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Whenever I think or say something cool, I repeat it over and over in my head (if I'm in public) or out loud (if I'm alone) so I can appreciate the full effect and nuance of how cool it is. It can be anything from a silly word to a whole scene in the imaginary movie of my life where I read for all of the characters. 

If I go from being inside to the outside and it's very sunny, I will sneeze. Without fail. I can even force a sneeze by staring intently into bright lamps and sometimes, just sometimes I do that too. 

When I'm stressed out I do what I call "the rinse" and sort of...make the motions of washing my hands. I do it on my lap or behind my back so no one questions it but I really scrub those suckers.

I re-organize sugar packets by color.  

I'll do almost anything not to cry in front of other people. I'll stare off into the distance, I'll make an excuse and go into the next room, I'll put sunglasses on in the middle of the night- as long as nobody sees tears actually coming out of my eyes.

edit ://  and if you have seen me cry it probably means I love you. 






Key: cMaj

Tempo: 140bpm

Time: 4/4


The files are unnamed because of garageband's stem export process but it should be easy to tell what's what. 

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I am in the past
They told me it was better back then
I met the movers and the shakers
I met Josephine Baker, Cleopatra, and Napoleon
When I met Josephine 
I mentioned that her dress so undeniably suits her
We talked philosophy
But all the anybody talked about was the future

Ooh Ooh
Time Machine Song x4

I got so. far. out.
(Straight into the 31st century)
Planet Earth is burning and the children here are learning
What the politics that got us here 
Apparently meant to me
I met my greatest grand-daughter
After all these years she still resembles my father
And she didn't know my name
But she ws praying for a change and so the future looked the same

Ooh Ooh
Time Machine Song x4

So I came back home
And that is having had traveled both forward and back
Feeling kind of ornery-like
Because of this and that
Ask me what I learned:
Nothing in the world should be a matter of concern
Because the present is a present, yeah
And I'm glad that I returned!

Ooh Ooh
Time Machine Song x4



Never used garageband before today. Composed it on my iPad based on chig's three-year-old melody. 

Needs a lot of work. 

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I wrote a song for The Number Two collab. It's about always being in second place and never being the best. And maybe that's okay. Might make for a fun sing-along. Stems upon request.

I’m never gonna be the first in line
I’m always gonna be a step behind
and that’s by coincidence or by design
‘cause second place can be a point of pride
it used to really eat me up inside
but I took my time, put my ego aside now I’m

Silver medals, not to settle
but to believe that I knew
being number two
means I beat number three
so I’m second place
in the queue
Won the race
minus you
silver medal, silver medals, silver medals shining through.

i’m sorry that i’ll never be like you
but maybe i can be your number two
and my silver medal will have to make do
An axis shift to right below the mean
I’m not the number one but I’m between
perfection and mediocrity

Silver medals, not to settle
but to believe that I knew
being number two
means I beat number three
so I’m second place
in the queue
Won the race
minus you
silver medals, silver medals, silver medals shining through.

Silver medals, silver medals, silver medals, shining through.
silver medals, silver medals, silver medals, shining through.


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How do you judge whether something is Credible or not? What's your thought process?

Have you ever been fooled into thinking something was true when it wasn't? How did you find out the truth? Were there any consequences?

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My answers to two (and a half?) of the REmix and Authorship questions. 

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I did all of the lines. All of them.

Line 1- 0:11

Line 2- 0:13

Line 3- 0:34 (I did these out of order...)

Line 4- 0:21

Line 5- 0:43

Line 6- 1:01 (with a little bonus of my previous take? oops.)

Line 7- 1:07

Line 8- 1:56

Line 9- 2:02

Line 10- 2:08

Line 11- 2:17

Line 12- 2:21

Line 13- 2:32

Line 14- 2:38

Line 15- 2:47

Line 16- 2:56

Line 17- 3:16

Line 18- 3:25

Line 19- 3:36

Line 20- 3:35

Line 21- 3:53

Line 22- 4:10

Line 23- 4:17

Line 24- 4:26

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We all have one. They're a pretty big deal. A heart is an organ, a concept, a metaphor, and a target all rolled up into one bloody red symbol. We rally around a chunk of meat in our chests. What's up with that?

