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Trying to stay away from reading my own stuff, but I was bored, sorry, lol

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Here's a quick start to animating Dalkulla.

Thank you sojushots for the illustrations, MadisenMusic for the reading, and Albert for the piano!

 For crystal clear HD please download!!


HD - 1920 x 1038 - mp4 - h264

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Darkness came pouring down, but not on him.


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It is quite possible to rise from darkness.

by Attilee
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Albert was looking for vocals for some of his tracks with lyrics on the theme of depression. So here's what I've come up with using his excellent track '23-bass riff'. I looped it, added a vocal line or two and some weird ambienty sounds. Hope ya like it Albert!

Oh and my headphones are busted so sorry if the mix sucks - I can upload stems if you like it!

The air is my enemy
the sun comes up without me

the minutes pollute my lungs
and dull my mind and tie my tongue

pit of my stomach churning coal
my soul is old
my soul is cold

the ravens use me as their perch
call off the search
I'm in the earth

the mud is up to my chest
I only want to rest
my heavy eyelids turn me blind
I can't unwind the binds

Here comes the deluge
there goes my shortlived refuge
home is the dark days
I am the knot that frays

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