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One of my favorite places. These rocks are so beautiful. The sense of solitude you get when in them, you realize how small and insignificant you actually are. You see beyond your own life and realize just how beautiful this planet truly is and how much goes unseen in our day to day lives. If you weren't looking, this place would go unnoticed, simply a small gap in a dried out creek bed. But when you go beneath, there is a whole other world. There is more to everything and in these places you begin to appreciate that.

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I found poor donnie in my desk and thought he needed some fresh air... or rather a nap. So I decided to give him a couch and tv. Perhaps a stop motion is in the making since he's already made. Any other furniture suggestions?

-Singing Turtle


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I was looking around the site and found this. Don’t know if anyone will read it seeing as the collaboration was made two years ago but here you go.

Who are you & what do you do?

I am Singing Turtle. I am in graduate school. I like serving people, therefore my profession is going to be in the service of others. I am a musician (I've played the violin for about 10 years, but not as much recently due to school), a writer, an illustrator, and photographer, albeit not very good at any of it, I do enjoy doing these things :)

What's the origin of your artist name (hitrecord name)? a mix of a nickname of mine. And I like turtle. :)  

What has been your biggest challenge with your art so far? 

A lot of my life is scientifically oriented and my schooling is in the sciences. Therefore, pulling myself away from strategic thinking and just simply being creactive is difficult sometimes. But is very much needed and appreciated. 

Who or what is your biggest influence?

My grandparents. My family

What is the last book you read?

A Hundred Flowers by Gail Tsukiyama. Gail Tsukiyama is probably my favorite author.

What couldn’t you live without?

Coffee. Seriously.

Tell me about the last dream you remember having?

Being a private investigator looking into people’s disappearances and realized that zombies were taking over quietly and discreetly.

What are you craving right now?

Hot chocolate.

What was the last song you fell in love with?

Stand By Me by Ben E. King 

What do you like?

Hiking in the mountains. Meeting people and talking to them.

What do you dislike?


What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

“Hope is the positive expectation of good.”

How and why did you start RECording?

A friend of mine told me about Hitrecord, just about the time it started, or after, not sure. I just remember I was spending the summer in a small town shadowing a doctor who only worked night shifts. And the projects I had going on while shadowing were all in the afternoon/night time. So the mornings when I wasn’t gathering background info for projects, I would be checking out Hitrecord. From then on I perused the site every so often.

Then this year I thought, "I’m going to join”. And so I did. And so far it’s been fun. I actually get to “heart” peoples works, which you can’t do unless you join. And it’s a wonderful outlet when I’m not studying or working.



Thanks! :)

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So I'm going to be brave and attempt a stop motion. I thought this could be good practice. So... to all of you talented people who can do stop motion, do you have any advice??? I've never done this before. I would be most grateful for any advice you might have.

I've already made donnie; and his arms, legs & head can move. I probably won't start on 'filming" until a couple of days from now.


Any help would be appreciated. In the mean time, here is donnie, enjoying a cup of coffe in his oak tree :) 




Singing Turtle


P.S.: I can't find alexandretta's lovely illustration of donnie titled "release title by alenxandretta": so here is the link:

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Samsung Galaxy S3 Camera Phone

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"Tonight, send me skywards."

- joerud 


I saw joe's tiny story while waiting for class today and this came to mind. Dandelions seem kinda overdone but it fit. They're left to the whim of the wind, without control of their own direction; hoping their wish becomes command.


I'm not a great illustrator but I drew this very quickly. Nor am I great at editing and coloring things on computer so if someone would be so kind as to color it I would be very much obliged. I think it could be very pretty if colored :) Alas, it is merely an idea for a tiny story I thought needed an illustration ;)



Singing Turtle


*Note: I thought of something very neat to do with this. So please stay tuned.... :)


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Surrounded by leaves. Rustling long leaves of a cornstalk, swaying in the summer breeze.


I am hiding. Hiding from my cousins as they try to find me. So I'm tucked away between stalks of corn and a nearby tree. The stalks tower over me as I'm crouched and leaning against the tree. By far the best hiding spot. They still haven't found me.


