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Request List:

  • Writing

    • General
    • More characters, more personal perspectives on the world of The Cutting Edge
    • Let's string the narratives together with the characters we have (Molly, Fink, Zoo, Abe, V) and create a central plotline
  • Video Editing

    • General
    • Let's cut together some footage from the old Dream Documentary collab and start making some Dreams!
  • Graphic Design

    • General
    • Dreamshare Ad Campaign Design
    • Technology Design- what does the edit interface for a dream look like?
  • Animation

    • General
  • Music

    • General
  • Illustration

    • Start drawing characters, original or extant
    • How do we feel about using the graphic novel format to tell this story?
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Fredwatford-1411949 seldelaterre Released Jan 28, 2013

"It was, they told us, the cutting edge of technology..."


This collaboration is for all contributions to the ever-growing world of The Cutting Edge, a world in which dreams have become public property and have essentially replaced the entertainment industry. 


When Resident Curator Day Glo featured the record, he had this to say about the potential for community input: 

"...This piece creates a whole world - can we populate it with more stories about specific dreams,

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