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This is a short film/stop animation I made with the help of my friend.  I think it would be really cool if someone contributed some sort of voice over.  I originally intended it to be for the Love collab but I think it works for Independence as well.  It's about a lonely, shy girl who finds her strengths in her imagination and throws herself into her writing (thus the paper girl made of words) but she's still lonely, and then she meets someone else like her.  I guess it's about love as a connection of imagination, meeting someone on a more abstract level.  Anyway, whatever your interpretation, have at it! I've spent several days on this and I need a break.


I made this for my video class, but it's an idea I've been working on for a while.  This was sort of a test to see how the idea would work, but I'd like to do more with it.

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B: What are you doing?

G: I need to show you something... I’ve built a rocketship.

B: A rocketship?

G: I’m going to mount an expedition into the great outer space!

B: All by yourself?

G: No, you can come too if you want.

B: Is it space-worthy?

G: These computer screens were drawn with green crayon, THE green crayon, the one I only use for special occasions.

B: Wow.

G: It’s the best navigational system there is! The open ceiling provides optimum viewing of galactic orbitorium...

B: I don’t think that’s a word.

G: And we’ve got three blankets and seven pillows on the floor for maximum comfort.

B: What if you get hungry?

G: We’ve got goldfish and juiceboxes.

B: What flavor?

G: Apple.

B: Nice.

G: Then of course, we’ve got our stellar crew – the best in the business. This is pilot Hoover, he can see as far as Mrs. Miller’s house!

B: That’s far!

G: This is navigational officer Snorkel, and this is first mate Timmy (that’s short for Timertha)

B: oh.

G: We are completely prepared for any eventuality! Nothing will rain on our parade because there is no rain in outer space! Uh oh, it’s only four minutes ‘till lift off. Will you help me transport the ship?

B: Okay.

B: Is this safe?

G: Of course!

B: This is pretty high. Are you sure it’s a good idea to launch it off the roof?

G: We’re not launching it off the roof. Here, stay on this board. It’s the loading dock.

B: Okay. What’s the glitter for?

G: When you go flying in a rocketship, you don’t just look up. Stars are everywhere!

B: Hey, that’s pretty neat!

G: Here, this is your laser blaster. You ready?

B: What about chores?

G: We’ll do them later.

B: What about homework?

G: Say an alien ate it!

B: There’s a lot of stuff I should do.

G: That’s why we have to go! What do you say? Three...


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This is an animation of a picture I had uploaded a while ago. Many people contributed wonderful tiny stories which I would really love to hear voice overs of on top of this tiny video!

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My copy of RECollection is one of my favourite things, for many reasons. I also really love Murker's dialogue about saying goodbye to a good book, so I thought I'd make this. I'm not completely satisfied with the voice recording of the book, so if anybody wants to give it a try I'd love to hear others voicing the book! I can upload a version of this where the book is silent if that helps.

Does anyone else think the book should have another line at the end? Any suggestions?

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What's on the other side of the door?

What I think this video needs: the breathing sound of the creature, specifically at 1:20, also some music cues could enhance the comedy, especially during the dramatic speech.

 Thanks to CouleurDeFer for working on this with me :)

Check out her stuff here:

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What if, instead of fighting me,

You just sat down and shared some tea?

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