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Fear of the Future
spun Released May 21, 2015

So, here is the mostly final-ish* version of Fear of the Future. 

The story so far:

3over4 recorded an awesome testimonial. Dr Gory edited it. kirren made an animatic. jdelgado designed a monster. fmagalhaes did a brilliant movement study, and then animated. And animated. And animated. Then created the beautiful backgrounds and props. Frederieke did more animation and made more beautiful props. AmelieMaurice animated her stunning cloud paintings. babylove did more witchcraft animation still. fmagalhaes made even more props, and continued animating. I put the pieces together and animated a tiny bit more. And edwardtheninth directed everything. No one slept much.

We hope you all enjoy this beautiful, beautiful thing.


*Score and theRaymondWei magic not included

(PS A few resources still to come)

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