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All he wants is to be able to go home again. He can't, not the way that he left. Even though it was a matter of survival for him, it doesn't mean that the decision was ever easy to make. He had known that if he wanted to live to see his next birthday that he had to get out of that place.
He wondered about the other children who had lived there. Some of them had been his friends. Some of them had been so damaged by the hauntings and the paranormal experiments that the people who'd owned the place had run that they would never function in society or, for that matter, with other human beings again.

It hadn't always been like that. When he had first gone to live at the home, it had been owned by different people. They had been nice. They'd taught him to make his own peanut butter and...
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Home is where
roswellgray Released Aug 05, 2012
So many people seem to think that secrets are bad. As if a world with a total lack of privacy is somehow something to strive towards. I've never thought that all secrets are...
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by roswellgray Aug 05, 2012
In the depths of the ocean, where the only light is the hellish glow from oozing lava vents, it waits. It's not exactly asleep, not quite dormant, it's simply there, biding its...
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by roswellgray Aug 05, 2012

When I was sixteen years old, I saw the Milky Way for the first time.  This is the truest thing that I have ever written and it will be almost everything I can do to commit it into...

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