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Request List:

  • Cinematography

    • Film footage of candles blowing out
    • film footage of fires dying
    • film footage of spiders moving
    • film footage of closeups of teeth laughing
    • film footage of sinister parts of daily life
    • film footage with intense closeups of food
    • film footage of ink bleeding
    • film footage of ink splatters
    • film footage of anything oozing
  • Illustration

    • draw ghost hands and arms
    • draw ghosts
    • draw shadows
    • draw the title
    • draw ghostly
    • draw smoke
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Me tdolan Released Jun 30, 2014

So while a group of us are sequestered away in the European HOA, TheShuttersmith Chariot13 and I have been working on bringing The Secret Club to life. We have worked up a shot list, and are going to be doing some serious greenscreening, soul sucking, animating etc but really need some very specific footage shots and paintings to take the concept from just interesting to genuine art.

We need cinematographers to film everyday life moments that are in someway sinister. During one portion of…

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tdolan Sep 07, 2012
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