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A/N This is still a work in progress that I have been working with Garrell Woods on via Facebook, we have a draft of the plot synopsis almost completed and that will be uploaded soon. A lot of time, effort and thought has gone into this and I have tried to address most of the points from Humberfloob's RECord

My PILOT Script here (which will need some name changes now) shows how I envisage this developing.





Is a Shadow world, literally a shadow earth – there is no direct sunlight on UMBRA, it is in shades of purple and mauve, a constant ‘twilight’ state,  bathed in a faint moonlight.

VALEO AND VALENTIS were approached by Earth’s gods to help protect the creatures of Earth from evil beings that lurked there. They agreed to do this in the form of ‘shadowing’ whereby one of the SHADOWFOLK would always accompany Earth creatures during the hours of sunlight.

The castle where they live with the other SHADOWLORDS, sits atop the highest mountain in UMBRA, and can be seen from every part of UMBRA.

In the foothills of the mountain where the SHADOWLORDS live is the city of LONGRAY, separated from the rest of UMBRA by castle like walls. Within these walls the LONGRAY live and the young LONGRAY SHADES are trained by JADE, until they have mastered all the skills necessary to become a LONGRAY.

The LONGRAYS, as well as being responsible for the safety of the other SHADOWS to cross to Earth each morning and back again each night before sunset, also shadow Earth creatures in their most vulnerable hours, those of dawn and dusk, guiding them out of the darkness at the beginning and end of each day.

On UMBRA all the Shadows retain their ‘natural’ shape (NOONDAYS, MIDILIGHTS, LONGRAYS, and GLOAM) within those shapes they have distinct characterisitics (eye size and shape, leanness, mouths, etc which make them easy for the audience to identify) on Earth they assume the form of their HOST/the creature they are ‘SHADOWING’

Too much sunlight will kill the SHADOWFOLK, which is why they are only there for allocated times of the day, if exposed to excess sunlight, they will dissolve to dust.

BUT, the SHADOWFOLK need sunlight to live; this is why they cross to Earth during daylight, to absorb the sun’s rays, which feed/give them energy.

Without light they loose all energy and become ‘frozen’ in place, the only way they can continue to exist after being caught on Earth in darkness, is by remaining permanently attached to the creature they were ‘shadowing’ at the time darkness fell.

They are forever isolated from UMBRA once this has happened, and once their ‘host’ dies, they are stranded on Earth, trapped in the form of their deceased ‘host’. No longer able to fully live in either world they become the shadows of nightmares, scaring the Earth creatures for amusement as they loom out at them from the dark.

Having become bitter at their isolation and semi existence, they are prime candidates for TSALMAVETH and TENEBRA to recruit into their ever growing army of TENABRAE.

Any of the SHADOWFOLK who do not make it back to UMBRA before UNDER locks the gates, and are not SHADOWING any Earth creature, will, if they manage to avoid complete darkness, become weakened, and if they do not return to UMBRA within 24 hours, their days are numbered and they become GLOAM.

UNDER controls who leaves and enters UMBRA; if you stay past curfew he will not allow you to return to UMBRA for fear that Earth creatures will follow you through the gates.

Of all Earth creatures that could possibly pass through the gates from Earth to UMBRA, humans pose the greatest threat.







VALEO AND VALENTIS (Leaders of the Shadowlords, mother and father of the other SHADOWLORDS)

The supreme leaders of all the SHADOWLORDS and UMBRA.


JURIS – The Judge (eldest daughter)

She serves as the judicial system for all of Umbra, having the final say on all rules and laws.


UMBRE – The Caste Thrower (eldest son)

He selects which SHADOWS will train to become LONGRAYS when they come of age.

It often seems to the SHADOWS OF UMBRA that only those born of LONGRAYS are ever selected for this honour.

JADE – The Teacher (youngest daughter)

She oversees the curriculum for schools for young SHADES and training to become LONGRAYS.

TSALMAVETH – The Manipulator (youngest son)

He gives all the SHADOWFOLK the power to shape shift when they are on Earth.

He is jealous of UMBRE and JURIS, coveting the power they have, he wants to rule over UMBRA, Or Earth, and has devised a plan to achieve this goal.

ZORJA & ZARJA - The Guardians (the morning & evening stars)

The tallest of all SHADOWLORDS, they are the first to enter Earth (ZORJA) and the last to leave it each day (ZORJA), they sound a siren to let the SHADOWFOLK know it is safe to cross from UMBRA to Earth and vice versa.

They are also responsible for rasing the alarm in case of danger and also if Earth creatures attempt to cross into UMBRA


LONGRAY ELDERS: (The most powerful and senior LONGRAYS each assigned a specific task)


UNDER - The Gate Keeper

He holds and controls the access to and from the human world.

OBSIDIAN - The Speaker

He is the ‘go between’ passing messages from the SHADOWLORDS to the SHADOWFOLK and speaking to the SHADOWLORDS on behalf of the SHADOWFOLK;

He is seen more often than any other LONGRAY and much loved by the SHADOWFOLK, largely due to the fact he is always ready to regale his audience with tales of times gone by.






OMBRIOA Young Midlight

He dreams of seeing the glorious colours of the dawn.

He meets and falls in love with AMBIENT, one of THE OTHERS, a FAUX-RAY.


