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      you taught me

               how to fold my hand

       around a gun, but never


                                           how to clean

                                    the blood


            you taught me how to

                                trample over hearts,

                 how to slice them up and pull

         apart their delicate strings,

                                                     but you never warned me

                                 that i had to

                                               be brave


                   to love something. 

"You know that gif we sent to Kyle's work email?"


"Got him fired."

"No shit?"


"That's so great."

"Is it though? I was considering regretting it."

"Don't, that was the whole...

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boil your ink, close all
your gods away, take your
tongue apart and leave me 
the pieces. your hands 
may be heavy with dust 
but they are still solid, 
they remember how to eat.

touch my...

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by thatwasnotver... Sep 16, 2014


HELIX and RION are sitting at a table, studying and eating junk food.  

Their surroundings clearly indicate that this is the future. Everything is...

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your car is the same familiar beat 
up red, the windows cranked all the way
down so you can chain smoke on the 405. 
you take me to that tiny bar off aurora, 
the one between the lake...

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by thatwasnotver... Jan 03, 2014

Things turn bad in Strasbourg.


To be entirely specific—things turn into a full-blown clusterfuck involving a bullet-riddled museum, one turncoat antiquities dealer, and a very...

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parallel lines will travel together for an infinite distance, but will never meet.

fifty thousand cells will die inside you before the end of this sentence.

someone in the world,...

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Every bridge will shudder into the water.

Every building will split, 

spilling open 

like the soft belly of a pomegranate.

The rivers will dry

and the mountains will splay

to rock. The...

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you’ll be with the ships, coming back 
from the grasslands in the south where 
they wear ribbons in summer and eat
bread with crosses cut into them. you'll
have sea brine in your hair,...

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i want

     to follow the

              river curve

                     of your spine

                                 all the way

                                        to that notch...

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by thatwasnotver... Apr 07, 2013
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