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I fit as much as I could into here. That is, Magdalena's beat, ohthestorieswetold's VO, gweninterrupted's chorus, todd's verbal sample (it almost sounds like a percussion instrument, but I'm pretty sure it's a tongue click. someone double check). I think it's pretty cool that everything in the song so far is organic. All produced on the body, either by speech or thump. Shouldn't we keep it that way?


The village kids at Mulanje took over my video camera for a few minutes and left some blurry shots (which, yipee, double as very nice video textures if anyone needs some) and a string of talk in their native dialect of Chichewa. I will sadly not be returning in the near future and do not know of anyone who speaks Chichewa, so the dialogue of the kids will probably be lost in translation for quite some time. Anyhow, I still love the raw childhood exuberance captured in these soundbytes.


(Sheepish note: Trixie.Label: did I add this to the correct collab? I notice there are quite a few for the dialectics topic...)

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Added a trio la la la! Don't mind the occasional squeak. What do you think? Stems to come!

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Saintmaker's image ( made me think of dandilions, so I once again undearthed this remix. I know that eaneikciv's lyrics say "golden sea" instead of, like, icy sea or silver sea, but the flurry of white stuff still is similar to snow, is it not? And if we roll with this idea in any way, we can always make another version that replaces the "golden" with something more snowy.


Anyways, let me know what you think!




I love tcs (can I call you that?) and cjbergin's guitar additions and couldn't resist playing around with them. I put them together with some strings, knowing the tracks didn't exactly match. Oh but behold, pleasant surprise! The sounds mesh together quite smashingly, I think, and produces a sci-fi-eerie apocalyptic-sounding piece. 

And that got me thinking. Doesn't this apocalyptic theme give the song new meaning? I'm envisioning flying dandilion fire-bullets and laying down of the that eternal type of rest. Waddayathink??

I hope I'll not be a lazy bum and find some time to make a video out of this (love the happy/nonapocalyptic windy videos so far, too!).


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