AMBIENT: A Young Faux-Ray

She falls in love with OMBRIO and risks her life to be with him.

OMBRIO and AMBIENT also become key players in saving UMBRA from TSALMAVETH and his army of TENABRAE


He is an extremely respected and celebrated character



She haunts the dim cinemas on Earth, reliving the days when she shadowed movie stars.

She will tell anyone (who stays around for long enough) how she remembers shadowing this one or that one, the places she went, the things she saw, and is a true romantic.

EDGAR – A shadow born of two MIDILIGHTS

He has (with the help of SYLVIA) mastered the ability to stretch as tall as the LONGRAY and manages to pass himself off as a LONGRAY, sneaking through the gate from UMBRA to Earth in the LONGRAY hours

SYLVIA – A MIDLIGHT selected for training as a LONGRAY

She and EDGAR have always been friends and she helps him to pass as a trainee LONGRAY, the bond they share strengthens as she falls in love with EDGAR.



TSALMAVETH – The Manipulator (youngest son)

He gives all the SHADOWFOLK the power to shape shift when they are on Earth.

He is jealous of UMBRE and JURIS, coveting the power they have, he wants to rule over UMBRA, Or Earth, and has devised a plan to achieve this goal.



TENEBRA: One of the Lost Shadows

Trapped on Earth in human form, when he stayed after sunset, he has become bitter and twisted over the years.

His ‘host’ died many years ago and literally stuck in the shadows, TENEBRA lives in total isolation, separated from his own kind, and with the death of his ‘host’ he lost even the surrogate existence he had while his ‘host’ was alive.

TENEBRA becomes the first of TSALMAVETH’s recruits; TSALMAVETH frees him from his human form, restoring his power to shape-shift.

He becomes TSALMAVETH’s second in command, recruiting an army of the ‘trapped shadows’ who become known as the TENEBRAE, living by their own rules, scaring Earth creatures, waiting, watching, biding their time until their numbers have grown and they can rule the Earth with the ultimate aim of storming UMBRA and take it for their own, with TSALMAVETH as their leader.

FROST – SYLVIA'S brother

A far more sensible shadow who knows his place, a stickler for the rules, who poses a real threat to EDGAR, SYLVIA, OMBRIO and AMBIENT, as wishing to be a LONGRAY himself, would not hesitate in ‘blowing the whistle’ on these four.


Mostly these are as per Soupyjam’s RECord

But, there are a few slight differences:


These are the young shadows; they may be the children of either MIDILIGHTS or LONGRAYS.

They are escorted to and from Earth within the shadows of the MIDILIGHTS, in much the same way as a joey is carried by its kangaroo mother. Come Noon they are allowed out of the MIDILIGHTS shadows for an hour to play in the sunlight. Then the MIDILIGHTS come and protect them within their own shadows until it is time for the MIDILIGHTS to return to UMNBRA, when they take the young NOONDAYS back with them.


They are the ‘between times’ shadows, between the times of the LONGRAYS and the NOONDAYS. Protectors of the NOONDAYS, and answerable to the LONGRAYS.

Most every MIDILIGHT, dreams of being selected by the SHADOWLORDS to become a LONGRAY.


These are the most respected and revered of the SHADOWFOLK, the highest CASTE OF SHADOWS; handpicked by UMBRE, one of the SHADOWLORDS, they are trained by JADE, to become the most elite of the SHADOWFOLK, guardians to their kith and kin of UMBRA and also protectors of the Earth creatures.


These are the ‘weak ones’ shadows from all castes, who are nearing the end of their days, when they will be absorbed back into the ‘DARKNESS BEYOND’.

They are weaker than all the other SHADOWFOLK, able to form only faint shadows and unable to ‘shape-shift’ any more, they lurk in the dim lights of Earth and are the only inhabitants of UMBRA able to cross into ‘FAUX LIGHT’ without bursting into flames.

They are feared and mistrusted by the rest of the SHADOWFOLK, who give them a wide berth for fear they may be reported to SHADOWLORDS, or worse still, contaminated by them.


Not of UMBRA, these are the shadows created by artificial light and all the shadows of UMBRA look down on them. They are considered the lowest of the low, not true shadows.

They are unable to live in sunlight, they must remain within the cast of artificial light at all times.

It is forbidden by the SHADOWLORDS for the shadows of UMBRA to mix with the FAUX-RAYS.




The gods of UMBRA – similar to the gods of Greek mythology



The social ‘pecking order’ of the ‘Shadows of Umbra’ with the LONGRAYS being at the top and the GLOAM being at the bottom; but when crossing with Earth the FAUX-RAYS are the lowest of the low, looked down on by nearly all of the Shadows of Umbra.


The shadows, of all castes, who originate from UMBRA and consider themselves the only ‘true’ shadows.


Collective term used for the young SHADOWS, usually prefixed by their caste – eg LONGRAY SHADE, MIDILIGHT SHADE etc.


Refers to FAUX-BEAMS who are considered the lowest of the low, and as they are not of UMBRA are forbidden for the Shadows of UMBRA to mix with.


When a Shadow of UMBRA, follows an Earth creature and assumes its shape.



The Earth creatures that the Shadows of UMBRA ‘shadow’



The ability to assume different shapes


A collective term for all the SHADOWS OF UMBRA



The place where SHADOWS go when they die.


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