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Exciting news! We are creating a book made up of writing that draws from contributions to the first 32 weeks of the “Weekly Writing Challenge.” 


The overarching theme of the book will be THE BODY, with each chapter based around a different body part. 


The first step is to curate all of the fantastic writing in the collaboration - find an idea or a piece of writing that you like, and match it with a chapter theme.








CURATORS: Curate the writing from the first 32 weeks of the Weekly Writing Challenge - writing must relate to one or more of the chapter themes listed below (possible angles / interpretations in brackets). Remember, please include your thoughts and ideas on why each piece relates to the theme, and how you see the piece developing further.


Here are the sub themes - or chapter themes - we are focusing on:


  • Blood (family, bonds, trauma, rivalry, rage, fuel, vampires)

  • Bone (solidity, architecture, brittle?) 

  • Lungs (drowning, pollution, automation, forests, smoking, wind/brass instruments) 

  • Mouth (food, secrets, consumption, voice, entrance/the beginning, lose taste for something /depression, kissing) 

  • Skin (sensitivity, surfaces, scars, exterior, ethnicity, touch/contact/connection)

  • Eyes (things seen and unseen, greed, wanting, “to the soul,” blindness, crying)

  • Brain (thought, dreams, reason, creativity, mental illness, memory, maps, “trips”, control/the boss, genius)

  • Stomach (appetites, strength, “gut” feelings, anxiety, food, guilty pleasure, nausea, hunger)

  • Guts (instinct/decisions "go with your gut", courage "have the guts to", secrets/honesty "to spill your guts".)

  • Face (appearance, expression, identity, face value, vanity, to face (up to) something)

  • Heart (love, desire, death, pulse, engine/motor) 

  • Ears (listening, rumors, music, deafness)

  • Teeth (hunger/drive, viciousness, violence)

  • Legs / Feet (travel, a journey, roots, stability, dancing) 

  • Womb (origins, protection, lust, nurturance and safety, maybe being trapped or contained spatially, motherhood)

  • Nerves (nervous, pain, sensations, signals, courage, audacity, annoyances.)



NOTE: This book will only draw from writing that was contributed to the first 32 weeks of the Weekly Writing Challenge. You can find each week’s contributions by clicking on the request list item on the left hand side of the collaboration (HERE). You can find Week 1 - 3’s contributions in THIS ALBUM.




ADDITIONAL NOTE: We are not necessarily looking for complete or finished pieces of writing - this the first step to developing and remixing these ideas for the book. So please include notes & ideas you have for how things might develop.




*The deadline for this curation request is Wednesday, July 8th. 





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