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Isn't it funny how a first love can lead to the creation of multiple iTunes playlists?

When we fight, I listen to "wallowing."

The other 99.99% of the time, I listen to "So-Happy-I-Could-Burst."

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by thesplatterink ago

REAL-D Inc. Adds 14 ½ ‘Risky, But Way Cooler’ Dimensions to Previously Non-Life Threatening 3D Format

HOLLYWOOD, CA -- Paramount Pictures, Twentieth Century Fox, and Lightstorm Entertainment jointly announced that James Cameron’s Titanic will be re-released worldwide using REAL D’s new 17.5-D format, allowing moviegoers to be placed within the film as an observing character.

"Titanic is the perfect film for REAL D's innovative technology," said Cameron. “It adds 14 ½ necessary dimensions to the filmgoer’s experience, which completely...

ListenA line runs through the heart of America

colored peoplenegroes

blacksafrican- americans.

people of colorLast embracing

all who are not White.

When it comes to race

we do not know how to talk to one another.

I see a pattern running through the matrix

of white privilegea pattern of assumptions

that were passed on to me as a white person.

They keep me thinking

about equality or equity incompleteprotecting

unearned advantage and conferred dominance

by making these taboo subjects.

Today when sensibilities have been turned

and blatant bigotry...

I always said that my life was cut in two -

the period before the war,

and the period since the war began.

I remember everything else too,

and it was hard,and cold,and dark.

Woah, you were born in China?

Sure was. I was born in a Seventh Day Adventist Hospital.

(Here we go... yes, I was born in Hong Kong on March 11th, 1996.)

You don’t look Chinese.

I’m not Chinese.

(You’re right, I am Caucasian; I have no Chinese blood in my ancestry.)

Are your parents Chinese?

Why would my parents be Chinese?

(Haven’t we established that I’m white?)

Can you speak Chinese?

No, can you?

(Ya know, not all people in China speak Chinese.)

Are you an American citizen?

Of course I am an American citizen.

(Are you kidding me? I’m not...

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Another mile marker and tired eyes flutter –

the endless strings of telephone lines,

cow pastures and landfills blur together

as the lullaby resonating from the spinning

axles beneath my feet croons me to sleep again.

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Thankyou for unnecessarily pointing out my spelling mistake.

I understand that it difficult to analyze my deep thoughts and motives given the sentence:

G2G, I need to finish this stipud homework. Haha.

What I meant to type was:

Sorry, but I feel the need to leave this chat because I don’t like you very much due to your overall boringness and your (what I believe to be) generally sadistic humor.

Spelling counts, right?

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by thesplatterink ago
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