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Park Safety Questions
tdolan Released Jun 29, 2015

1. Are there any specific plant types that we should avoid in this area?

2. What is the problem people prepare for least according to season? (Example: June is mosquito hatching season in the NW part of the United States, so it is not advised to wear deodorant, to bring hiking hats and mosquito nets, and to build smoky fires as repellent)

3. What is the most common mistake hikers/swimmers/campers/paddlers make while staying in the national parks?

4. What steps can we take to lessen our impact while travelling through the national parks?

5. Are there any activities that are illegal in this park, that are legal in other parks? (i.e. free climbing, base jumping)

6. If there is an health emergency, how do we get assistance?

I would just be interested to hear these answered as well:

1. How does one become a park ranger?

2. What does the average day look like for a park ranger?