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Let’s light it up. This episode RE: Fire is co-produced and co-hosted by CWLucas and myself and we’re bringing you all that is hot, hot, hot. (If you are you just now tuning into HitRECord on Your Radio, you can catch the first three episodes: The Dark, Number Two, School.)


Mad fiery love to Krrrr, JerzyJung and DanaGrace for throwing it down on an updated, collaborative version of Torch Song, _Conrad_ for being Tarquin Blunderbuss, Skriks and Misssamerica for their memories, Musing5225 for poetry curation, and Tinderlocks for his always solid mixing assist. And thank you, Burning Dan for keeping the fire alive.


You can still contribute to this podcast, folks:  VOICE ACTORS, SOUND DESIGNERS / EDITORS / MUSICIANS, WRITERS / CURATORS / EVERYONE.


We’d love to hear your feedback in the comments as we keep on learning and delving into the radio world.  

P.S.Torch Song  will be part of the Untitled Vinyl project. That collab and others are still open for all kinds of musicians! Join in on the love right here.

NOTE: mp3 version in remix file. Resources updated throughout the weekend - shout us out if we missed you!

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