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What if people hit record on their audio (or video) recording devices out in their local National Parks?

We take ambient nature sounds and find the inherent music in them -- the...

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I was removed

from Ground Zero 

against God's will 

because I'm crazy. 

Call it wrong.

Call me right. 

I've a history

with Hotel Bellevue. 

I'm a pill 

in fake scrubs, 

so take me 

in the...

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I have always wondered why

my worries weigh me down.

My heart's been like a red balloon 

with strings tied to the ground.

It is free to float in circles 

and cast a shadow on the...

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I am not a sophisticated man, but 

I choose my words with care 

like stones from an everlasting wall. 

I am maddeningly enigmatic. 

I am Grandma Moses and Andy Warhol. 

I am designed to...

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Kiss me till I'm insane, and I'll be going,

because after all, the sun will soon be glowing. 

Success is a welcome mat I shall never cross.

I'll soon be tucked away under earth and...

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My strengths as a writer are far and few;

to name them is something I'm forced to do.

I'm a fan of writing, but that could be disputed.

I'm filled with visions and ideas deeply...

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At the zoo, 

the owl swoops 

over your head 

for a worm. 

High meets low 

with two between 

one shocked expression 

at silent flight. 


Hi guys! I'm curious as to how well the hitRECord on TV Season 1 Box Set is doing. (How ya doin', Season 1 Box Set?! Hahaha...)

Of course, this may seem to be a question directed...

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