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The Little Shack
terrylynne Released Oct 05, 2011

I saw a little shack beside the road

Beginning to crumble, starting to mold

That little shack called to my heart

‘Don’t leave me here falling apart

I know that when you look at me

You see the place that I could be’

That shack was once a loving home

A place where a happy family roamed

I wanted more than anything

To fix that shack, to make it sing

But with my skills and on my own

I could not make that shack a home

I could not alone fix it as I wanted

And my requests for help were only taunted

My only hope was to mask the decay

Of that little shack beside the roadway

All I could do was paint the outside

The decay of the shack I could only hide

Many years later the shack I still pass

I paint it now and then, but it never lasts

The shack now broken in complete disrepair

It calls to my heart filling me with despair

Because that little shack you see,

That shack is just like me....

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