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Who knows what happens
In the veil of night
Who knows what happens
When you turn out the light
Only so many hours
for the demons to play
‘Til the sun comes up tomorrow

The neighbor's been watching
For a long, long time
Nosy 'cause he knows
He’s found the perfect crime
She walks to the kitchen,
Draws the curtains closed
‘Til the sun comes up tomorrow

The child hears the rumbling
Of a midnight crawl
She listens as she clutches
To a faceless doll
With hands reverberating
As her vigil she keeps
‘Til the sun comes up tomorrow

The woman feels her way along
With palms that shake and sweat
She knows the moonlight's aftertaste
Is bitterful regret
But what is done in silence stays
Within the dark's embrace
‘Til the sun comes up tomorrow


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I’ve never been as happy

As I am when I’m with youSo I’m giving up the sunTo be under the moon and stars with you

I’ve never seen a rainbow

But I know they must be thereLiving in a world of darknessBut with you I’m never scared

Your love, it fills my soul

And your voice keeps me aliveYour touch speeds up my heartLike a marathon inside

The sounds sometimes confuse me

Never knowing who is thereBut I know you’re always watchingKeeping hope within the air

There’s a light that calls me softly

But I choose to walk away‘Cause I’d rather stay here...
by steviestars3 ago
by steviestars3 ago