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Paper Girl
stellarNELR Released ago

This is a short film/stop animation I made with the help of my friend.  I think it would be really cool if someone contributed some sort of voice over.  I originally intended it to be for the Love collab but I think it works for Independence as well.  It's about a lonely, shy girl who finds her strengths in her imagination and throws herself into her writing (thus the paper girl made of words) but she's still lonely, and then she meets someone else like her.  I guess it's about love as a connection of imagination, meeting someone on a more abstract level.  Anyway, whatever your interpretation, have at it! I've spent several days on this and I need a break.

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B: What are you doing?

G: I need to show you something... I’ve built a rocketship.

B: A rocketship?

G: I’m going to mount an expedition into the great outer space!

B: All by yourself?

G: No, you can come too if you want.

B: Is it space-worthy?

G: These computer screens were drawn with green crayon, THE green crayon, the one I only use for special occasions.

B: Wow.

G: It’s the best navigational system there is! The open ceiling provides optimum viewing of galactic orbitorium...

B: I don’t think that’s a word.

G: And we’ve got three blankets and...