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Hi hi I took the really awesome logo from Yuls and put it into action!

Lemme know what you think :)




Hi hi hi!

Tiny story for this bad boy?

Maybe a film idea? Up to you :D




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Oh hello you!

I'd never heard of the Buddhist concept of the Hungry Ghost, but in the kind of Buddhism I practice, the idea of "Hunger" is something we all posses. It's a life state where you have bottomless craving that can never be satisfied. It's considered one of the ten life states, or "Ten Worlds" that each of us posses. We are always in one of these life states, but we can move from one to another in a single moment. The ten worlds are:

"Hell: A state of suffering and despair in which we perceive we have no freedom of action. It is characterized by the impulse to destroy ourselves and everything around us.

Hunger: The state of being controlled by insatiable desire for money, power, status etc. While desires are inherent in any of the Ten Worlds, in this state we are at the mercy of our cravings and cannot control them.

Animality: In this state, we are ruled by instinct with neither reason nor moral sense nor the ability to make long-range judgments. We operate by the law of the jungle and will not hesitate to take advantage of those weaker than ourselves and fawn on those who are stronger.

Anger: Here, awareness of ego emerges, but it is a selfish, greedy, distorted ego, determined to best others at all costs and seeing everything as a potential threat to itself. In this state we value only ourselves and tend to hold others in contempt.

Humanity (also called Tranquility): This is a flat, passive state of life, from which we can easily shift into the lower four worlds. While we may generally behave in a humane fashion in this state, we are highly vulnerable to strong external influences.

Heaven (or Rapture): This is a state of intense joy stemming, for example, from the fulfillment of some desire, a sense of physical well-being, or inner contentment. Though intense, the joy experienced in this state is short-lived and also vulnerable to external influences.

The six states from Hell to Heaven are called the six paths or six lower worlds. Any happiness or satisfaction to be gained in these states depends totally upon circumstances and is therefore transient and subject to change. In these six lower worlds, we base our entire happiness, indeed our whole identity, on externals.

The next two states, Learning and Realization, come about when we recognize that everything experienced in the six paths is impermanent, and we begin to seek some lasting truth. Unlike the six paths, which are passive reactions to the environment, these four higher states are achieved through deliberate effort.

Learning: In this state, we seek the truth through studying the teachings or experience of others.

Realization: In this state we seek the truth not through others' teachings but through our own direct perception of the world.

Having realized the impermanence of things, people in these states have won a measure of independence and are no longer prisoner to their own reactions as in the six paths. However, they often tend to be contemptuous of people in the six paths who have not yet reached this understanding. In addition, their search for truth is primarily self-oriented, so there is a great potential for egotism in these two states.

Bodhisattva: Bodhisattvas are those who aspire to achieve enlightenment and at the same time are equally determined to enable all other beings to do the same. Conscious of the bonds that link us to all others, in this state we realize that any happiness we alone enjoy is incomplete, and we devote ourselves to alleviating others' suffering. Those in this state find their greatest satisfaction in altruistic behavior.

Buddhahood: Buddhahood is a dynamic state that is difficult to describe. We can partially describe it as a state of perfect freedom, in which we are enlightened to the ultimate truth of life. It is characterized by infinite compassion and boundless wisdom. In this state, we can resolve harmoniously what appear from the standpoint of the nine worlds to be insoluble contradictions. A Buddhist sutra describes the attributes of the Buddha's life as a true self, perfect freedom from karmic bonds throughout eternity, a life purified of illusion, and absolute happiness."


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It's like a cute little place where robots live!

It's on Tumblr too!




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Cute little robot city, also on tumblr!




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Ham & Cat plot diligently before stealing the precious milk crates from around the city.



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Quagelle Rossenberg – Fragment of a Figment

One day, quite simply, I woke up. I was surrounded by broken objects, and half created toys, lamps, anything one could think of. It was dark. Some light pierced the squishy surface I stood on, like lightning poking through water. Shots of blue, purple and green sometimes illuminated the ground, allowing me to get my bearings easier. Up above there was only black. The void, as I came to know it. I had a grasp on the English Language, as well as social etiquette, an understanding of gravity, time, self image, and literacy…but no memories. Where was I now? Where had I come from? Who was I before and did that determine who I would soon become? Questions without answers, and not a soul to answer them.

