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The Dark (animated)
spun Released Jun 23, 2014

ChaneleyWelly's The Dark is one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard, and I've always wanted to do a silhouette-based animation (and my son has been playing "Limbo"), so here is this. I cut the second verse for the sake of time, I'm sorry Chanele! Hopefully the song still works without it?

Thank you to everyone whose RECords are used in this - it has been a privilege to REmix your art, seeing every line and detail up close. You all amaze me...

And Jamie (babylove), what can I say? Thank you for the endless technical chats, the advice, the tutorials and for pulling me out of those weeeeeeds. Now about that dinner...

Technical peoples: do you know how to get rid of those weird edges in the moon beams/lights? Maybe a higher color depth? I only used 8 bpc...would 16 help at all?

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