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Request List:

  • Other

    • EVERYONE: Contribute Titles for this Manifesto publication
  • Writing

    • Compose short, punchy pieces of text that refers to what hitRECord does well and what social or artistic values it promotes (please include a Title for your text)
  • Graphic Design

    • Interpret Text contributions with your own Visual Remixe
    • Create visuals for the THINK RECORDS in IrmaVep's Album
  • Illustration

    • Contribute illustrations for the Manifesto
    • Create visuals for the THINK RECORDS in IrmaVep's Album
  • Photography

    • Contribute photography for the Manifesto
    • Contribute Photos for the THINK RECORDS in IrmaVep's Album
  • Curation

    • Make Albums that connect Manifesto Text with corresponding Images from the site.
    • Make Albums of existing Manifesto pages from and arrange them in your own order
    • Curate your favorite Titles for this publication
1506 Contributions
Screen_shot_2012-03-27_at_10.30.21_pm hitRECord Released Aug 14, 2011

VISUAL ARTISTS: Create visuals for the "Think RECords" compiled in THIS ALBUM, as well as THIS TEXT RECORD.

EVERYONE: Contribute a title for this publication.