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What a *great* song! I wish I could write lyrics like this!!

I hope you like my mix.

This Riana6 has some REAL talent!

I was born with two arms,
Two legs
And a brain.
I was a pupil,
I was a student,
I was another,
I was a lover.
I sometimes watch the midnight train
And cannot but say
That I'm going insane
By wishing to know just everything,
By dreaming
of your soft, warm skin!
Let me live
And let me die,
Let me dive into your sea,
Let me think of sinking water
I need the money, little honey!
I beg you, please!
I beg you, squeeze me!
I beg you, you beggar!
Beggar, I beg!

by Mic
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by smaree
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I chose to create this propaganda-style poster based upon stellarNELR's Bad Advice text since her statement sticks close to the Bad Advice theme and is also, unfortunately, true.

This is my second version of this piece. I changed up the bottom portion a bit so it went better with the color scheme. Also, some other tiny tweaks.

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Hernandez – The Mexican Vampire

Somewhere along the way I lost my accent, I have no idea where it went, but it has disappeared completely.

That is correct friends. My name is Hernandez, I am a Mexican Vampire, I suck blood from anyone, not only Mexican people nope, I suck from anybody, I don’t have a preference. It doesn’t have to be my people although I do like Mexican blood it has hot flavour and taste, usually spicy and hot with a touch of good tequila, but I don’t want to appear to be an a elitist.

I enjoy the occasional French person because I do enjoy the hint of Garlic in their blood, but some of that stinky cheese the French eat can curdle with the other blood in my system. Not pleasant, it gives me bloating and very bad gas.

Canadian blood used to be very good, and they were easy to pick out in a crowd wearing that goofy red flag on their bag letting everybody know they were Canadian, they are so annoying. “hey look at me I’m Canadian,” but now those Canadians are trying all these different foods and a bunch of them are trying to eat healthier then they used to and they are doing Yoga. It used to be you knew that old chubby Canadian would have the flavor of Molson Canadian Beer and that famous back bacon. But now the West coast Canadians especially are eating shit like soy milk and curds and Sushi, what the hell Canadians get you shit together.

Well now that you know a little bit about me let me tell you my tale, I have been a Vampire for only 20 years which is pretty young in the world of vampires. I was bitten by that prick Tom Cruise before he did that movie where he played Dracula, not much of a stretch their Tom…

As you can imagine this is a pretty good gig, what with travellers coming from all over the world I have a continual source of sustenance. People come to Mexico sometimes for a week or a month. The ones I like are the ones who come for 12 hours, off the cruise ships. This is easy prey for me, they stay in the tourist traps, I get the single ones wandering around looking for trinkets for their Moms back home.

I have been able to get their blood into my system within 28 minutes and then send them back onto the ships, the walking dead as it were.

The beauty of this is I eliminate the competition for blood and keep the source of raw blood flowing in, its brilliant if I do say so myself.

So what I am trying to say here is take a cruise to Mexico today and keep your friendly Mexican Vampire Hernandez happy with good supply chain management.



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"There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth; not going all the way, and not starting."
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This is my first time posting an illustration. I hope you like it (:


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You awake looking up at me

Must be the most beautiful thing i've seen

Don't want someone else

Don't want someone new

i just want you

Open your eyes and look up at me

Don't feel like you have to speak

Don't say anything

i know what's in your heart

'cause i'm feeling it too

i just want you

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There are thousands of words,
Thousands of ways
To say,
To express yourself.
But in fact is this important?
Is the hand which caught the wolf
The hand you'll kiss tonight?
Is the hand that gives you up
The metaphor of your hardest fight?
You think the same way as your father did,
You think and think about your family.
But there is the gathering between us,
The shed of millions of lights.
I'm a homosexual hero,
I'm a heterosexual wife.
Is there a meaning within your heart?
Do you really want to express it?
You shouldn't do!
Just look,
Look beautiful to me
And pay the little fee
For the knife,
My love. My life.

by Mic
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Just added some text to one of theabones' awesome images.

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I know, I know.. you have to be patient to see the whole effect ^^ (it has to go through the whole animation once before it's working properly.. sorry or hesherized: fuck it:oD)

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after craving a big beat track for a long while now P.Flow Matics' challenge was exactly what i needed. also yesterday i vowed to work more quickly and set myself a secondary challenge to complete the track in under 4 hours. i was done in 2,5 from reading the challenge to writing this. pretty excited about that.

about the structure:

after putting together the main bones (beat and bass) there was something missing. the story itself was great but the song lacked some heart. and where to get it best than my long time hero riana6. pieces was exactly right to complete the story of "third person". the mood was very similar and the stems from pieces fit like a glove unto the skeleton (man even the info is creepy with this project).

for the most part i was already done after 1,5 hours - the rest of the time i spent on fine tuning the mix and setting up breaks. i kept the structure of the rap because those three blocks it comes in were so condensed pulling them apart would have made the song stutter and break the flow. so i simply built a track around them. which is fine by me - i love long intricate songs with strong arrangements and arches to be built up and then have them fall again. this song is not one of those. it is quick, dirty and nasty - no need to change that i felt. here you go then. enjoy your big slice of horrorcore.

by venns
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So this was a true labor of love that just had to be done. I fell in love the Phenomenaaa's story the moment I read it and needed to make a video for it! It was an ambitious undertaking but so many hitRECorders helped out. First and foremost, PHEN your story is incredible and absolutely deserves more than this video! Second, RealityBlonde, your reading was so beautifully done (as was everyone's!). Thank you to all the HR's who provided the REsources, especially Tori for her "making young love work" video which provided me with two main characters! There are seriously so many more people to thank, especially those who helped me personally make this video and those HR's who continue to provide amazing REsources. I've never edited something like this and it was a lot of work but I am so proud of the outcome and the fact that its finished in time for Halloween makes me a VERY happy camper. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for everyone who helped!

<3 Layla
by layla
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