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 A/N: I plan on adding more takeaway analysis to this but thought this was a good start to share on


Katelan and I thought it might be fun and insightful to start dissecting some radio/podcasts and offer up our thoughts on here.  Feel free to listen to a show that you dig (or don't dig) and put your analysis up in whatever way you think might be helpful!




The subject of categories was given a wonderfully thoughtful treatment in this recent episode of Invisibilia.


This is a study of the "Extended Intro" (that's what I'm calling it - it is 6 whole minutes of creating the context for the episode - exceptional!).  There are 3 major pieces after this Extended Intro in which I won't cover because maybe you want to listen to the episode yourself.... and add your disection/analysis of those pieces. Just remix this record and add on  :)  Plus....spoilers: it is a really enjoyable episode. Although, I did feel a bit intellectually fatigued by the time the 3rd segment came along. I also partied a bit last night.


What do you think?



"Inivisibilia" - the CATEGORIES episode



"From NPR News, This is Invisibiila” says one of the hosts

  • no production flair or background music

  • 5 seconds and we're seemingly out of "Intro-land"



Host states that they will start the show with a recent question put forth by Rise coffee shop in midtown manhattan.

She passes the mic to the co-host who employs a playfully dramatic pause, then asks “Do you like puppies….or kittens?


CUE: playful, upbeat jazz track and ambient coffee shop sounds


There is an explanation of the...

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is it just a thing you did?

just a thing you did?

is it just a thing you did?

just a thing you did?

is it just a thing you did?

just a thing you did?

is it just a thing you did?

just a...

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if the HitRECord Manifesto is a recurring opening for the show, I thought it might be cool to have a recurring motif for the closing

I have been pretty stressed from work as of...

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  • See pretty flicks flicker

  • Be city slicker

  • Post bumper stickers

  • Hide under snide 

  • Tidy up my vigor

  • Prank Tom Hanks

  • Pump her pre-pumpernickle

  • Pump Shabba Ranks

  • Crack a joke 

  • Take my wits to...
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