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Loved the simplicity of this tune so much that I didn't wanna distort it too greatly, but I added my own lick of paint in the form of synths, drums and ambient reverberation. Hope people enjoy my somewhat simple contribution to an otherwise great song. :)


A beatless, electronic ambient track I made some time ago to accompany a friend's Ludum Dare 22 game entry, the theme being "Alone". 

As I had to develop this piece over the space of only 48 hours it's not very long but I thought perhaps someone could find a use for it here on hitRECord. :)


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Threw this ambient synth demo together this afternoon out of sheer boredom. I quite like it, can picture it acompanying an underwater or outerspace themed RECord nicely.

Tell me what you think. I'm certainly gonna try and take this synth patch further.


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It's been a while since I've posted anything here on hitRECord but I felt like contributing to the Loops collaboration so made this little chiptune/ambient track. :)

I’d love for people to remix this and take it further! Maybe add a beat to it or include more instruments.

BPM is 90

Stems are here:

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This has been sitting on my SoundCloud for months. Will upload the stems maybe tomorrow.

Let me know your thoughts. :)


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More macro water droplet photography.

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"A raindrop doesn't know it falls, it doesn't know it dies.

A raindrop lives a happy life, because it thinks it flies."

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Took this photo from a hot air balloon flight. Felt bad for the tree all naked and alone in an empty field. Edited to give a sort of misty, sepia look. Would love some feedback! :)

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More water droplet photography. I've altered the contrast and softened the focus slightly in post production however the green colour was achieved naturally in shot using coloured paper background and slight food colouring in the water. :)

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