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3 Years of Thanks
BordeauxBlossom Released Nov 22, 2015

It’s been 3 years since my first upload!

My decision to join this community was a watershed moment for me. The true importance of it can't be measured because it has changed me in immeasurable ways. I am certain that the neural pathways in my brain have been affected because I think differently now; I 'see' differently now. hitRECord not only provides a canvas on which to display my world as I see it, but a new lens through which to view it as well - many lenses, actually. That is a life-altering thing. But even more than that - this is the type of place and type of community that sinks right into your bones. So no matter what, my heart is here. My heart will always be here. hitRECord is a part of who I am. Tattooed. Indelible.

This is an incredible community and I am so proud to be a part of it. I am not as prolific as some artists on here, and there may be some resourced among you who don't even know who I am! Even if that's the case, I recognize you because you have inspired me. My gratitude is not expressed nearly as often as it should be, so please know that my sincerest thanks goes out to everyone who has ever graced me with a heart, a comment, a re-mix, and to everyone - I thank you for simply being here to help make hitRECord all that it is. There are too many of you to thank individually, and while I interact more with some than others, all of you are very important to me. I referenced as many of you as time would allow, so if you were not listed, it is by no means a slight. Everyone at HQ has my deepest thanks and respect for all that you do to keep this train...

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