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Good Nights demo
theboxsets Released Sep 19, 2012


Blame it on the green light

you're turning me on

blame it on the yellow light 

when you start to yawn

yeah you just yawn

what's going on?

you always yawn

what's going on?

Blame it on the red light

when you say good night

can't forget those good nights

can't forget those good nights

on the road

you're so nice to know

Is it you inside my head?

is it you or what mama said?

am i mislead

by your color changing eyes?

They say it's time for bed

and I can't sleep here tonite

but thats alright

Blame it on the red light

when you say good night

can't forget those good nights

won't forget those good nights

on the road

you're so nice to know



a lil' background for the Road collab: the song was started on a long car drive home from an unrequited love situation (traffic light idea).  The twist here is that where once I was hung up by a situation like this ("whoa is me"), now I felt at peace.  It literally was like "well good night", I got on the road, and then just started feeling good like - "hey, she's really nice to know.  I had a great time tonight regardless how it ended".  life goes on.

so, that's the shift I try to convey in the chorus.

I tried the song in a couple of musical formats and thought I'd give it a shot with theTenant's inspiringly sweet tune and there ya have it

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Transitioning Blues
theboxsets Released Sep 29, 2013

I sampled and chopped quick moment when Almostsound went into a dirty blues riff, then KevinMaistros and theserpentthecharmer walked in to the cabin from the rain and started humming to it. Stopped almost as soon as it started, as we would go on to Kill Mike through song.

This a demo of that evil shit brewing underneath it all..Shits messy but thats my process.  Please join in the doom if it pleases you.

Guitar: Almostsound

Backround Vocals: Kevinmaistros, theserpentthecharmer, theboxsets

post production, organ, beats: theboxsets

NE HOA 2013 Wales MA

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Cookies on the Right
theboxsets Released May 24, 2012

Utilizes same drums I made for Night Owl Rap.

words at 1:15 -

"I've been working out

and its sooooo radical babe

I know this might not be where

you're fit to stay"

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MWAHAHA.  Let's work on a moody spooky, jazzy, love-lost song.


Here's the breakdown, by section, of what the song is needing from you all:

ATMOSPHERIC INTRO (0:00 to 1:06)

        ELECTRIC GUITAR: There are 2 short but crucial points in this section in which I'd love for you to jump in (at :40 to :43 and at 1:00 to 1:07) .  You can reference the original guitar that filled these parts here

      KEYS: Maybe begin to build subtle moods, hints at melodies.

      FEMALE VOCALS: Pepper it with haunting vocals, turn into a scatting ghost!  Play alongside my mouth trumpet at :28 to 1:03! 

      ANYONE: haunted sound effects, anything suitable -- get freaky in a sedated style.

1st VERSE (1:06 to 1:40), BRIDGE (1:41 to 2:06)

      ELECTRIC GUITAR:  Settle in and establish your groove (1:21 is a decent starting point).  You can reference the original guitar that filled these parts here (, it would be great if you tried to recreate that previous line, but put your own stamp on it through tone, pedal, etc.  Bridge is pretty open to play over.

      KEYS:  Expand the scope, possibly mimic some of the vocal melody lines.  Bridge is pretty open to play over.

      FEMALE VOCALS: This is the subtle introduction of the 2nd vocalist.  First off, once the verse begins and I start singing the background "we don't know" over and over at 1:07, harmonize with it.  This happens again with a crucial lil' climax at 1:41 and then again to intro the 2nd verse at 2:07. Secondly, there are some lines in here that you could harmonize with my vocals on...At 1:29: "Cuz I was. but then I found out you still care, what to do there?  I dunno".   Please reference the lyrics from the original resourced below and let me know if you need any help navigating my mumbly vocals!  

2nd VERSE (2:06 to 2:35) 

       ELECTRIC GUITAR:   Continue playing that previous line.  Any additional drama can be hinted at, but really restrain for the Ending Jam. 

       KEYS:  Possibly more of the same.  Some chords may be lovely! 

      FEMALE VOCALS:  at 2:06, after my "all the good people walk through me, sending me insane", the Female Vocalist gets spotlight and can respond to the male character's singing and lyrics.  My lyrics hint at the fact that I found out "you still care" but we're both wondering "what to do there?"  because "we don't know".  A bit of a romantic stalemate.  Whatever the interpretation, this is a chance to write some new stuff.  It should follow suit and be written in the 1st person "I" in response to the singer or "you".  Please reference the original lyrics/performance for this section if ya can (  I think the end line would be a great one to double up on and is kind of the "hook" of the song:  "MY LOVE FOR YOU REMAINS"...menacing transition into the next section.


