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the slope of        

             your shoulder


                                                                  in that red leather jacket 




that's all it took.



         because there is a terrible exactness to geometry,


                                 (the clean line of a bullet,

                                  the predictable descent of a dying star,

                                  the dirty glances we arrowed at each other                   


                          like poorly bent paper planes

                                                     with lipstick hearts all under the folds)        


       and the

       exterior angles                  

                     of your rust red leather 


                                                                  were never aimed anywhere else. 

"You know that gif we sent to Kyle's work email?"


"Got him fired."

"No shit?"


"That's so great."

"Is it though? I was considering regretting it."

"Don't, that was the whole point. He hated that job."

"I know, but it seems are we assholes?"

"Of course not. We were helping."


"It was a memes to an end."

"You're right."

"Besides, the other gif would've probably gotten him arrested, so"

"—sowe're not assholes."


"Because we could have sent the other gif, but we didn't."


"We chose well."

"The lesser of two...

Every bridge will shudder into the water.

Every building will split,

spilling open

like the soft belly of a pomegranate.

The rivers will dry

and the mountains will splay

to rock. The trees will bend,soft as wax,

when you call them to the ground.

The bones will collectin the open cup

of your palm.

You will stand there,

in the flat haze of your ruins,



in blood and dust.

You'll call to me,

your voice a cleanly aimed arrow

meeting no resistance

as it travels the empty horizon.

I'll hear you,

and know

it was all forme.

That you unmade the world


your car is the same familiar beat up red, the windows cranked all the waydown so you can chain smoke on the 405. you take me to that tiny bar off aurora, the one between the lake and the gunshop. it's our secret – a piece of the city hidden in plain sight, with dark sour beers and a fireplace trickling warmthin the center of things.

it's been too long. a year, maybe,

since i've seen you. the last time was in new york – we made pizza at 2 a.m. and fell asleep with flour still on our hands. the bed was a disaster. after you left to...
by thatwasnotver... ago

Things turn bad in Strasbourg.

To be entirely specific—things turn into a full-blown clusterfuck involving a bullet-riddled museum, one turncoat antiquities dealer, and a very valuable renaissance spoon in Strasbourg.

It is not his most successful job, all things considered.

They have to wait it out somewhere, and she has a cabin in Wengen, so that’s that.

Wengen, if you haven’t heard of it (and no one has, really), is a smudge of a town on the edge of the Alps, so high and hedged in snow that you can’t even get a car into the place. This...

you taught me

how to fold my hand

around a gun, but never

how to clean

the blood


you taught me how to

trample over hearts,

how to slice them up and pull

apart their delicate strings,

but you never warned me

that i had to

be brave

to love something.

you’ll be with the ships, coming back

from the grasslands in the south where they wear ribbons in summer and eatbread with crosses cut into them. you'llhave sea brine in your hair, ash under yournails, blood crusted into your furs. you'll be beautiful. i'll watch the water for you.

you'll be at a desk in a dark green jacket, your

head bent over a stack of paper and your hands stained with ink. you'll be writing me a letter,the words thick and lingering like honey on the tongue. you'll seal it with wax and it willbe delivered to me by a...


HELIX and RION are sitting at a table, studying and eating junk food.

Their surroundings clearly indicate that this is the future. Everything is beyond modern. But they are teenagers, so it’s still a total mess.


It was just paper?




I don’t get it.




Didn’t it get ripped all the time?


No, it was like—strong paper.


Paper is so easy to rip though.


Maybe it was cloth.


You just said it was paper.


It was some kind of paper made of thread.


But what if it got wet?...

i want

to follow the

river curve

of your spine

all the way

to that notch at

the back of

your neck

perfect for

sinking teeth


i want the

steady aching

arch of you


by thatwasnotver... ago

parallel lines will travel together for an infinite distance,but will never meet.

fifty thousand cells will die inside youbefore the end of this sentence.

someone in the world, just now, received a paper cut.

your right hand will never touch your right elbow.

you will forget the shape of me.

i will forget to be hurt by it.

and everything,

even galaxies,

even you,

will end.

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