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florence (the inventor)
sinnamin Released Feb 21, 2012

Florence wasn't much of an inventor,

Although he thought he was

He was consumed with all things scientific

Though he contributed nothing to its cause

He dressed up like a superhero

Thinking his inventions would help mankind

With his tool belt as his loyal sidekick

Together, they rode on a machine he designed

It was a weird contraption

A time machine 'twas meant to be

Now he could travel back in time

Or to the future possibly

People thought Florence was an eccentric

But he was harmless, so they just let him be

He regaled the children with stories of his adventures

And how he often met Einstein for a cup of tea

Of course, Florence never journeyed anywhere

But the others didn't want his enthusiasm to stop

So they didn't tell him that his time machine

Was actually a rocking chair with a box on top..

Inspired by kibs' illustration :)

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