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FILM: Unhinged (2011)

Camille Sands anxiously awaits her friend Bethany Price, setting us up for the unforgettable opening scene in which the two rain fire upon the kinds of men whom Sands claims "would do a lady real bad". In this modern Thelma And Louise-meets-Goodfellas revenge story, the women crack skulls, make millions, and manage to keep Johnny Law in the palms of their soft, deadly hands.

See Price in action here.


DP: venns


Watching too much Game of Thrones and Hannibal.

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"What Pattern Has The Lash Left Upon Your Back?" Text & Illustration by hitRECordJon Photo by Venns

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Just wanted to re-do a remix I did a while ago.

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by Anais10
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KarstenH's Sinful City is incredible. Great use of remixing as well as a brilliant homage to Sin City. All it lacked was sound design. That's where I step in.

All sounds were recorded by me except the gun sounds. The guns were taken from the Lord Of War sound library legitimately bought from the Triune Films Store (the product webstie of Film Riot).

I still think it needs music and/or a sleasy noir-ish narration but here it is with sound. Enjoy!

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A scene from my Sinful City animation

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A scene from my Sinful City animation

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by Anais10
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I was walking, on my way to adhgraphicdesign, to meet with ChrissyRegler and AnneMarije, when saintmaker rode up on his skatebard, asking about ThatGirlfromMars again. I told him I knew nothing about her, that Maery and jeffv said she had slipped back into anna nimiti again.... but then again, iblehs like a Chuchu and sometimes things seem only halfreal, like when I speak whale with Brittaany_nicole and Ines Reis.

Afterwards, we usually feel a bit shellshock33 and go find a room at one of the Mottelz and order up some rajasoup. Then, we spend the rest of the night discussing musings5225 till we fall asleep. Except for that one time, when raesybilrocks83, SamVasquez00, and Murker, came by to invite us to this "rhumble in the Metaphorest", right next to Rancor Grove- the Lyzird farm. It sounded like alot of fun. They said there would be  BackYardDJ, BEATZ BY B-DON, would be opening up for lilblack, and the whole affair would be hosted by MC Marc and sponsored by MadisenMusic.

Just then, Pamzette walked up and interrupted my story. She had Tiddles in her pocket, and asked me and saintmaker if we had seen her Tillycat. I said in my best Jamaican accent, "Look MoN, we ain't seen no cats around here. You might want to go find Kallee, I hear her daughter, Izy, BreeKrafty at finding lost pets...just try to keep frettless7 about the whole ting, ya hear?"

The rude bitch didn't say shit, just walked away mumbling something about finding bibster to use andrewhip on me and flatten me like a pancakaya.

I yelled out, "Don't get all 23rd_joker with me, bitch- go suck on Kandis22!"

"Whoa," saintmaker said, "playniceboysandgirls- thatwasnotveryravenofyou, brandi jeaux!"

"Look, saintmaker, I like you and all, but don't think for a moment that I won't go all PsychoLion on your ass!"

saintmaker then took off his hat, reached inside it, into a little secret compartment, and pulled out a tiny, square piece of paper.

"Here," he said, "this will put your MindAtPeace."

"What the hell is that, saint?" I snapped, still angry, with copious amounts of adrenaline still pumping through my venns.

"Chill, you little Victory Thief- you don't have to always win every fight! It's asid, man. It'll take away your VerifiedInnocence and twist everything all DiciDela.", he explained.

"What? Don't get all Poeticon on my ass! I know I'm a strangegirl and all, but I ain't never tried any of that shit. People mistake my fiction for facts, but I'm really just a boring writergirl811 with a Wicked Goblin King imagination."

saintmaker looked all surprised.

"Really? Well, that's JPeezy, just take it easy. Just say YesEvill22 and take a chance."

"But-", I said nervously.

"Stop being so Gaby Vaughan....shut up, open your mouth, and stick out your tongue.", he demanded.

He then placed the asid on my tongue. It tasted like sinnamin.

