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However far away, home is always in the telephone lines...


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For thatwasnotveryravenofyou's "here [re: the end]". I really loved the line in the story =D

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The city runs on the mournful melodies of caged birds

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wouldn't it be lovely
if we had a little cafe
by the old stone street
with its blue doors and yellow walls
baby pinks and blues
checkered tablecloth
on top of small square tables
with four cosy chairs

wouldn't it be lovely
to sit there on this cold morning
steam streaming
from our breaths and mugs
filled with warmth wafting
from your hands holding mine
sipping hot chocolate
watching passers-by

wouldn't it be lovely
on this cold winter's morning
to put on a slow song
sweetly singing in a foreign tongue
feel the music in our souls
without the need for words
although words are all around
exchanged all around us

wouldn't it be lovely
to own a little cafe
our little corner of this world
selling hot chocolate and muffins
fresh pastries and coffee
seeing smiles of strangers
warm against the chill
on this cold winter's day

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Wrote a little lyric for ppeppina's beautiful "Green" instrumental. I'm not a good singer so maybe if someone wanted to improve it, please do! I took forever to record this cuz honestly I think I live in the noisiest place on earth! In the end I gave up...I'm never gonna get it perfect, haha!


Even if I should fall
From the sky
In a blaze of fire
I know
My heart will survive
This sacrifice
Will be worth it
As long
As you're here with me
To catch me
If I should tumble
The tears
In your eyes will melt
All the ice
And wash this
Blue world green

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Not sure where this came from but here is an idea I had when I was looking at Tori's "stanger" word of the week while listening to VRE_H's Beyond the Wall.


Beyond this forty foot concrete wall
Impenetrable, impervious, unpiercable
Built by the most gifted of dungeon designers
Laid a new world

Inside this forty foot concrete wall
Dry, desolate, deserted
The remnants of the old world lay wasted
And left to shrivel up in the darkest corners
Lived a heinous creature

Imprisoned between these dungeon walls
Silent, shadowy, still
The creature footed its way round
Round and round around the walls
Greedily sniffing the sweet air
Gushing through from the littlest cracks

On moonless nights when all is dark
Gloomy, cloudy, foggy and grim
The creature could be heard
Banging the walls with its horned crest
Determined on its conquest to break free
Break the walls and set its teeth
On the ones who put it there

One day, a stranger passed by
Cautious, curious, courageous
He heard a story in a local tavern
About the old beast within the wall
Trapped for more than a century
Its wrath built up to the point of explosion

That night, as the clock stroke three
Once, twice, and a third time
The stranger sneaked out of his bed
Hid his sword under his cloak
And ran towards the wall

He climbed up the iron rungs embedded there
Still strong after years of winds and storms
When he reached the top, he stood

There, among the shadows
Mean, menacing, mindless
The creature let out a snarl
The stranger unsheathed his sword
And jumped into the pit

None knew what became of the stranger
Nor that of the beast
The banging has since ceased
But on moonless, starless nights
A snarl could be heard
When the wind blew
From beyond the wall

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