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A young nighttime shadow being who is in love with the sun. He hangs around early in the morning hiding in the shade for as long as he can. Watching the rays of early sunlight, the arms of his love and just as he is waiting for the sun to emerge to catch of glimpse of his crush, he disappears because he can no longer be around in the light. He does this each morning. 

I've been wanting to do a stop motion for this for a while now, but haven't had time. But I think this is something that could be a great idea for as short story for the theme The Dark. He is unable to meet his one love. 

Let me know what you all think :) 

Singing Turtle <3

I love the shadow beings collab. Its my favorite! 


hitRECord: evolving the limits of your imagination 




hitRECord: bending the curve of your imagination




I couldn't decide betwen the two. 

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As soon as I had caught my breath,

It jumped right out of my hands.

- Joerud


Pinwheels!!! I love these things. Hopefully the picture is clear :) 

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Just a few image re-RECs I think deserve a look. Been a long time since I've done weekly re-RECs! 


Hope all is well with you all!!!

SingingTurtle <3


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In which Sally gets lost on a school field trip. 


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Its 6:07 PM on a Sunday night. I am in the library and I’ve realized my second hitRECord anniversary is tomorrow. I always have grand ideas of things I could do for these anniversaries but I never quite have the time I’d like to complete them, so a text RECord will have to suffice. As some of you may know, and as Joerud subtly indicated in the #6 record for his hitRECord challenge contributions (thank you again for that Joe) I am in medical school. And as most everyone on this site has another life outside HR, school is my life. Medicine is all I think about at this point.

I didn’t think of myself much of an artist prior to joining, I still don’t I suppose. I overcame my hesitancy in joining because I wanted to communicate with all of you amazing people. For those of you who have read my record from my first hitRECord anniversary, know I crept on the site every so often for many years but was intimidated to join. At the time I learned about the site, I was on a pre-medical rotation in a rural community. This site definitely offered a great outlet during my time off. And it continues to do so.

Though I’ve contributed various works over these past two years, I never, in my wildest dreams, believed that my works would ever be used. A few of my RECords have been remixed over the years (thank you wonderful REmixers).

Anyway, I want to thank all of you. Everyone. This past year was one of the most difficult years in my life. And is the reason for much of my absence. It was a year where I questioned my path in medicine and my value as a person. Five years of work was nearly all for naught and I could have easily walked away without a second thought. It felt as if I had lost the closest person to me all over again. It was a devastating time. I can only thank God for giving me the strength to continue, for my family & friends, and for all of you. :) 

This website has changed in so many ways, its made great strides. But one thing hasn’t changed and its all of you fellow hitRECorders. You all make this community. It isn’t just RegularJoe, albeit Joe created this site with his brother Dan. I do consider them to be the greatest innovators of this site because without them, there would be no hitRECord. I don’t mean to downgrade their status, but when I think of hitRECord, my first thought is everyone on this site. Everyone that I have communicated with since joining. Everyone who pushes the red button at the top of our screens, who contribute, who heart, who leave remarks, who remix. It’s everyone who signs up and dares to leave their mark on hitRECord. Anyone who is brave enough to let the world see a bit of who they are and who realize that even the smallest contributions matter. Without you all, there would be no hitRECord community. Without all of you, there would be no reason for RegularJoe, MattConley, Marke, Jared and the remainder of hitRECord staff to work as hard as they do. And without all of you, there wouldn’t be anyone to come back to whenever any of us have to leave for a bit just as I did. So thank you.

Everyone is a wonderful inspiration, but to site one thing that has motivated me drastically in the past year was Joab Nevo’s song Georgia. Again, if you read last years record of my first hitRECord anniversary you know that Joab’s song motivated me to pick up my violin after years of disuse. And I am happy to say that I am at the point in my practice I feel confident enough to join an orchestra. I nearly did this past month. If it weren’t for an already busy schedule I certainly would have. But it is something I am determined to do come fall and practice I will do. So, thank you to every musical artist. Your music inspires people and provokes people into wanting to make music even if it’s merely to hum along.

