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fire proofs
sexymoustache Released Dec 05, 2014

in high-school to cool hot tempers 

towards stacks on stacks of math 

worksheets and world history and 

AP english essays fraying our ends


we'd fill a friend's fire pit with

the red-marked returns reckoning 

our academic worth, pour lighter fluid

in hopes to feel paper weights lifted


he'd drop a match or two or three and we'd

watch our hard work turn to homework hellfire

and wave to the blazing haze hovering into

the humid but opportune evening of june 


and out of want to conquer the chasm, to

create challenge as humans are wont to do

the leaps we took were not of faith but of

adrenaline, determined to feel dangerous 


and to triumph the stress that trampled us

voice and ash would rise and one by one we'd jump

risking the soles of our feet being singed

to finally fly over the pit instead of falling in

sent 03:09:26: you're one of those people that makes it hard to tell if it's love or IBS


sent: 03:11:45: that's not a compliment, i don't want you to misinterpret things like the...

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you want
my tongue to make sweeping statements
over your definite articles, even though
you are not ready for the contractions
promised in our portmanteau

i want
your vocals vibrating...

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