've never done before, so I did.

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