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last year I had this obsession with air balloons and I started to draw and paint them carrying little houses.(I tought I was so original but then I saw the animated film Up :D)it's a detail of a painting.It would be great if someone has a story about a flying village.or know,use it :)



My mom told me this when I was little,and I hated to get up in the morning(I still can't.)

but in hungarian,it was rhyming.maybe someone can turn it to a tiny poem or story?

it's just a quick sketch,but I think this could be a great story,maybe an animated film,you know,the legs of the bed could turn to real legs or something.I like the feeling when dreams mix up with reality.I imagine an animation/comic about that.Maybe the bed finally carries her/him/them to school?Whats the reaction of the classmates and teachers?

anyway,it could be a funny/dreamy/bizarre  comic/animation/short film.

I can draw phases.not sure I can put them together,but..I can draw them:)

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so I mixed up some results of "hedgehog and potato bear" and redraw's sad,I'm sorry :/

Maybe Cactus and Balloon can be involved in this.Maybe the story is not finished yet.

so thanks sinnamin, LydiaSaskia and Jeff Lo! :)

(sorry for bad english again)

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I have this character called Jeanine.I draw her since 2009 when I was still in high school.

She is a teenage girl who was born in a circus,but now she left it.

now she needs:



a soulmate

her cello and her accordeon,(but a circus lion named Béla will send them after her)


oh,and I almost forgot,varnish remover.

She has a hedgedog friend.:)

I have a lot of illustrations about her,I will upload them here.It's kind of a story about growing up,starting a new life,but staying a kid in the same time.I know it sounds cliché,but I think for me it was personal,I started to draw her when I left home and I went to college.

When I think about her story,it's kind of melancholic,adolescent thing,just some lines.But if you have some ideas,feel free to use the pictures with or without the character!!

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The Sad Cereal

He was lactose intolerant.

Sad and tiny story by Joab Nevo.I really like it because I remember that I had this feeling  in summer camp,when everyone was playing in the water and I forgot to bring my swimsuit...

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The neighbors mumbled, lifted eyebrows and expressed concern---wasn’t she terribly alone? No, she smiled, she was delightfully alone.

tdolan's tiny story with my illustration.

I love nice and simple tipography so much,but I don't know how to do it.Fortunately this semester I will learn some basics.I think handwriting goes well here,but if anyone is familiar with tipography,please,remix.:)

I just noticed now that I wrote neighbours,not neighbors-is there any difference?Or it is just that strange UK-USA thing?Let me know,it can be changed.

have a nice..well,here it's afternoon:)

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