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This is the Tiny Book of Tiny Stories Volume 3 cover made out of deflated balloons. 

I got the balloons for my birthday earlier in August and wanted to remix an image from the site and decided on the latest TBOTS cover because it's cute and fun. I used Matte Medium the secure the balloon pieces on canvas. It took me about 15 hours spread out over a week to put it all together. The material balloons are made out of isn't the easiest to manipulate, so a lot of my time was spent folding and crumbling and just trying to get it to behave. But I'm very proud of the results!

I don't think the cover has been officially released (I found it on sites where you can pre-order the book, like Amazon), but once it is, I will resource it!

Btw, this is one of the best things I've ever done as an artist and it's gone nowhere on this site, not even on the front page. It, along with my other collage that was on point, are hanging in my apartment because they're glorious and they deserve it. The lesson is this: it doesn't matter if the assholes who run this site and get to feature records like your shit. What matters is that you like it. 

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Eventually, he began thinking of it as a high-end fashion accessory.


The illustration for this is really important as it would be a man with an albatross tied around his neck,...

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