I spent what felt like an eternity attempting to make sense of my broken environment. I was surrounded by objects, but on the rare occasion I found something in one piece, it didn’t work, and those things that looked like they might have worked, were…well, often missing pieces.

I attempted desperately to connect with my environment. Everything here was broken or unfinished, so therefore, I must have been as well. But how did I fit in? What was my relation to these inanimate objects? Maybe there was none. Maybe this was just a graveyard for the broken.

The thought plunged me into a deep depression.

Time seemed to flow strangely there, with the void continuously looming up above it was very difficult to tell whether it was day or night. I pondered my existence endlessly to no avail.

If I am part of this world as something that has been left behind, then what world exists where things thrive?

One day while curled up on the squishy ground, the answer to all of my questions came with a spectacle that only lasted but a moment.

The squishy ground shook with intensity as the lightning storm below exploded out of hand. The broken objects on the surface jittered and jangled. Far in the distance a ball of light with every color imaginable, and unimaginable emerged from the ground, the tiny broken objects falling about in every direction. It bubbled up slowly and then fired up into the void. For several minutes I stood staring at the tiny white dot that could still be seen in the void as this ball of florescent inspiration left my world behind forever.

And then it all made sense. An idea.

A fully fleshed out idea. A marvelous concept. A stupendous conception.

That was what I had witnessed.

I came to the realization that I once was the same. I once was an idea, but I was not fully formed. I was not fully thought through, I existed briefly, only to be forgotten and left behind. Left with the other broken and unfinished garbage.

If I was not to be completed by the will of another, then I determined that I would be completed by myself. As my observation noted, the only way out of this land of uncompleted thoughts was through the void.

It was miles high, far above any clouds or space that I knew about, but this did not hinder my resolution. I had more than enough building supplies to create a ladder, and even if it took an eternity, I would leave this place.

If I had a calendar or a way of measuring the days my ladder must have taken over a thousand years, and by the time I was finished using these unfinished ideas for my ladder into the void there were hardly any covering the squishy ground.

I climbed and I climbed and I climbed. The climb itself probably took years to do as well, but years did not mean anything to me at this point. I was determined.

The strangest thing did happen however. As I began to climb this rickety ramshackle ladder into the void, the broken and incomplete objects started to function. Lights would flicker on, small toys would stir their motors, gears began to switch back and forth… it was like they were suddenly given a purpose, a reason to exist. Like their purpose was fully realized.

As I climbed up higher and higher the gravity became lighter. I kept moving upward. My body was nearly weightless. Until finally, it weighed nothing at all. My fingers grasped to the ladder, but slipped off. I was floating around in the void, my ladder glowing and squawking and revving about.

I floated moving higher slowly… but after some time I began to feel as if I was falling. I tried to grasp the ladder once again but it fell just out of reach. And then gravity seemed to be pulling me the other way, right into the void. I grew scared and I panicked. I saw the ladder falling away from me as I sped up and fell through the void in the other direction!

Falling into space! Falling into nothingness! Disappearing for good!

This was a terrible, terrible idea! And then SLAM!

I woke up.  

But when I came to, I wasn’t on the squishy ground… no.

I was lying on grass.




Thanks for reading my short story! Maybe we can do something with it :D




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Hi hi hi

What's kickin' HitRECordists?

Loving all the cool stuff coming out so rapidly! I had a cool idea to combine live action and animation, I used this just as an example of what it could look like. I was thinking the first scenes could be done with live action and a the voiceover (I particularily like the one by KatSmash) then we could switch to a kind of sketchy hand drawn animation of the stars she's looking at, and then back to live action.

Lemme know what you think, maybe this could be a cool approach to this.



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I really enjoyed Daniel's reading of the story about flying over the world, I also love making cool robot-like things, so I was quite inspired to create these nifty wood, leaf, and gear wings, equipped to a piloty Daniel. I'd like to go further with this. If you have any suggestions about the design, functionality, character design or anything lemme know, I'd love to hear it, and I can't wait to create some cool assets for this collab!



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A test animation for the wing pack design for Above it All.


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An illustration of the protagonist from "Above it All"

I didn't go the route of drawing Daniel because caricature isn't really my thing, but I gave an attempt to make him look like he's out for a true adventure of flight and wonder.


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Hi hi I took the really awesome logo from Yuls and put it into action!

Lemme know what you think :)



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Backgrounds for the collab.

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