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by wirrow

these were experimentations for the tiny stories emblem character. i overlayed 3 of them onto 3 others. i think it might make a cool abstract tshirt for the idea of 'record & remix'.

also i think we should have bright brighttt tshirts for the summer! so i messed around with some ideas here




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I wear my heart on my sleeve.



A remix of Kavonne's tiny story, with illustration.

I'm having trouble resourcing the vinyl record image I used of Kavonne's -

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Happy Holidays christopher.harn! I was your Secret Santa, so this Motion Monster is for you. Hope you have a fabulous Holiday Season!

P.S. Someone needs to turn christopher.harn's "Carnival Tequila" (852556) track into a Holiday Song. Not necessarily Christmas, I was thinking a tune moreso about the drinking and celebrating type; a general seasons greetings and/or a New Years tune. DO IT!



Motion Monster #16

Monster Construction from: "Monster" (213007) by riistan

Background footage from:  "Flickering Merry Christmas" (1072404) by rjdpa

Music from: "Carnival Tequila" (852556) by christopher.harn


 [ Check out some of my other "Motion Monsters" here - ]

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"Your eyes are green when you're lying."

"But...My eyes are ALWAYS green..."


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Okay, fixed my layers so the face in every HR portrait is visible. It's gonna be another long haul to cite all the resources again. A great reminder to triple check my work before hitting record. *sigh*

At least I have coffee. <3


For the 1,000,000 rec celebration I made this collage of all the recorders I followed at the time I started working on this. 

Also, not sure how to cite some of the "bunny" recorders as when I clicked on their portrait picture it took me back to sinnamin's records. :/ 


Hope you enjoy and thanks for sharing all your great work!


(p.s. just wanted to say there are some people I was a little shocked to realize I wasn't subscribed too. I see so much of their work recommended by others I just figured I was. I fixed that but it was too late to add to this collage. Maybe at my one year anniversary. :D)

I'd love to see others collage their subscriptions or even hit a random browse choice and just do the people that pop up. I think it's a great way to showcase a wider group of artists and help us discover recorders we may not have found otherwise.

Sometimes people are upset about certain people or work not getting enough attention. I do agree it can be frustrating but I always try to look at a positive.

It's like this place is a big city. Just because they don't know my name in Brooklyn doesn't mean my corner of the Bronx isn't freaking awesome. I love the people I've discovered and the support I get from the people that like me. That's enough for me. *just my 2 cents* ~~Deb 

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I found the photo of "riistan" and thought I could fill it with chalk drawings. This is the result obtained so far. Surely I will be adding more pictures as the days go by.

You also feel free to add more drawings to the mix. :)

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Depth Map

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loved riistan's original, did a vectorized redraw, recolored, and switched out here and how with hitrecord. :) Think it could make a pretty awesome tee graphic.

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with a bit more complex coloring and shading. let me know which of the two you prefer.

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probably not what Marke had in mind ;)

by Niki
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by sabine
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