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This was my submission to the digital art category of a local art show and I received second place for it!

Granted, I'm more of a visual drawer so I don't really do much with hidden meanings or making my art super powerful. I wish I had the talent to but I'm not clever enough to do so. One day hopefully.

I'm in no way a professional. I just started really working hard at my digital art "skills" earlier this year.

The overall meaning behind this was to show how far we've come throughout the ages of music. We all agree that music has a strong impact in our lives. I don't know a single person who hates music. Does such a person even exist? Anyways, centuries ago the only ways to listen to music was singing yourself, listen to other people sing, attend a classical music concert, or play an instrument. With the advancement of technology we went from having to go to a symphony orchestra concert in person to having thousands of classical pieces in a single iPod (plus thousands of other genres to listen to).

I don't know if most of us say it, but I truly am thankful for the technology we have today to be able to listen to music wherever and whenever. Some of us take it for granted so my work is a vague friendly reminder to be grateful for the things we have today to explore all works of art and have it so readily available to us.