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sent 03:09:26: you're one of those people that makes it hard to tell if it's love or IBS


sent: 03:11:45: that's not a compliment, i don't want you to misinterpret things like the way you say i always did


sent 03:20:04: for someone who apparently didn't love me i've never felt a heart beat so fast. you said you didn't want to be disingenuous so i gotta ask, what the fuck


sent 03:20:08: was that about? we were never even together (w/e that means) so i don't know why i'm wasting the 30 cents-per-text it's taking me to kill you off


sent 03:20:42: **tell


sent 03:24:13: i want to pretend this phone has autocorrect


sent 03:25:23: i want to pretend not to know that you wrote a song about me, i want to pretend it was a love song


sent 03:27:10: i want to pretend i have an appetite, that i don't think about reaching beneath your jaw and taking back the laughter i put in your throat, that we


sent 03:27:40: were ever a 'we'. maybe it's a good thing we don't know what kissing each other is like (tbh i'm fucking stellar at it), you're not a fan of it but i doubt you could handle


sent 03:27:50: how fast and how strongly i'd change your mind


sent 03:30:00: not that i want to


sent 03:36:45: because i don't


sent 04:29:03: (but i could)

you want
my tongue to make sweeping statements
over your definite articles, even though
you are not ready for the contractions
promised in our portmanteau

i want
your vocals vibrating...

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you want me more as i occupy less
and less of the shifting atmosphere
often magenta in hue
but lately a rotten, mottled pumpkin
whenever i am around you

i watched you look at me

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