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by tiwidot

His name is Stewart. But you can call him Stew for short =) 


Would you take it with gratitude? Or decline with deep suspicion? 

If you do suspect anything, which of the two would it be?

The Black Apple, or the one offering?


"It's a black apple, surely there must be something wrong with that."

"It is a black apple, that's only a colour. Like your red apples and green apples."

"Yes, but what if it is THE Black Apple!"

"Even if it is, The Black Apple, what do you know about it? Maybe we should be thinking about the hand offering it to us, nothing is free these days."


I'm not much of a writer or a story teller. But I thought I'd give it a jab to accompany my illustration! 
I hope this short story can either serve itself well, or be a starter for anyone else who can expand this story or inspired to do a different narrative, go for it! =D


What I really wanted to touch on though, were topics of, our trust and our judgement; whether it's by logic and reasoning, or our gut instincts. Our preconceptions on what we think we know, before we really know anything about it. 

As a society, have we grown to be on our guard more than ever? Even on those who are really showing kindness and good heartedness? At which point do you let your guard down? What's the worst that could happen? Right? Unfortunately there are times where the intentions of others are good, but their actions sometimes turn out negative, or bring on bad consequences.

For the text only:

Much love Annabel x 

*Note!* There's a tiny little scuff at the bottom of the image which I didn't see whilst editing (so bad, so sorry!) Be sure to edited that out if you REmix this. 

by tiwidot
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"With haste she cut off her own tongue. Her thoughts forevermore unsung" 


From my drawing "Hands"(

I thought worked great with eternalxin's tiny story.
It's so poetic!
I have edited the text a bit (sorry!) but I hope I've kept the essence of the story. 

*Note* I won't say what. It's obvious to some and less to to others. But can you see it?....

by tiwidot
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