      ALL MUSICIANS:  Go off. There is a tempo change/feel shift that should allow you to take flight.  Imagine it is like in Ghostbusters and all those ghosts are getting released into the atmostphere from one of those little containers they trap them in.  Guitarists build up some feedback towards and ending climax.  The sax is removed to give you room to focus on the groove and do your thing, it is a strong element and may probably be worked back in (unless...).  feel free to check out the original track in the resources and use it for your reference track if that suits you.

       This should be a decent start, let me know if you should need anything else or have some suggestions!  A link to the ZIPPED STEMS stems is in the resources.

L Y R I C S:

Don't be scared of my love (scratched up) I don't know, I don't know why... we don't know, we don't know

1st verse You speak so freely like I'm not even there This guy that guy this guy that guy this guy over there It really ain't the fact that I wasn't prepared cuz I was then I found out you still cared What to do there?  I dunno  (we dunno) I'm still a boy (interchangeable with "I'm still in love")

2nd verse The laughter screams your name. All the good people walk through me, sending me insane Like I was Just a ghost. past tense and hollow but still a host of intense sentiments too hot to swallow. I'm opposed to this.   I miss ya miss. I bless bless you without the hachoo I spot you in a room and I'm posessed by a spirit to get nearer Flesh to flesh is transparent right now but it'll soon be apparent somehow my love for you remains

with hearty arty love and respect,


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I forgot to sign up for Secret Santa collab and really wanted to...but I'm crashing through the chimney and dropping this present off for the high priestess because she deserves it all.  all of it all.

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a groovy version that I've settled on to share with you all. 

Hopefully this brings a bit of sun to you wherever you are.

one of my favorite hitRECord projects as I got to work with some heavy sound conjurers to make this one happen:

Matthew Lister - the guitar piece that you hear as the foundation for the song

pamagotchi - vocals, writing

Almostsound - main instrumental mix

robo_j - addtional guitar, bass

jey giuliano - flute

wunderboy, cbis22 - percussion samples

theboxsets - vocals, writing, instrumental production, additional mix


wait for it 

loving time can make this a little bit better now

loving time will warm your heart

i become too damn comfortable

sitting waiting

she gives me pull

on and on

i thought of you today 

in a hundred different ways

you're that lonely rose in that lovely purple vase

take me home i've been so far

cuz daydreaming only takes me so far

and if you're waiting for her to text you "i forgive you lets eat ice cream together"

shes that loving kind so she probably will come through for you

she knows that love in time will melt all bitter hearts



It takes me a while to finish things these days but I'm relaxed about it finally.  feels good  :o

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FIRE, Oh Boy!
theboxsets Released Feb 15, 2014

singing to AlmostSound's "Oh Boy" & based on the lyrics of thisistedwells' "Fire" (10mwc poem/lyrics).  One of the funnestest kind of remixes to make for me.  Still figuring it out but thought I'd post the progress.

I would melt to hear some takes on percussion for this, some horns or clarinet, piano, ya know.  Oh, I wanna fill the middle open part with fire sounds but maybe with human voices making the onamotopeia (hiss, crack, ssszzzhhh).  Let's make it sizzzle. 

Sorry but not sorry for the mouth trumpet.

lyrics - 

ooooowww, her mouth is a hot straight shot to hell


but i like the burn of sin upon my teeth


twelve crazy lays still she never could quite tell

that I, the guy she's loving knows fire moves beneath these here streets

still I

just want to see her face, I always, I always wonder why

we ended up on another staircase

another hallway, a matinee, I always wonder why

she's like a flame without its light

blindly i walk in warmth amidst the night

entire floors of rugs burning in our spines

the milestone of death under our sights

and I just want to see her face

I always, I always wonder why (repeat)

What a fucked up FIIIIIRE!!! 

her lips taste like holy hell

and Ima rot in hell

and Ima rotten man

for thinking how I dooooooooooooo

(burn on and on)

and you're a pyro toooooooooo

(keep that fire going)

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theboxsets Released Oct 03, 2012

my pick for an "Outsider"-----> someone struggling with navigating their own mind, the mental health system and everything they come a time of crisis..and making Mingusy jazz out of it.

Help from my friend Brian Townsend on trumpet and additional live drums

stems available if ya need 'em

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