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eagerly awaiting episode 1 to arrive tomorrow and feeling proud to be part of this big crazy community.

Thought I'd celebrate and give back into the hitrecordosphere with a recent labor of love, based on the one and only MatthewLister 's mystically moodical guitar track.  feedback on this welcomed!!

Pam's vocal adds to the track were 'uUGE and really inspired me to add  space to the arrangement in the middle section, so hopefully this breathes a little more IDK you tell me.  I also added some dub-ish production with the echoes on voice (could maybe even push this idea outwards more), and slowed down the songs tempo - hushing the percussion tracks considerably.  Ohh, those drum sounds were based off of a cajon track from Wunderboy, cool shaker recording from Pamagotchi, and an open portion of a cbis beat. I love our percussive hitrecorders!!! Sampling their rhythm tracks can be a shit load of productive fun :)!

72.5 BPM and tried to leave room for more players to playyyayay


She Gives Me Pull

wait for it

loving time can make this a little bit better now

loving time

will warm your heart


I become too damn comfortable

sitting waiting

she she gives me pull on and on


I thought of you today

in a hundred different ways

you're that lonely rose

in that lovely purple vase


take me home I've been so far

because day dreaming only takes me so far


and if you're waiting

for her to text you

"oh I forgive you,

let's eat ice cream together!"


she's that loving kind

so she probably will come through for you

she knows that love in time

will melt all bitter hearts


I become too damn comfortable

just sitting and waiting

she gives me pull on and on


Take me home I've been so far


72.5 BPM (dropping the instrumental I produced back down from 74 BPM I think made a world of difference...pain in the ass but worth it!)


cover art used courtesy of the lovely Jazminny




Ready to make a dance song about racist mass media/profiling, corrupt police/homicide?  Cool, me too.

I'm using this insrumental mostly as an arrangement to write the rest of the song's lyrics/harmonies.  If you have any ideas on that front, share away of course - my original recording and lyrics are in the resources.  That'll give ya a feel for the subject.

Humunkulus added a bunch of awesome guitar parts to this track and shared with me offline.  I've used many of them here, as well as pieces of his original recording and percussion tracks.  He was also cool when I let him know I was terrified of the song and had to step away.  Couple of the many reasons why he's clearly a superb human bean.

106 BPM

I switched up the beat a bit, with the help of Logic X's Drummer App.  Its an ok scratch track for now. Though it is  helpful to me in re-imagining the beat as sort of a DaftPunk - Random Access Memories meets Ozomatli sorta thing.  And the Black Eyed Peas breakdown (3:12) can certainly be made less Black Eyed Peas...So, percussive folks please help if you feel so inspired.  Lordy knows I need it.  

Also, more bass  :)

Peace to joerud for helping me realize this is a worthwhile endeavor.

I hope we can work together!  srry so wordy 

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Vid of a short verse I wrote about my personal decision to not take medication for my depression.  

Thought it might possibly be of use for a remix.


So many reasons why 
I'm like the seasons I 
Turn like a leaf then I fall down beneath
And when I get blown away
They always say
Take the Medication, the Medication
But its my doctor who keeps twitching to fill that form
And fix brains in the kitchen, you can smell 'em when they're warm
That's normal?
Naw, not really to me
Makes me wanna crush pills
I'll blow 'em out to sea
And be a bonafide freak then that rides the tide inside
Just me

Contributed to a documentary I helped put together for my day job.  Trailer for the whole work here:

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beginnings of a Halloween song.  Basic structure loops a few times.  Would be crazy to hear more ridiculous verses.  I've got problems.



I woke up for real when I saw the red


I thought it would be water but it was blood instead



Whose body does this come from?

Should I feel guilty that I'm not getting out?

My cat is watching and he's tilting his head

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dedicated and written for my #1 sweetie

Indie meets oldies thinger. Thanks for listening

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I sampled and chopped quick moment when Almostsound went into a dirty blues riff, then KevinMaistros and theserpentthecharmer walked in to the cabin from the rain and started humming to it. Stopped almost as soon as it started, as we would go on to Kill Mike through song.

This a demo of that evil shit brewing underneath it all..Shits messy but thats my process.  Please join in the doom if it pleases you.

Guitar: Almostsound

Backround Vocals: Kevinmaistros, theserpentthecharmer, theboxsets

post production, organ, beats: theboxsets

NE HOA 2013 Wales MA

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I made some drum breaks for the NE HOA at Wales.  We jammed on this shackly one once with Almostsound and RoboJ, then I recorded Robo playing again to it at the end of the trip.  I wanted to post a lil something before I do some more heavy sharing this weekend.

this is a straight through non-edit of how Robo lays it down.  I can't be chopping that shit yet !

listen!  :)

108.5 BPM

stems in results....

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dry stems in results


in the neighborhood of 80.5 bpm

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i'm trying new things.

freestyle session just turned into chorus making.  vocal stems in results for playings round with.

could be something we just worked into the instrumental and freestyled over.  Love the Herbie Hancockish vibe on the instrumental.  methinks this is a CRAZY PERFECT beat to build more funk instrumentation on top of.  We could also use some freestylers or singers to join me on the chorus fun. musicians:  let's rec!!



ready again

i grab the mic neglect the pen

put it down these working sounds

i'm hit recording

a kid again

with casual sins

love a level live evil move your big butt boll weevil rec red light ain't yet dim






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filthy beat by christopher.harn

had a powerful day and just had to let loose with this.  a first draft but happy with the direction. what do you think?

apologies for an uneven mix, lost my perspective but wanted to release it into the hitRECordosphere!



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guitar by Anthony Danos.  a great friend who I hope to see on the other side.

fresh mix. dry stems in results

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