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by Day Glo

Flint struck flint, sparks caught paper, and Becca's neat little campfire started to burn. She looked up at the tumbledown stone walls around her, and tried to hear past the crackle of the flames. She felt warmer, safer, but it had rubbed out any adjustment her eyes had made to the evening gloom. Outside of the the immediate pool of light cast by the fire, she could see nothing. Just infinite, inky pools of shadow clinging to the old castle's broken bones.

"Couldn't find anything," said Aron, padding out of the shadows. He was carrying his boots in his hand; Becca wondered if she might have heard his approach if he was wearing them. Aron set himself down on a fallen tree trunk a few feet from the fire and stretched his toes towards the warmth. They were red and cracked from the walk. Becca didn't even want to think about what her own feet might look like by now.

"Nothing at all? Not even-," she began.

"An apple?" He smiled, and threw a rosy apple her way. Becca grabbed at it, fumbled it, almost dropped it into the fire, but saved it at the last. "I saw you looking towards the orchard when we first arrived." He produced an apple for himself from the bag he wore slung over his back besides the makeshift bow and quiver, and took a bite.

Becca looked up into the darkening sky, hoping to see the stars she remembered from when she and Aron were children in this old ruin. When it had still been a home. No stars. Clouds blanketed the atmosphere, and the smoke from the fire choked her eyes, forcing her to blink and look away.

She settled down beside her brother on the dead tree, and placed her head on his shoulder.

"I miss mum and dad," she said.

"I know," he replied. "Me too."

by joellen
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(a transcript of my video testimonial, resourced below:)

A few years ago, I found myself trapped in an abusive relationship. It wasn't with a person, or any living, breathing entity. It was with an idea.

I was in an abusive relationship with the idea that I was fat.

I'm privileged in the sense that I have never been physically overweight by any medical definition of the word. But, fat as I experienced it wasn't a physical thing -- it was more like a feeling.

I think the word fat has many definitions. (...) I think in its most common form as its used, it's a feeling or a perception that we have about ourselves or about others.

I think in order to overcome fat, what I had to realize and what anyone should realize is this: The feeling of being fat weighs down on you far more than the physical existence of fat inside your body.

If you truly want to be free of the heavy burden of fat, don't start by losing weight. Start by gaining confidence.

In order to stop feeling fat, you have to lift that negative feeling off your shoulders. And maybe that starts by redefining the word and seeing it in a positive light, or dismissing it altogether. But as long as you look at fat as a negative thing that defines you, regardless of your size, you won't be happy.

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i did a little soul-searching. hope this helps someone out there... <3

(if you don't feel like watching, i put a transcript up as a text record in the results! + resourced here is a text piece i did years ago about my personal experience for the tragedy/comedy collab. x)

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CALLING ALL VO ARTISTS, ACTORS, FILMMAKERS, ANIMATORS, VIDEO EDITORS & MUSICIANS! Let's start making Short Films out of all the great contributions to the "Recite a Poem Every Day" collab - contribute your performances, edits & audio!



NOTE: You can contribute your written poetry - and find others' poetry to perform - HERE


ANIMATORS: Find a Poetry Reading that inspires you to animate a Short Film, LIKE THIS EXAMPLE by Juan Mayo.

FILMMAKERS: Make a Storyboard inspired by a Poem so that Actors can perform it - or shoot your own Short Film.

ACTORS: Perform a Poem from the site.

VIDEO EDITORS: Remix audio & visual elements from the site into a Short Film of a Poem you like. Check out THIS "SONNET 29" SHORT FILM by tori as inspiration.

MUSICIANS: Compose a Score for a Poem you like.

VOICE OVER ARTISTS: Perform a reading of a Poem on the site that you like.

CURATORS: Make Albums of Poetry or Performances you think would be great resources for Short Films.



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The answer to a question contains a repetition of the verb, either with or without a negative particle. For analytic forms, only the verb is given and the subject is not repeated (Wikipedia). 

So if you ask the question "Does language affect our culture?" the answer would be "Dhéanann." which means "Does".

Even when speaking English, most Irish people shy away from simple Yes or (especially) No answers. Answering with a simple No is considered very rude.  

I think the lack of these words is one of the reasons why Irish people are considered to be so very polite and friendly.


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If any of you was wondering how my Adieu animation went, here is how one of them looked like when I was all done. I did 4 animations in all, this was just the one that took the longest. This is RegularJOE performing a very dramatic death scene on stage. This is about 89 drawings and it took me days to complete, but it was well totall worth it.

I love animating! I hope you guys like how it turned out! I'll hopefully be uploading the other 3 small animations I did as well later on!

Keep on RECording!



P.S. If anyone wants to REmix this I highly suggest downloading the ZIP file from my "Adieu Frames 525-612" record here. That way the final image will be much better quality for of a video! It's the exact same animation just a higher resolution and split up into all of the separate images/frames


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I originally wrote Zombie Song about 13 years ago but this particular recorded version is taken from my bands latest EP Little Victories which was released on April 5th 2014.  


Zombie Song was written by Jamie Fletcher
Recorded at The Crypt by James Hamilton
Mixed by Ed Waring
Mastered at Metropolis

Jamie Fletcher Band features: Jamie Fletcher (Lead Vocals/Guitar/Ukulele) Jim Muckelt (Bass/Guitar) Lizzie Hussey (Violin) Ric Neale (Accordion) Gary Stewart (Drums) Zombie Choir features Judi Efford, Gloria Lindh, Jim Muckelt, Lizzie Hussey, Gary Stewart, Hannah Muckelt, Dave Herringshaw and Will Tristram


For more info about the band please visit 

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