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by alpal
I think I'm addicted to this.
dAN as Neptune. I will always remember him that way. As a god from another world, throwing fire at the sun, juggling with stars.

"Sometimes I think you come from another world and you miss it so so much"

Toss wrote those words as a REmark for wirrow and I RECorded it. I think they fit perfectly.
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Here is a video I put together based on my poem titled “Mistakes.” There are so many beautiful photographs on the website, I figured I’d get some use out of them.

Obviously this video is in desperate need of some music/audio. If you have something that works, REmix it!

Also, as you can see, I used a TON of resources. If I somehow missed you, let me know.

bisou bisou!
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that was some damn good coffee.
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Finally! I uploaded it in flv ))) Proper brighter version =:)

Here's my animation I did for the Nothing Big collaboration.
I used huge amount of my photos and drawings.

I feel the need to explain some ideas of video. Ok, so I thought - what if this song is about finding a friend?
I found my friend in dog shelter, she is a wonderful dog, and it is true that she's never won any prize, she is
mixed breed dog, and I wouldn't say she is hot :) but she is also the One who will love me no matter what... And this is the
only thing that's matter. I don't like cats, and don't need any other animal, so I guess my Dog was a good inspiration.

P.S. the part of video with the song's word "revolutionary" references to the novella by George Orwell "Animal Farm"
because i couldn't think up any other animal suitable for this word.

And thank you RegularJOE for woderful song.
Hope you guys like.

by MarieIv
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Put this together really fast, Ill clean it up later, just wanted to post this asap and get things back to one item again.

NOTE: Just watched and
For some reason MissMurd3r_22's clip didnt encode correctly.
That last part will be sped up a ton.
Ill try to clean up the rest some more when I get a chance.
Who's next!?
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Inspired by wirrow's wonderful pic, a slightly modified Ghost
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Dear Waldo,

Hey bud. Where've you been?

----- RETURN TO SENDER -----
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In a corner sat number one, obviously annoyed at the arrival of others. "I used to the loneliest number. Then all of you decided to show up"
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The story and drawing are inspiring. I hope the inspiration continues with this animated version.

(Update: I would like to revise this to correct the dimensions of the video and to correct other things. I forgot to add back in the pool of black under the boy and some of the shadow under the robot. Plus, after watching a few times the movement seems too fast. I can also alter the speed at which the text appears so anyone wanting to do a voice over - if you could post the voice as just an audio result - don't try to match your voice to the text, just read it naturally and I can add that in and match the text up and then make the other tweaks.)

Background sounds are creative commons license 1.0 courtesy of Below are the sounds used for this:
by zewkin
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I was born in 1988 and I started my life living in the centre of London in the King's Cross area (on a little-known council estate call Somers Town, on which a film was based), not far from the hospital in which I was born. I was old enough to remember what it was like living slap-bang in the middle of London in a high-rise. My brother was born in 1990 and when we both got a little older, my parents moved us to the edge of East London in the mid-90s, where we were to be schooled at local comprehensive school's until our teenage years. Family turmoil meant that I moved out at 17. I got a job at 18 working for a well-known London railway company at a busy train station that will be the transport base for the London 2012 Olympics. In three years, I have seen millions of people pass in front of me and in that same time I have probably spoken to thousands. At 19, I moved in with my boyfriend in Ruislip, Middlesex, a commuter town situated in the suburbs of North West London. The train station here has services that run into town, most terminating at Baker Street. The train takes about 35 minutes to get there. If you go any further north west from where I am, about 30 minutes up the railway line you can end up in the countryside of Buckinghamshire. Getting home from London is just as easy. There is a main road called the A40 that runs from Baker Street to Ruislip (but if you carry on North on the A40, it can take you as far as Oxford, which is a good hour or so from where I am). In the 30 minute drive, you immediately notice how the heart of the city softens up into the habitats of suburbia, our area also known as 'Metro-land', which got its name back in the days when the railway extended out to Middlesex and the Home Counties. I love where I live. It's a bit more calm compared to living where I used to live. London however is one of those cities that falls quiet after midnight, once the pubs have shut. Compared to other cities that I have been to, London is fairly tame, if not docile. I don't find the city imposing, just busy, whereas I have been to New York and Seattle and the buildings seem to loom in on the spaces around me, enveloping me in urban fabric. Driving around London and driving around New York are two very different things, and the people are different too. (Music was put together by myself in GarageBand. Well cheesy.)

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