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it is the middle of the day
and i am nude,
standing in my bedroom,
looking at the full length mirror in front of me
speechless for the first time in years.

it is my birthday.
and as a gift to myself,
i have decided to tell my reflection
that it is beautiful
and that i love it.

"you are beautiful and i love you"
seven simple words that need to be said.

but halfway through, i scoff.
'you are beautiful... huh.'
because i've noticed the width of my shoulders
and the kink of my hair
my chubby fingers on fat palms

and the paleness of my legs.
my breasts are too small
and my hips disappear because
i'm too busy hugging them
hiding them
wrapping myself around them to
forget that they are there and
in forgetting they are there,
i forget that they keep me standing tall.
i have no thigh gap

and i'm unconsciously sucking...

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