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in a pretty tormented place last night and got lost in audio environment exploration.  Having a lot of fun playing with Kelly and Gwen's awesome adds.  Hopefully do another more straight ahead something soon.  


No real solutions offered here, mostly just wanted to highlight a discrepancy between how audio and video profit distribution is handled - in regards to group works.  I may have missed an answer to this somewhere but if not, I feel it should be addressed.

During a hitRECord house of Awesome retreat in Wales MA USA, the two resources attached had their starts.  

In the audio example, "Transitioning Blues", I took samples of recordings from a jam session, cut them up, and created a bigger piece when I got home.  AlmostSound plays guitar, and theserpenthecharmer as well as KevinMaistros sing a lil' backup.  I resourced these guys in my production. This made it onto the Space Episode ("Space, Its cool!")

In the video example (this is just one of 4), KevinMaistros recorded the aforementioned guys plus MeechactinglikeMeech and Robo_J for his "CTF Commentary" footage.  All of the guys were resourced by Kevin.  These were used in the Capture the Flag video on TV for the Games episode.

However, the profit outcomes were much different for these similar group works.

Based on my word for who-did-what in the audio (something that cannot be easily proven), AlmostSound, theserpenthecharmer, KevinMaistros, and myself received a split of the profit for "Transitioning Blues".  

For the Capture the Flag footage, due to the group recording policy, KevinMaistros is the only one who received a profit for the video. 


With this text record, I simply wanted to highlight the facts as they've been presented to me.  Hopefully, this gets us talking about an issue that will  become increasingly relevant as hitRECorders continue to meet and create different artforms together in person.




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  • Let's dedicate one episode to US

  • what makes this a special community?

  • how did it start?

  • how did Burning Dan's spirit combined with Joe's passion and craft inform the culture? - we could even do some fun re-enactments or animations

  • hitrecorder profiles

  • why are we so awesome?


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  • How meta!

  • So many of us have fond memories of landmark TV events

  • What television means to us is shifting

  • How did these screens start to change us as people?

  • "I don't own a TV, I have a laptop"

  • Killed the radio star

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  • It's quickly becoming the norm

  • Much like the Tournament of Champions, we could have some weird hitRECord Dating Tournament

  • Real Persona vs. Online Persona

  • Pheromones aren't covered in these match making percentages (YOU CAN'T SMELL THE INTERNET!)

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  • A way to revitalize and draw from "My Favorite Things" Collaboration

  • Something we discuss often on hitRECord re: copyright

  • Another silly man-made concept worth exploring

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  • Much like Kubi's idea for censorship, the limitations of TV will make this a fun one to try to do

  • Don Jon already started us thinking on this topic and how we all relate to it

  • Its everywhere

  • David Foster Wallace wrote one of my fave essays about going to the convention in CA.  Its surreal

  • Musicians would have so much fun with this

  • SFW vs NSFW

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  • Had to do it (sorry not sorry)

  • Plus, Henry Adam Wood collaboration could easily cover the whole show!

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FEATURING AlmostSound & musing5225 !

more thorough resources coming tomorrow after sleep!!

didn't mean to include somethings but they snuck in there -->  On Devin's song "im broke" I was workshopping some singing and clapping ideas and bounced them out with this project before they were at a place I felt was solid.  In the spirit of "trying", they're included here.  It all works out in the end  :)

**NOTE: every record used within this is what I find to be an awesome resource and I recommend you checking them and the artist's work out.  Thanks for sharing the great work everybody.

Hope you enjoy, re-rec with ya again next week!!

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What sort of wild relationships exist

within this community

that haven't been exposed?

Not who-fucked-who at what live shows

and why did so-and-so do the what-the-hell? 

that's all tiny damages as far as I can tell

as long as the car gets us from A to B to infinity,

who cares about the scratch on the hatch or the dashboard?

How perfectly you engineer your grand online design

won't save you from the detour.


I tell you poets care

So I tell you poets there

is a man who I bonded hearts and art parts with

back in the day at the boulevard of beach when all we had was reach


We wrote a recipe book of rap songs

that will nourish my familial soul for generations to come

and I feel nothing but the pride of a bass drum

although not one single song resides within this ruddy sphere

yet I hear. they're. everywhere.


To do the damage translating

I'd say we spent thousands of hours creating

hundreds of songs scheming

between millions of ridiculously worth repeating jokes


There is this man on this website

and you can find him

judiciously chipping tiny big massive poems

into the teeny cracks of your browsers

and you can chime in

damn, dude does damage with his rhymage

and you can feel it in your trousers 

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It is April and the size of last year's Christmas tree is something I still consider.

Is it too late to text you about how I had to pull over to the side of the road last year because I couldn't stop thinking about you?  

How much do you want to know about what I did?

That would take too long to text so I won't.

When I see you, I'm sure I'll start to admit how much I've been th..

**extended interruption**  

...No no no, it's fine.  

The moment has passed. 

My therapist wants me to discuss events that are more current.  

My therapist is a creep.  

"I've never been to therapy," I admit to you two months later over coffee.


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O' pen O' pens


free ones from conference resource tables

free ones from the small bank

free ones from spaces I don't recall


I free one from its penitentiary

ink stained and old in a dusty collector's cup

no prison tattoos just childish smudges

I choose to shake it before it dries up

until my wrist cramps up

until my lamp fries up


O 'Pen, I give you new assignments

work for more than

my checks and to-do lists

my routine seals of business deals

help me write a letter to all and show no one


guide my mind to

stay within lines you

are no type for swipes

but click you can

grip me from my fix


O' Pen O' Pens

my veins extend

and opine drips

from your tips


open this bore up once again

O' Pen O' Pens

my dear old friends

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Another sunday of audio re-recs from theboxsets with some help from musing 5225 this time out!

I should note that everything I used in here is stuff I re-rec, not just the assigned re-recs  :)



Secret Stage 3 (mixed and remastered) - SevenWillis

dreampipe - (Malicore REmix)  - LexiScherr

Elatric Rainforest - Phil the Ross

the maps don't show - joerud


Tiny Tune - science fiction - MadisenMusic


background music

Gloomy Sketch - christopher.harn

homland - tenbear

Dum Dum (song) - LexiScherr

Juan Camaney - todosmenoscosmos

Clock ticking (panning) - mentalexpire


special thanks to our POETRY GUEST HOST : musing5225

poem - And The Belly is Where Laughter Forms - those_sibilants

          VO reading: thatwasnotveryravenofyou



and thanks to you too barely alive correspondent Henry Adam Wood..i guess.

1. music - Mr. Wood (Music) - Madrond101

     VO - Edlives

2. music - The Letters (of H.A. Wood) - Axon Graf

     VO - Edlives



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