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Some of my favorite things I've ever made here.

Thank you hR community for always encouraging me to work more, think more, and be more. <3


I've had making a new version of the original on the backburner for awhile now, thought I'd finally get around to it. Re-resourced because some old caps got damaged & didn't make it into this one. 


In the original, Joe suggested using these to make a stop motion, but I have racked & racked my brain and can't think of anything creative. So, if someone else can & wants to do it, I will gladly ship you these little suckers. Or we can trade them as pogs? s'whatever.


Row 1, Cap 5
Row 2, Cap 1
Row 2, Cap 5 (399061 - wouldn't let me resource)
Row 4, Cap 10
Row 6, Cap 1
Row 7, Cap 4
Row 9, Cap 2
Row 9, Cap 4

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found jackryantutko's picture this weekend & fell in love with it.

light leaks from here

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seems a little bare, but couldn't find anything else I wanted to remix into it - passing it off to someone else!

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long overdue :)

1. Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Erikah. I’m currently taking a year off between my undergrad & grad, and am jobless, so there is nothing I routinely do, but to summarize my days: I take pictures, catch up on Netflix, listen to music, spend time with my family and hang with my dogs. Er, and by hang out with my dogs, I mean my actual pets…

2. What is the origin of your artist name?

Sigh. Well once upon a time there was this teenage fad called Xanga and I unnecessarily spent a lot of time trying to come up with cool usernames (read: names suitable for rejected indie bands) andddd scarletoak was one of them. I always liked the ring of it though, so I just never changed it.

3. What has been your biggest challenge with your art so far?

Actualizing artistic ideas. I think I have a pretty good imagination, but most of the time I lack the skill to execute the ideas well. It’s like my hands and my mind have no idea how to communicate! Sometimes I wonder if it’s something that will get better with time and practice (this is most certainly what I’m hoping, haha.)

4. Who or what is your biggest influence?

The world. I find a lot of inspiration in the beauty I see everyday in life, like the little, simple things. I get very easily wrapped up and mesmerized by what’s going on around me. And people – I am super amazed by the intricacies of every human being and each of their stories, it keeps my mind going.

5. What is your wildest story?

Mmm the wildest thing I’ve ever lived through was a pretty wicked Party Bus experience in college. I’m not really wild at all, so everything I saw that night pretty much made my mind go BOOOOOOSH.

6. What is the last book you read?

Oh you got me. I really ought to pick up books more often… in all seriousness I think the last book I read was a Psychology CLEP prep book.

7. If you could be any character in fiction, who would you be?

Ann-Marie from All Dogs Go To Heaven. Or Rupert Bear, he had some pretty amazing adventures.

8. What couldn't you live without?

Music & my family.

9. What is your secret talent?

If you’re close to me, this is no secret, but I probably contain the clumsiness of about 54 people. I am the clumsiest person EVER. I was laying in bed the other day and kicked myself in the shin (no idea how), I dropped a vacuum on my toe two weeks ago, I slammed my pinky toe into a door frame this morning, tripped on my laptop cord this afternoon, cut my foot on a bra clasp this summer, .. and this is nothing new. The two stories I remember best from when I was younger are 1) when I was in 6th grade my friend was sitting on the ground holding a pencil upward and I was standing up, then I dropped down to my knees and the pencil went through my jeans into my leg. 2) I got kicked in the ear in elementary school because I was walking too close to the swings. If that’s not a talent, I don’t know what is.

10. Tell me about the last dream you remember having?

Alright, I’m currently blanking on this, but I can tell you the most vivid dream I’ve ever had. I was probably about 6 when I had it. I was in the kitchen and there was this cat that was a hybrid mix of one of the cats from SWAT Kats and Riff from Allegra’s Window. He could morph into anything and he morphed into a jar when I was trying to tell my mom on him and he morphed back to normal after she left and wouldn’t leave me alone. I went outside to play on my swingset and when I rode to the bottom of the slide, a squirrel ran up and bit off my kneecap. Then I woke up.

11. What are you craving right now?

Nothing really.

12. What was the last song you fell in love with?

Mmm the song I’m currently listening to the most is Hey You by Pony Pony Run Run.

13. Can you hula hoop?

Yeah, no. Hahaha.

14. What do you like?

Dancing like nobody’s business, tacky teenage comedies, scattergories, Christmas lights, college football, thrift stores, animals, crafting, carnations, graphic design, the 90s, the colors mint & peach, watching movies with subtitles on, four square, sleep, history, the word “archipelago” & hitRECord of course 

15. What do you dislike?

elitists, sleeping with socks on, the sound of metal scratching metal, cake, inconsiderate people

16. What's the best piece of advice you've been given?

Well, it’s more of a quote I live by – “everything must belong somewhere”, a song by Bright Eyes. It just gives me hope that one day everything will make sense and I will be exactly where I am supposed to be.

17. How and why did you start RECording?

Well I learned about hitRECord from Joe’s tweets and then I was fortunate enough to go to the SXSW Spring Spectacular and it’s been addiction from there, haha. I had followed the site, but the Spring Spectacular really pushed me to get involved. I was just amazed by these things that were coming out of this amazing art community. I was hesitant to join in because I don’t really consider myself an artist, just an artsy person of sorts. I just love coming to the website and seeing what people are doing. In the past couple of weeks I’ve been trying to do more creative things and I feel like now more than ever I’m able to learn from you all and I’m really getting the chance to grow as an “artist.” I’m seeing things in perspectives I never have before and I’m just incredibly thankful that this opportunity exists for me right now.
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Recorded this today, thought it may be of use in a future project somehow.
(sorry for a shaky hand & not stripping the audio.. if you can hear a movie, I'm watching the Others haha)
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