Overall, I just want to say that I am honored to be a part of this community and thank you again for another wonderful year. Here is to more! 

Singing Turtle


P.S. If you read this, thank you. I’m sure we all know and have our reasons for why we love this community. So thank you for reading mine. :)

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Merry Christmas Gaby!!!

Thank you for being my not-so-secret-santa. I love the gift you made for me. Here is a little something I'm working on. I think it will become a series so, once that is complete I'll upload the rest. But this is to say I haven't forgotten!!!! I haven't done anything hands on in a long time so I figured now is a better time as any :) 


Merry Christmas and Happy New Years.

Singing Turtle


P.S. I'm going to try and load a better quality version when I can get my hands on an actual camera. The one I have right now isn't working out the way I want it to. :/

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I haven't  been around as much. School has been quite overwhelming lately, but I'm thinking it will get better soon. Anyway, here are a few recommendations for this week. Hope you all are doing well! 


Audio re-RECs:

  • If (piano) by ozie: very beautiful piece :) 

  • Your heart beats for this by Peach sky:  a lovely song. Maybe more can be done with this :) 

Image re-RECs: 

  • Ibis in Flight (Patterns) by skatebard: An AMAZING SHOT. This image is breathtaking. Please take a look at it. Please! :) 

  • Will you follow me to the edge...and beyond? by threepixel: Gorgeous image. I'm sure you all have caught onto that already, but if you haven't seen it yet, check it out below :) 

  • Skyscraper by SelBell: Buildings always have a wonderful effect on me. Whenever you can get an image of how spectacular a building is, I'll love it. This is one of them. :) 

  • Starry Night (REmix) by Paula Meilli: A beautiful remix. I love the stars, and the very bright contrasting buildings. A wonderful remix. 

Video re-RECs:

  • The Wish Factory (For VerifiedInnocence) by stellarNELR: I thought this video was absolutely adorable. More could be done with the story shown in it I think.  


That's it for now! Hope you all have a wonderful week! 


Singing Turtle! <3


Update: Edit: Has it really been that long for me!!??! I completely forgot to resource people! Duh! #feelingdumb

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I apologize for my absence! Anyway, here is a long overdue Sunday re-REC. A few things I spotted, all images ;)


Image re-RECs:


whisper rocks by kaybattle: a gorgeous photo. Please check it out.


Skeletal Pattern (Sony RX100 II) by Dotunfolded: a very intriguing photo.


Sunset in Paris by Depassage: a beautiful photo. I like that the sky is still so vibrant but the shadows of the buildings bring out the illuminating lights of the indoors.


Into the Worm hole by Miracle: Being one to have played inside stacked tires (not a very safe thing to do, fyi) It brought back childhood play memories.


Have a wonderful week!



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I found this dried apple core on the bench the other day. I plan on going back again and see if its still there. 

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I apologize for the late re-RECs. This weekend was very busy. Without further ado, please check out the following records. I would definitely re-RECommend them ;)  

Text re-RECs: 


  • Chestnut (The Script) by christopher.harn: Just a short script that I think could be quite comedic as a short film or animation. Chestnut is so vivid in my mind, I hope I get some time to do an illustration. But the nostalgic effects of a grandfather telling his grandson (at least I think he's the grandson) a story always intrigues me. And this story that the grandfather tells could be quite fun to play with. 

  • The Invasion by Jon791: When I read this, it kinda reminded me of wirrow's tiny story titled, the 'end of the world' siren (255794), but I think it could definitely go in a different direction. I'd like to see a text re-mix of it, if anyone feels so inclined. 


Image re-RECs: 

  • … by sairenso

  • burnt charcoal by Jon791 

  • LOST by Opouly

  • Hitrecord Dresses by LaraMinerva


Again, sorry for the late re-RECs. At least its still Sunday!!! Sunday's are for re-RECs!!!!


Have a happy week, 

Singing Turtle <3



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