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The first 1:45 of this was that point I messed up, but kept going. What follows is mostly improvised. Rough at times, drags at times, some flubs here and there, the tempo is meandering...

But I thought I'd throw it up here in case it can inspire someone else to do some improvisation of their own!! Do it!!! DOOOO IT! It's fun, and who knows what you'll end up with?


And for some reason, I had bears in my head as I was playing it.


Tuning: CGCGCE


185 bpm ... or 92.5 bpm ??

A little grungy, industrial sounding thing I made yesterday. It could use some vocals if anyone's interested!

I'm picturing the daily grind of work in an assembly line or something.


Trash EDIT: This one has always had me picturing something like Oscar the Grouch banging on garbage cans. Maaaaaybe it could be useful for the RE: Trash collab.

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130 bpm

A remix of KellyMarieDay's awesome track, "Silk," with some samples from the work of michellek (strings) and Robo_J (slide guitar effect).

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120 bpm

There may yet be more tinkering on this, but I'm pretty happy with it.

Kudos to KellyMarieDay for adding the vocals! I hadn't originally even envisioned this thing having vocals!

Lyrics are from smweed's poem, "Into Midnight."


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Home for Thanksgiving means I get to play with my brother's toys! I really need to get myself an electric guitar...


Listen with headphones!!!

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I came up with the song and chorus, but was having trouble writing lyrics for the verses. After crumpling up three pages, I decided to search HitRECord for some lyrics, or at least some inspiration. That's when I came across Metaphorest's poem, "Technicolor Kids," and the words were perfect. So, I took a few verses from said poem and inserted them into this song.



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Today is my mom's birthday. So I wrote her this little song. Feel free to add to it if you wish (stems available on request).


Happy birthday mamamamamama!!!




I could travel across the map:

North and south, east, west, and back.

But all the things, in awe, I'd see,

Would never truly allow me,

To understand,

Who I am.


I'm a traveller at the core,

But day-by-day, I'm feeling torn.

For all these miles on the roam,

I've found it's only when I'm home,

That I understand,

Just who I am.

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HEEEEEEY! So, here's what I figure to be the final product of Kelly's and my collaboration on this song. It started as "Work it Out," by Kelly. Then, I remixed that...AND THEEEEN she remixed her own lyrics and added them to my remix (at which point it was called, "Don't Have to Be Cool"). And here is the final mix with all of that!

Hope you like it!!


120 bpm

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Short song I recorded the other day. It's based on the idea of loving the fantasy version of someone rather than the real them.

Still going to tinker with this, but I'm the world's most impatient hitRECorder and I won't be able to touch it for a few I'm uploading this now.

Listen with headphones. Comment for stems.



In my mind,

You're mine.

Heartbeat skips,

In time.


But if I fall,

For you.

You'll let me down,

With truth.


So all I love,

Is my addiction to you.


Love's consistently,

Endless misery.

And I am not the man,

To give you true romance.

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Sometimes, when I'm bored, I like to layer vocals. Here's a single guitar track with my voice x7.

Let me know if you want stems.


Oh, you, my love,

Slipped away from me.

But I know,

Up above,

You are waiting.


And in a month,

Or two,

I will join you.

In a month,

Or two,

I will be with you.

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Playing around with my little bro's multi-effects pedal. I'd love it if others would add to this!

Let me know if you need stems.


SPACE EDIT: this might also work with the image of space in mind. Maybe a slow, whimsical float through the solar system?

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The storm moves in to stake claim over a clear highway. This was to be the most dangerous and nerve-racking winter driving I've ever endured. I suppose it's the flip-side to the topic: every joyous snow day requires that some poor soul be stuck driving in the previous night's weather.

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