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What does it means to go home? What makes a place a home? Can your home be a person or does it have to be a place? We have a home base, a home planet, we can hit a home run and also create deadly homing devices.

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It heals all wounds but will kill us if we're lucky. It tells us what to do and when to do it. How did past civilizations cut up their days and years? What does our way of telling time say about what we value? We're just in time, we're out of time, it happens time and time again, why can't we travel through time...

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I am not yet moved to write poetry about you

so don't go thinking you'll read this and find a reference to the way you pass your knife through fruit

and give me the bigger half

every morning


This really doesnt even involve you because you just got here and I've been hanging out for a while


the softness of your white shoulders and the movement of your mass through the too-small universe of your apartment

is what I think about at night


It's nothing personal.

I'll write you when I'm ready and until then I'll settle my score 

with the backside of your jeans

and the three different colors in your eyes

the empty hole punched through your ear that misses its pirate hoop

I'll take these things for now and play them like tapes until the next time

I need a place to stay for the night

or my rings returned in the tunnel of data

that bisects the lobby of the New York Times 


Write your stupid words in your office on 8th Avenue and stay soft to the touch

I won't write a single thing about you.

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Proi challenged: Hey seldaterre! I challenge you to write a piece that would appear on the back of a postcard. This postcard was written by someone who disappeared five years' prior and has only just been discovered by the person it was written to.


I am sorry, my love. When you read this I’ll be not dead, but gone. I am sorry you found out like this, but not sorry that I left. I am here now, and it’s beautiful here.

The thing is- was- that I had spent so much of my life trying not to disappoint you. So much time. I was unprepared for the inevitable moment in which everything went wrong and you disappointed me.

I still miss you. I love you. I love you. I love you.


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Hunter Benson: Write a song that is a history lesson.

I am currently experiencing difficulty with my recording equipment and cannot record the music for this song. It goes along, oddly enough, to a humunkulus track that I will resource for a better audio/visualization experience. The scholarship involved is derived from the assertion of Princeton Prof. Gananath Obeyesekere, in his book The Apotheosis of Captain Cook: European Mythmaking in the Pacific, that Captain Cook was NOT (as is popularly believed) revered as a god by the native population upon his arrival in Hawai'i. For the tl'dr version of that very interesting book: THAT'S IMPERIALIST BULLSHIT. 



I want to talk about a common misconception that arises when discussing European exploration in the Polynesian islands, in particular the myth 

that Captain James Cook

was mistook

for a white-skinned deity called "Lono."

(that's not so

and here's what went down)


He landed in Hawai'i after ten years of sailing

because his crew was getting tired of his bitching and wailing

he'd developed stomach problems and was cranky et. al

but his arrival coincided with the Makahiki festival


And he said, “I think these savages believe I’m a god!”

but all the priests were in their palaces discussing the fraud.

and they decided if he tried to come back, they’d attack

because there’s nothing good that comes from European colonial contact - and that’s fact.

(you can’t argue with that.)


He sailed out from Hawaii after two weeks of stay

but when his ship needed repairs, returned to port at the bay

of Kealakekua on the island of Hawai’i

and then proceeded to antagonize his crew and the people



to start it all Hawaiians stole a boat from his ship

but he reacted like a psycho and demanded some tribute

and a hostage situation came to head on the beach

when he threated King Kalani who had tried to bring peace


And here’s how I know that he was not Lono

even if his crew said he was when they got home

I don’t care if you are from Hawai’i or not 

but would you ever beat a god to death with a coconut?


(and if you would, please don’t.)


He said, “I think these savages believe I’m a god!”

but all the grand Kahuna priests were praying over his body

and they took out his organs. burned the flesh off the rest

because there’s nothing good that comes from European colonial conquest!

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