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His In-betweens
tdolan Released Aug 27, 2015

This is not a poem, it's just what I see when I look at him.

Our most important tiny in-betweens.

the ones that dont matter at all, and make all the difference.

He chops vegetables by feel, not sight, and hums while doing it.

After every shower I can hear him signing to himself "so fresh and so clean clean."

He irons his jeans, but cant afford to buy new ones and they are all considerably hole-y especially in the crotch area.

He talks to my cat, the cat he hates, when I am not home and pretends like he bought extra ham for his sandwiches, definitely not for my cat, the cat he hates.

He writes poems and pretends they are just grocery lists, and I find them hidden in piles of trash.

The pantry is always stocked with chickpeas, even when we have a "cant afford food week" because he knows I love hummus.

His Scottish mannerisms involve so much facial energy that, at 35, he has a deeply perfectly furrowed forehead.

He has a magnetic need to poke my bellybutton, I pretend like it irritates me but the moment he stops I know we have bigger issues.

Even when we spit and yell and argue he still calls me "my love", and means it.

You fall in love with the whole of a person, but the in-betweens are the tiny things you can claim for just yourself.

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