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the house we built upon the cliff's edge

was held up by rotted wooden spines

we could make it through the winter, baby

if we only figure out how to make it right


like seashells, we suffer the rage of time

as the oceans scour our brittle bones

and we'll decompose as all things tend to do

but someday, i hope i can fuse with you again


the mountains we're climbing seem much too steep

how can a brain be judged by the company it keeps?


like seashells, our colors decay in time

as the oceans clean us with its quartz sand

but the music we composed when we had shape

could someday inspire their hearts once again

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wonderful little poem i thought i'd turn into a song...

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[forgive the mess - it's been a while...]


is waiting for us to move


we'll make it through



i never meant to let you down

but somehow

i've managed to do it anyway


it goes in and comes out

we never seem to stay the same


and jocelyn

whatever i said to lead you astray

were stupid words

i never really meant to say

if you'd stop

and think about what you've done

we could heal

and let the pain reverse itself


it goes in and comes out

we never seem to stay the same 

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i wish i was special

in your mending heart

but you've simply taken

my fragile soul apart


i know it's not your fault

you did the best you could

some blameless superstition

negated if you should


my heart is always yours

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a shadow cast upon your window

a photograph frayed at the edge

memories atrophied like the voice of a melancholy songbird


here it comes, there it goes, everything you know

could be summed up in a lazy poem

but as twilight lurches closer

we can hear the sirens scream…


i can feel the noise creeping back in

pushing me back into the nest

i'm much too much for anyone else

this is probably for the best


i don't belong here with you

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Best to listen to with headphones on this one. Again, made of a bunch of different loops (appropriate) and beat within an inch of its life with a Low Pass Filter (not so appropriate). Enjoy?

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Another one for headphones.

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we notice the patterns when we wake up lonely we'd change the answers if it suits our needs;

and somehow we find a way to cope with the rut we find ourselves in;

we follow the rabbit in hopes of breaking a cycle; an unending loop of pain, of misery, of everything and nothing

and somehow we find a way to cope with the rut we find we ourselves in; this violent merry-go-round is building in intensity; and somehow we found our way home after walking hours in circles; but what we didn't understand is how no one seemed to notice or hear our prayers

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I'm going for my best David Lynch/Angelo Badalamenti rip-off. 

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i chipped my teeth on the concrete
you coated around your heart
i tore my wrists to admit defeat
in these battles, in this war

[of what use is this anger
now that i've let you down
of what use are these moments
now that we know it won't last]

you cried for so many nights
and i never cared to pay attention
you had to lie so many times
to nullify any sort of tension

and so it's come to this
i know it hurts but say goodbye

[of what use is this anger
now that i've let you down
of what use are these moments
now that we know it won't last
of what use are the patterns
now that we know what they are
of what use is this life
now that i know it has to end]

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my darling you're bleeding from your wounds i've no bandages for you

but i'm not gonna leave you no you're not alone anymore

the knife cut so deep your mind lay severed on the block

but i'm not gonna leave you no, my love, you won't be alone

as you lie there bleeding out the monsters crawl in from the darkness

but i'm not gonna leave you now hold on, hold on as best you can

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