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We are doing a series of Zen-Endings to close out out hitRECord on Your Radio Episodes. 

The first one we need to finish writing is for hitRECord on Your Radio's 1st episode --> RE:The Dark - (to be read by LexiScherr as Timothy Dark. Check her great reading here).  Katelanalivia (KC) and I (Box) are the hosts and we will be giving the showcase over to Timothy to do his dark awkward thing.

I have written a draft (below) based on Johnny's character notes and IvanaK's  great contribution. 

We now want to workshop this script with writers for a week!

It reads at around 5 minutes with the intentionally slow pace of Timothy's guided meditation performance.

Still, I think we can...

  • make the writing tighter and funnier and darker

  • aim for a shorter script (chop off 30 seconds to a minute of content)

If you have not contributed in Writer's Rooms before on here. It is simple - we can use the comments thread below for discussion, small suggestions. I will respond to you there.  I will then try to integrate the suggestions into this script if it makes sense for everyone. For larger edits, feel free to make a new record and resource this one. 



Please contribute to WRITER'S ROOM EDITS/COMMENTS by 5/28 if you wanna, ya know.



Look forward to working with you <3




KC: ... Reporting live from his school’s career day, lets turn it over to our 5th grade correspondent Timothy Dark....

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Timothy On our radios!!

DEADLINE: May 1oth

We think Timothy is good and weird and we would like to amplify his strange in the following two episodes: School and the Dark. This...

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BOX AND NILS PARK IT (in Yosemite): a script

based on and Loddi's Box n Nils park scene here

& the worlds explored here and here




FADE from black, slow reveal of character,...

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 A/N: I plan on adding more takeaway analysis to this but thought this was a good start to share on


Katelan and I thought it might be fun and insightful to start dissecting some...

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