"Alright, now leave it there for awhile, then just swallow it down- like you would sojushots.

I did as he instructed.

"atsargirl, good job." He praised me, like he would an obediant Pandadog.

"Does it have a name?" I asked.


"The asid- don't they give'em names and shit?"

"Oh yeah- Iluminar. You sure know alot about it for someone whose never taken it."

"Screw you, you Mockwriter!", I hissed.

"eliwobabe, fraeulein brandi jeaux, you've got some serious Inger problems! Maybe you ought to take a xanlee with that."

Suddenly, time stood still, and a calm washed over my body.

Everything seemed to have a glowing aura around it, like a Halo.

"Do you see that Day Glo?", I asked.

"Did you just call me a diego?", he misunderstood and acted all offended.

Something strange started to happen to saintmaker. He got all fuzzy and out of focus, then morphed into AeB Lincoln, right before my Owl Eyes. Everything around us, the entire landscape, turned aneemae. He then morphed again, into babyhuey121795, matching the cartoonish surroundings.

"Holy hell, saint- I'm svirlee fucked up!"

saintmaker chuckled a bit, then began to ride away on his skatebard.

"Come back, saint! Please don't leave me here to trip all alone.", I pleaded.

He stopped in the intersection of Angela Way and brujasur.

"Alright, I'll stay... jestferlaffs."

He rolled back over to where I was, and sat on a rock, next to me. I think I fell asleep for a moment, cause when I looked back at saintmaker, he was gone and a singing turtle was sitting where he used to be. I asked its name.

"mirtle- mirtle the turtle.", it said.

"Anyone ever tell ya that you sound like Eddie Vedder."


"Nevermind...maybe it's Kurt Cobain."

"Haha! Good one- clever!", a voice said from above.

I looked up and saw a bee circling above my head.

"And who are you?", I asked.

"Marie- Marie Bee, and that's Ella Jean", she pointed to another bee.

"Where did ya'll come from?"

"We live at the shaecker village, up the road. We make sweet_honey for Joab Nevo."

"Whose Joab Nevo?"

"He's the main man there, the leader of the village. They call him 'moonbug', he's fabulouslyfreckled."

To be continued...

Names still need to be used: Kane Adams DianeFT humunkulus AndreiDoubleJ brookeduckart  TashaS bellaarts WunderBoy MeTaL _PoU RosellaWeigand DebraLou the SerpentandtheCharmer Mcgettigan jesterlady Anita Auntika tar Marke TravellingGonzo skriks auntika_tar Dotunfolded epocadofim Saxon Lore tdolan LilacAmy11 Axon Graf cerebis escapingartist dirtofseven lindzey42 Shonam  anybarra83 Luis C. Lewis Psalmist tmq JoeFed62 MMonroe1 LaraMinerva Emma Conner Bloemday cen3petal  Layna Ayumix01 sinnamin Kubi Matt Conley Laural Barush Neon Hermit maltesefalcon christopher harn aszarkowsk TheSerpentTheCharmer Matthew Lister Mrs.Tibbs23 nj.ivy Johnny Call Me Mr. Anips joellen annascott JenniWo hitRECordJon TimefireRex KamPAIGN MaggieMudd janetfelts klosinski belcath1981 caceth Kitchcat M.Anda CelticLass caroleluciole Unusual Suspect mushr klopez-29 F.M.Gore-Kelly kavonne SethBang Lea Z. sairenso Sharifa minidynz CaptClare Sierra T. Romeo Reining Chick...god, I know I'm missing so many of you- please remind me if I forgot you. If I've ever hearted or messaged you, you know I'm fond of ya, so don't be shy! I just have a shitty memory. Please leave your name in the comments section/heart me (if you like), and I'll be sure to add you in the continuation of this tale.

Please give me some time to get all the resources down. Happy Holidays, hitRECorders! :)

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I used the textures to create the planet and the nebula to create a brush to paint the, well, the nebula-ish effect.

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105 bpm

dry vocals and the orginal processed wet vocals on here.

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