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Skeleton in the closet (Etymology: RE: SECRETS)

According to Wikipedia:

"Skeleton in the closet or skeleton in the cupboard is a colloquial phrase and idiom used to describe an undisclosed fact about someone which, if revealed, would have a negative impact on perceptions of the person; such as literally having harbored corpses (or cadavers) in the concealed portions of one's abode for period of time long enough for them to decompose into nothing more than bones, if not a fact far more or far less objectionable in norm or mos.

"Cupboard" is used in British English instead of the American English word "closet". It is known to have been used as a phrase, at least as early as November 1816, in the monthly British journal The Eclectic Review, page 468.[1] It is listed in both the Oxford English Dictionary, and Webster's Dictionary, under the word "skeleton". The "Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary" lists it under this but also as a separate idiom. In the most derisive of usage; murder, or significant culpability in a years-old disappearance or non-understood event (a mystery), may be implied by the phrase."


I also like Urban Dictionary's definition:

"Secrets and several other past memories that you prefer not to talk about with anyone else. This can range from one-night stands to betraying a best friend to as much as killing someone. However, "skeletal" moments don't just have to do with only dark pasts. It can also be about embarrassing moments you've had that you simply feel too awful to speak of."


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What holiday's do you get a day off from school for? How long are those holidays?

I am from the U.S. and our holidays are Labor Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Columbus Day, etc.

We have Thanksgiving, Christmas Holidays, New Years Day.

Many holidays are devoted to things related to United States History, in remembrance of important days.

So what days, if any do other countries get days off for.

What do you do on those days? Is there a National celebration, or is it a day to hang out at home?

-Singing Turtle

In regards to Re: Your Mom Episode

I am Navajo. The Navajo people are a Native American Tribe, located in Southwest United States. Like many North American Native American Tribes, we are a matriarchal society and in the past, it was the mother, grandmother, who is the head of the family. The mothers play a pivotal role in our families. A contrast with the patriarchal society, that much of America seems to have.

Therefore, I would like to see how many other societies throughout the world function in a matriarchal society.

  • Is yous society...
by singing_turtle ago

Dear Little One,

Yeah, that’s a nickname you’ll never live down. Just like “Singing Bird.” Please realize no one is calling you “Tweety bird” as you so thought. I think a lot of grief would be spared if you learn that sooner rather than later.

Just a few things.

You’ll know the moment when you get there. Please say something. Anything. One word so they know you haven’t given up. Just so she knows you are there till her last breathe. That is the first and only regret I have. Believe me when I say, you’ll know when you get there.


by singing_turtle ago

[If born blind]:

What is your earliest memory, when you realized that you were blind, that you were different than your family/friends/peers (assuming they are not blind), and what was that like?

Maybe we can reword this... :)

-Singing Turtle

Nearly every hitRECord request that has come out recently begins with “EVERYONE W/ A CAMERA: RECord yourself on Camera….” Something I am heavily resistant to do. And though I have a camera and I have things to say about certain topics, I feel that my involvement is not nearly what it could be. Simply because I do not want to release my physical appearnace.

I do not post pictures of myself publicly. Which is evident based off of what I’ve posted to this site thus far. I think much of it stems from my parents telling me not to tell...

RECord TITLE: donnie bibbs-tv


RECord Description: a napping Mr. Donnie Bibbs

NAME: singing_turtle

LOCATION: New Mexico, United States

ONE LINE BIO: a happy medical student enjoying life with a great cup of coffee


TELL US SOMETHING INTERESTING ABOUT YOUR CONTRIBUTION: A corkboard that fell off my wall, scrap construction paper, and a gum wrapper made Mr. Donnie Bibbs a living room. Mr. Donnie, a...