I love these moments. Being a kid, carefree, without worry, doing nothing but playing. I feel safe, surrounded by these tall green plants. I look up, past the tallest leaf, past the thin yellowish tassels set at the top. And I see the sun shining, towering high above. A glorious sight when set against the vibrant blue sky. I close my eyes, feeling the warmth over my face, from behind my eyelids I see a wonderful orange. Quietly I sit, and I hear the nearby stream, gushing with cold refreshing water. Maybe we could play in the stream later.


Breathing deeply, opening my eyes again, I turn towards the nearby cornstalk. At a glance. I see it instantly. Its small, but its bright red color is seen easily against the green leaf. Its crawling about slowly, making its way toward the stalk. Its tiny black legs carrying it ever so carefully against the swaying leaf. Black spots splaying across its back. I wonder what it'd be like to be the bug. To be here always, sitting in the sun, enjoying the summer breeze, never having to leave. I wish this moment would never stop, as I sit, imagining myself crawling along the leaf, feeling it vibrate as it sways in the summer breeze. To have a back of red with black spots. To have wings to carry me in the wind to other green leaves. I can feel myself lifting, lifting off the ground. I'm beginning my flight I believe. My wings carrying me above into the summer breeze.


And then it stops. I open my eyes, only to realize my dad found me and is carrying me away saying it's time to leave. I look back at the cornstalk, seeing the small red lady lift into the sky and fly away.



When I think of red, I think of lady bugs.

Update: I found this beautiful photo by fakeapplejuice called lady&bug that fits quite nice with this :)

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I had certainly done it now. I dragged poor William outside with me to play. We were playing adventure when the downpour came. It wasn't a good idea to begin with. Mum told me not to take him outside otherwise he'd get hurt beyond repair. But he's my best friend, I had to take him.



So there we were climbing a tree, William on my back, head sticking out of my backpack, when the rain came. It came so quickly I didn't realize what had happened and down I tumbled out of the tree and out came William out of the pack and onto the ground. I ran to him worried he'd be hurt but  couldn't find him. Looking beyond I saw him, a current had picked up from a now formed stream, and he was being carried away down the hill. I sprinted towards him, slipping every which way in the mud. I finally caught up with him. He stopped, lodged against a rock, water beating against him. 



I picked him up. He was absolutely soaked, eyes barely visible through the thick mud that layered him. Nervously, I look back towards the house thinking mum would be out on the porch looking at me like "i told you so," but she wasn't. I knew she was in town for groceries. She wasn't home. 



And here I am now, wondering if I should. Wondering if I should defy her rules yet again. There I stand before the washing machine. A vicious machine that could destroy anything mum told me, a place not for William. But I was desperate. William needed to be cleaned. Mum would know I hadn't listened to her and took William out instead of leaving him inside where he would certainly be safe. It was a risk, yes. Hesitantly, I look towards William, mud and all, and slowly....




10 min are up!
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Donnie/Coffee/Leaf action!


My amatuer attempt (1st attempt... EVER.) at making a stop motion. I had about an hour this morning so I thought I'd try a test run to gauge how much time I would need to make the final product.Turns out a lot. Everyone who makes stop motion, YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING!!! I have a lot of resepct for you. :) Hopefully, one day I can get there.


I think from 8-seconds to about 17-seconds, it runs a little bit more smoothly but I'll need to work on it.


But I learned a lot from this attempt. So its time to take those lessons and build from it :D

Lesson 1: Use a stable light source. (Maybe like the one I used to take Donnie's picture last night) 

Lesson 2: Maybe finer adjustements between shots.

Lesson 3: Don't bump the camera!!!! 

Lesson 4: Get a tripod for my camera [I don't own one so I used my iPad's camera instead cause it has a stand]


I hope you guys enjoy & maybe it can be used for something or maybe not. :) But I promise the next one will be better. Now I have an idea of what needs to be done :)



Thanks for sharing this experience with me!


Singing Turtle <3


P.S.: Again, if you have any advice, please let me know! :)  

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I'm a week late but this is for Project 52: week 1

Fresh rain, mud, fog, etc. Lots of fun to go through :)


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