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by ruary

i didnt know you

and i dont know you that well

but i would have liked to 

i would like you as well


but it takes a long long drive

in this heart of mine

to know that i will decide

before the moment dies and i see the light


now you moved on, now you move on in life

got yourself a home, got yourself a phone and your somebody's wife


but it will rest so sweetly right on my soul

knowing you have been taken to a place you can call your home    

by ruary
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by ruary
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I draw you all up

Your love like a china cup

Mysteries of night

Are floating down to fill our sights


Pastures unseen

Hidden to hold all dreams

Sirens roll by

Our ears have them right leave to fly


This house is tall

And open

Bring me that strange book



The cow bell is rung

Dreams coat the stars for fun

Man stares away

To watch all of his fears fade


This house is tall

And open

Bring me that strange book


by ruary
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Thanks to tonguecutsparrow for the great track to work on. This is a bit messy, but I was kind of liking its messyness so uploaded it, may upload another more polished version soon.


say you don't need me there

say you don't need me at all

say it means something else

say it means something more 


cos i do not want to find

you living someones lie/life

and not on your own

not yet found your home


so lets start this thing once again

and lets just start as friends

there is no one to offend

and no one left to mend   

by ruary
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by ruary
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If there is a girl that could do a vocal over the top an octave higher I'd reallly appreciate it. Perhaps just at the chorus, from 'I would change a thing' to 'hold my hand'. Thanks x

I watched you change

I saw you lead another life

another one

I saw you leave another life

another one

In the smoke stack of a home

Now they're dead

Like the rest


I would change a thing,

If I can,

But I will bite my tongue,

Hold my hand,


And its amazing how you changed

It's amazing how you changed,


by ruary
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