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Here are twenty-five records, a mix of original works and remixes, most-recommended and personal favorites, that I've assembled just for you. Enjoy! <3

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Acoustic and electric guitars, Hofner bass, drums, harmonica. And lots of reverb.

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Not perfect by any means, but I wanted to give Rainey's video a go!

Edit: Check the results for a slightly tweaked hi-res version of this. <3

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Based on RegularJOE's suggestion, I added some oohs, along with lovely Metaphorest harmonies, yay!

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"Sean" is the first track on the album As the Head Turns (Amazon, CD Baby). HitRECord is the first place I have chosen to release the track for free. I may even post stems soon...

Please, please, please let me know what you guys think! And remember that half of the proceeds from the album and its songs go to the NAEH (National Alliance to End Homelessness). Thanks!


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There is a girl

By the name of Marie Bee

The autumn leaves

Are falling for her

They are drifting off to see

Marie Bee, Marie Bee

Just like honey

To the busy bee

Even the sweet magnolia tree

Is not as sweet as she can be


With fingers on the strings

She plays sweetly on my mind

Like the snowy mantle peace

She's gentle, brilliant, soft, and fine

Marie Bee, Marie Bee

Just like sugar to a cup of tea

Even the dwarf blue atlas cedar

She is sweeter, can't you see


(buzzy bee solo)


There is a girl

With a hand upon my heart

But I only see her

In photographic works of art

Marie Bee, Marie Bee

Just like honey to the busy bee

Even the pear tree quite apparently

Has not a sweet a pear as she.


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