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One of hitrecord's many strengths is, undoubtedly, the providing of a platform for artists and creatives who are discovering their artistic voices. So many of us, when we first signed up, believed that no one would care about the paltry things we made---and the community proved us wrong. One of the weaknesses then must be the lack of help or information to take those beginning artists to the next step in building an artistic career. And it is such a shame because collectively we have so much knowledge, and so many of hitrecorders have managed to "make it". I would like to start a collaboration or a series of collaborations with the purpose of sharing advice and general knowledge, not for financial gain but for educational gain. There are certainly many individual videos with tutorials on how to present a more professional face, but they are widely scattered. These are just a couple topics that would be useful subjects to broach: how to cite Hitrecord on an artist resume (or even how to build an artists resume in the first place), how to find and approach publishers, how to design business cards, building a selection of templates for all those things (resumes, websites, business cards), taxation laws and how to deal with them as a freelancer, financial assistance advice, how to run a successful freelance business, what do you wear to an interview with for an art position, what an artist resume should look like etc. Together we know so much more information than we do separately. I wanted to test the waters before actually starting a collab to see if anyone else is...

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I think we could make a really cute line of apparel with all of the animals and maybe some of the legends and ghosts that live in these national parks all gearing up for a 100th...

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tdolan Aug 27, 2015

This is not a poem, it's just what I see when I look at him.

Our most important tiny in-betweens.

the ones that dont matter at all, and make all the difference.

He chops vegetables by...

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