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This is the story of a girl who waited for nothing.

She sat on a bench overlooking a forest. She believed that the one that was meant for her will be coming from the darkness of the forest. So she waited and waited.

Other men who have seen her sitting there have approached her. They sat beside her. She would entertain them, but she still longed for that man who will come out of the forest.

Years passed, she waited some more. There are times when she got impatient but she would tell herself that maybe he got lost. Waiting for him would be all worth it. So she sat and waited some more.

One day she heard a sound coming from the forest. It was of loud rustling leaves. It was of a man's voice.

It was a man's voice trying to find his way out of the darkness - towards her. He sounds hurt, too. He sounds like he needs help. He is clearly in pain.

Her heart started beating really fast. Could this be him? Could this be the man she waiting for all her life?

As the man's voice was getting closer, she panicked. She was scared and excited and worried all at the same time. She did not know what to do except go to him. "He needs me.", she thought to herself.

With a flashlight in hand, she braved herself to go into the forest. She called out to him. She told him not to worry. She will get to him and he will be fine.

The man's voice guided her towards him. She was getting closer. She was getting more scared than ever. But she had to see him - to know who this man is.

She was getting closer and closer to the man. Then she heard a sound. Of movement. But not the good kind. No, it was not from forest...

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To take care of you,

To make you happy,

To massage you or give you a hot pack when your back is hurting.

To pick you up wherever you are when you're too drunk

to come home.


To learn...
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Present. Today.

My heart weeps,


For you.

For the way you decided to step on it, 

over and over. 

My heart was gifted to you

You returned it broken


It still beats...

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Lady, be smart. Lest you want your heart trampled on and broken into one million pieces over and over again.

Lady, be smart. Trust your intuition. Your gut. They have not failed you...

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supersenyorita Aug 13, 2012

I will melt your cold, cold heart.
What's that?
Oh, it's thawing.

That's right.



How does it feel to tell me you love me?

How does it feel to ask me to go camping with you? And when I said, yes?

How does it feel to know that I love you?

How does it feel to know...
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(Maybe you shouldn't be in this business)
Maybe you should quit your job.
You're not good at it.
(I thought you're an educated person)
You don"t deserve an educated treatment.
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One-liners I've randomly come up with over the course of few months.

What’s worse than my non-existent sense of direction? A cab-driver without one.

You have to earn what you want in...
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