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by tdolan

Once upon a time there was a very dull family that lived in a very dull town, a town not even worth mentioning by name. This family was structured like most boring families with one irksome Mother, one pretentious Father, one idiotic Son, and one vain Daughter. They excelled at fulfilling their stereotypes on a daily basis. Mother had brilliant shining ideas pooling about in her brain, but refused to put her tongue to her teeth and speak them aloud. Father had the most skilled hands in the world with so much dexterity one metaphor could not properly encompass it, but he used them primarily for clacking computer buttons at snail speeds and clasping sweating beer cans. Son and Daughter both had keen eyes and ears and could see great distances and hear pins dropping, but would spend hour and hour pressed against the despicable television screen, not paying any attention to the liquefaction of their brains. And then one day an odd thing happened. Each unused body part grew fed up, sprouted spider limbs and scuttled away, leaving the dull people husks to sit in complacency for all of time.



I started a collaboration called "spiderlimbs and eerie things" for anyone wanting to help make this story(or any other creepy story) into something exciting, join me?

by tdolan
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I left out the white boxes typical of comic/graphic novels so that letterers can have a bit more freedom with insertion of the lines from Metaphorest's poem. Have free reign! 

"From a distance,

Henrietta Hexagram-Head

looked just like a star.

So, when she fell from a tall tree,

instead of rushing to her aid,

the watching witnesses made wishes on her

(Which never came true)"


This was intended for Henriette Hexagram Head---but maybe someone else can come up with a tiny story for it?

by tdolan
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I had quite a bit of fun trying to illustrate sojushots short story "Hiding"! these particular monsters are supposed to look like mutated memories of people that went from reality to nightmares. I am no good at lettering, so If someone wanted to re-mix sojushots story or a work of their own digitally into this image---I would be ever so grateful!

by tdolan
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by tdolan
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Graphic novel approach to tiny stories!

by tdolan
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"An anthem can be “oh say can you see”

About a people fighting the “good” fight towards prosperity

Or the words can go “god save the queen”

Not hard to divine what those sentences mean

The words may change as they flit between lands

But there is an undeniable sameness that any anthem demands

Those people are singing with a sense of pride and unity

And while not patriotic myself it’s a sight I cant see

Without feeling a little tug at my heart

That while those people are pulled together I am pushed apart

Left standing perpetually cold on the fringe

Wishing it was a dream that would stop with a pinch

What are the words that my people can chant?

I can’t be the only one needing to rant

So it was the first of June and once again felt quite isolated

After having been told that my art work was hated

For being overly creepy and twisted beyond need

When I looked down on my phone and saw I had a message to read

It was simple and said that “there was this site I should check

The moment my at&t black hole lets me get on the internet

It’s called hitrecord and well, it’s pretty odd

Which made me think you might like it” (and of course I just nod)



And then I found our anthem, our place

Where the outsiders can gather, without fear of disgrace

Where our words and songs are written each and every day

And illuminated as well, for those who prefer to communicate that way



So Hear ye hear ye

All you losers, devils, and punks

All you scum, and you dirt bags, artists and drunks

All you live in the shadow-ers, hidden masterminds

All you digital communicators, waiting behind closed blinds,

All you smile too wide-rs with gaps in your teeth

All you social climbers (as well as those beneath)

All you fiends and musicians, chain smokers, and oddities

All you fighting the never-ending human disease

All you right wing and left, the full spectrum in fact

All you who desperately desire some human contact

All you follow the rule-rs (and those who break them too)

In here we are all outsiders waiting just for you

You are different, and dare I say, a little bizarre

But we like you quite a lot, just the way you are

So join us, hit record and see what transpires                     

Here your weirdness is adored-- welcome Outliers."

by tdolan
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please feel free to erase the text and write your own story about this crazy prideful unicorn

by tdolan
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"If I fall to bits


will you scoop me up in a jar


and scatter me amongst the stars?"

by tdolan
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this is what was born of my most recent burnings.This is best if experienced on a full screen, it's easier to get lost in the flames that way.

Also, let it be know, that the delightful Sarah Theissen jumped in and created the film editing portion!

In retrospect, I'm not sure if this is the sort of thing that other people will connect with---or if its just something I made for myself. Each time I watch my art slowly get eaten by flame my emotions jump from a profound sadness, to a sadistic glee, to an inexplicable tranquility, to a disdain for wasted time. For me, these images are odd and confusing to see--and I would love to hear other peoples reactions and emotions when watching, to see where they differ

by tdolan
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I certainly know what I was thinking when I painted this, but everyones reactions and stories seem so very different that I would be fascinated to see some tiny stories based on this---have at it!


truth time: this is actually just a partial shot of the whole image, I can upload the full thing if anyone would be interested in seeing it.

by tdolan
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by tdolan
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by tdolan
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