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HroyR Recap
theboxsets Released Sep 13, 2015

Remember when we all made that radio show for a couple months right after making a TV show? That was something huh!?!?

First off, huge thank you to everyone who contributed because we did something really dope together!

KC and I thought we had enough distance now to come at HROYR with rested ears and ask ourselves some of the same questions we asked you. Then we just had a casual conversation (from opposite coasts) to kinda debrief the show. Here’s what we talk about:

-Our favorite/least favorite episodes/segments.

-Figuring out the job of the host


-Shared leadership and small teams

-What’s next for audio on HR? We’ve resourced more feedback records from you lovely folks in the comments — lots of good stuff in there. Let’s keep the convo going in the comments doods.

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Box & KC

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how (?) we built those crazy pyramids high for the mighty pharaohs

how we built proper churches tall to reach our manly gods

now we got the banks and the "friendly" empires scraping...

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there's freedom in the dying

so die hard

hit the ground

stay down

ear to the earth

return to us, in good time