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As always, all records used in this boxcast are ones that I recommend checking out  :)

much heart to musing5225 for the re-rec contributions and guest spotting in here.


additional footage used from

weird podcast - guy used in intro

reading the bible guy


this is part 1 of a 2 part re-rec on the #2, so check in at a fyootcha time ya know!?


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INTRO magic - Traeidein 


As always, all records used in this boxcast are ones I re-recommend digging further into!

I also re-recommend re-recs

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but really, a hearty re-recommendation to all records used herein.

thanks to Traeidein for struggling with me via email and putting up with my back-and-forth on this one.  

This is all I could come up with right now.  Clare's testimonial is amazing.

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*all records included are ones I re-recommend checking out

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narrator: Traeidein

Googie Hangout appearance and "Dear Charles" reading: Pamagotchi

co-hosts: AlmostSound and theboxsets   NILS n BOX

inspiration: Your Mom


Note - all records used in this are ReRECs!

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I sampled and chopped quick moment when Almostsound went into a dirty blues riff, then KevinMaistros and theserpentthecharmer walked in to the cabin from the rain and started humming to it. Stopped almost as soon as it started, as we would go on to Kill Mike through song.

This a demo of that evil shit brewing underneath it all..Shits messy but thats my process.  Please join in the doom if it pleases you.

Guitar: Almostsound

Backround Vocals: Kevinmaistros, theserpentthecharmer, theboxsets

post production, organ, beats: theboxsets

NE HOA 2013 Wales MA

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eagerly awaiting episode 1 to arrive tomorrow and feeling proud to be part of this big crazy community.

Thought I'd celebrate and give back into the hitrecordosphere with a recent labor of love, based on the one and only MatthewLister 's mystically moodical guitar track.  feedback on this welcomed!!

Pam's vocal adds to the track were 'uUGE and really inspired me to add  space to the arrangement in the middle section, so hopefully this breathes a little more IDK you tell me.  I also added some dub-ish production with the echoes on voice (could maybe even push this idea outwards more), and slowed down the songs tempo - hushing the percussion tracks considerably.  Ohh, those drum sounds were based off of a cajon track from Wunderboy, cool shaker recording from Pamagotchi, and an open portion of a cbis beat. I love our percussive hitrecorders!!! Sampling their rhythm tracks can be a shit load of productive fun :)!

72.5 BPM and tried to leave room for more players to playyyayay


She Gives Me Pull

wait for it

loving time can make this a little bit better now

loving time

will warm your heart


I become too damn comfortable

sitting waiting

she she gives me pull on and on


I thought of you today

in a hundred different ways

you're that lonely rose

in that lovely purple vase


take me home I've been so far

because day dreaming only takes me so far


and if you're waiting

for her to text you

"oh I forgive you,

let's eat ice cream together!"


she's that loving kind

so she probably will come through for you

she knows that love in time

will melt all bitter hearts


I become too damn comfortable

just sitting and waiting

she gives me pull on and on


Take me home I've been so far


72.5 BPM (dropping the instrumental I produced back down from 74 BPM I think made a world of difference...pain in the ass but worth it!)


cover art used courtesy of the lovely Jazminny



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damn dude you just got nice the internet is groovier for you are fantastic thanks to you Now I realize what happens when friendly guys be rapping “oh its enthusiastic” its a peace campaign so press release praised words for a friend no sausage fest shows for a foe less screw you and your crew more hey how did your day go? jingle jangle through the complimentary angles of battle entanglements we don’t ride the fence we ride each others beats not just for move your feets feats of force with a positive tasking less shining more basking together. just clowning out n having fun no matter the weather we gonna do it real clever tiny people under that same big sun allow me to get down to the grit with what I transmit Kampaign is the shit Mr. Malibu hits anti-bullshit my sides they split he specific with the wit making pacific waves flow mo chiller this beat is a slo mo killer unpacking themes roto tiller his catalogue knows no filler local vocal legend of Eagle Rock getting loco on private legal stock his music is a picnic, seagulls squawk take my gramma's beagle for a long walk so regal on the mic do whutyalike I wholeheartedly trust you I’m cooking cheeseburgers for your entire crew we cram in a game of chess at the BBQ wise man of the camp dread lock champ busting through the amp with a gentleman stamp approved by your gramps helpful like lamps protect ya neck from his vamps he’s got soul in a clamp. That's Kampaign. He 

never complains and he never comes plain just doing his damn thang. 

vocal mental transcendentals makes you a true believer in a tournament of champs, he is the champagne receiver whether getting the K or capturing the flag he on the red team opponents on the dead team his vocal prowess achieving harmony call him the taoist staying the course of the middle way he’s a player with no game is why he came spell his goddamn name k a m p a i g n one more time k a m p a i g n

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82 BPM

pushed on by Kellie Marie Day - thank you!

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my pick for an "Outsider"-----> someone struggling with navigating their own mind, the mental health system and everything they come a time of crisis..and making Mingusy jazz out of it.

Help from my friend Brian Townsend on trumpet and additional live drums

stems available if ya need 'em

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