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by rjdpa

I shot this a few months ago in a dark alley


"There is a point where the darkness becomes so dark that nothing becomes everything."

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Shot through the heart...who's to blame?
I hope i'm not giving HR a bad name!

Hahahaha! I don't even listen to Bon Jovi!
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I have always maintained that there is something particularly alluring about a cold winter night.

Perhaps it’s the silence, the dead calm that lingers in the air, or the absence of the living save for a few miserable wanderers cursing the sharp biting air that burned their exposed skin, a price I gladly paid to get away from the madding world.

Oh how I love the cold!

In front of me, the road stretched like a thin strip of grey beneath a murky sea of winter fog. The houses on either side were vague silhouettes, their lights glowing like spectral eyes that watched me fumble and fall in the darkness.

Winter showed no mercy to her admirers, I thought.

As my thoughts drifted away to more pleasant times, I was startled by a presence not very far from me. Her silhouette suggested she was a tall and slender woman and her graceful walk spoke of her refined tastes, perhaps someone who came from nobility.

I followed this lady of the night, the white of her flowing dress glowing like a beacon that guided my way.

I wasn’t fumbling and falling anymore.

I hastened my steps; I wanted to meet my fellow traveler. The night was dark and her presence instilled in me a sense of safety and comfort; like a moth lured by a flame, I was attracted to her strange glowing aura.

But I could never reach her. She was always so close, yet so far away.

I paused at the fork in the road. Towards my right, I could see my home, street lights lighting my way.

In a few minutes, I’d be with my family.

Towards my left, swallowed by the darkness, an empty road stretched as far as I could see.

Drawn like a moth to a flame, I let the darkness consume me.

A faint light flickered in the distance.

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Rock-a-bye baby, on the treetop
When the owls wake, thy mother will call
When the wind wails, thy cradle will fall
Baby will cry and death will reap all
The demons will rise and monsters will crawl
Stars will all die and darkness will dawn

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Ice lit ever so slightly under a dark blue sky.
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Don't leave me here alone, in the dark...

*Who are you? Why aren't you with body or form?

I don't know who I am, I don't know why I am here...but I feel lonely

*You don't remember your name? You don’t know why you’re here?

No, my master left me and I cried myself to sleep. Then, when I woke up, I couldn't remember anything anymore.

*That must be sad. Here, take my hand.

You will accept me? –Even knowing I’m ugly and formless?

*Yes…I think I finally know who you are…


*Yes, you are me and I am you. I hated you because others do but I never knew that all this has sent you in to such a lonely place…I’m sorry.

No, it’s ok. I am just happy that you’re finally accepting me.

*We’ll be friends alright?

Yes, let’s.
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So, how on earth did this mess of a video happen? I'm a little confused, myself.

This is only my second video, and I had intended on doing a rendition of "The Final Poem (Through the Looking GLass)", but along the way... it became a bit too dark and I felt it didn't fit with what I had envisioned. So, I let that go, and went in the direction I felt like going in. Which, I have to say, was one hell of a pain in the ass, but kind of that dull pain that sort of feels good. I just wish my computer did not crash every 10 mins, because I so could have used the sleep.

And, thus, the video was born. I don't have much of an idea as to what it's supposed to express, but a child's conception of blah blah blah sounded good enough. It needs a name to define itself from all your wonderful RECords.

I hope someone can do something with it, it feels a little unfinished to me, and I'm a bit pissed off that the marks were off as they were not before the birthing of my creation into existence. Shucks!

Anyways, Voila! Enjoy. . . or not.

Update: I remember now what the intent of the video was, after watching the comparative tests video listed below, I felt saddened for the child and wondered what sort of memories that child would have, thoughts and feelings and tried to translate them above. There.

Here are the rest of the resources not on hitRECord:
A Colour Box
The Golem
To Hear Your Banjo Play
Comparative Tests On A Human And A Chimpanzee Infant Of Approximately The Same Age, Part 2
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"I'm afraid of creepier things than myself." - he said.

by luy
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I've loved this tiny story for awhile and what better way to hone my After Effects skills than to make a little animation for it. Hope you enjoy it. :)

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When I’m caught out in the rainstorm
When I’m weary and alone
Wrap me tightly, keep my bones warm
Give me shelter, take me home

When I’m drowning in the dark days
When I’m flooded with regret
And the sorrow sends me sideways
Give me shelter from the wet

When I’m sinking into puddles
Soaking nearly to the skin
Wallowing in all my muddles
Whisper to me, take me in

Neath the trees and under awnings
In the archways and the caves
Clouds reveal a new sun dawning
And a light that softly saves

Every puddle is a mirror
Every raindrop is a test
Each downpour can draw you nearer
Or still further from your best

When I’m caught out in a rainstorm
When I’m weary and alone
Wrap me tightly, keep my bones warm
Give me shelter, take me home

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Made with an old toothbrush

by Anais10
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