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What do you want to hear for hitRECord on your Radio's episode "Re: The Dark"?

Would you like to hear Timothy Dark guest on the show?  How would we do that?

What songs, skits, radio dramas, interviews, etc. do you think could be produced for this episode?

Check out this video for more details about how you might be able to get involved

and Contribute your work HERE to hitRECord on your Radio's Dark episode collaboration.


Any general or broader contributions to hitRECord on your Radio? 

What do you think of the idea of having 2 hosts for each episode and a variety of special guests?

Contribute to our main collab HERE (also a good place to find out more about what hitRECord on your Radio is and could be!)


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Radio Shows/Podcasts

"The Ramble" - by MadisenMusic and KylieR

  • An old HR classic series.  A telephone conversation/interview between Madisen and different recorders.  Edited by...
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