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It is said that you need to light a fire under someone's butt in order to push them to do their best. How was I supposed to realize it didn't mean literally?!

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Author's Note: I think this still needs some work.


A coworker of mine Yo
has an app on his Yo phone
that goes Yo every time Yo
an air raid Yo siren goes off
It goes off Yo too often

The only Yo video
I’ve seen recently from Israel
Was a home movie
Of a two year old girl

The thing about technology
Is that everything happens so fast
It takes less than a second
That Yo
That one little syllable

The little girl is running her father ragged
They’re looking for her crown
Aiefo haketer?
Where’s the crown?

Over and over
Running around till bath time

That’s it to us
Working in an office in Brooklyn
One syllable
Less than a second

That little girl
Doesn’t hear Yo
Instead her bath time is interrupted with
The wee-ooh
A sound heard so often
That this two year old girl’s parents have given it a nickname
To make it less scary

Grabbing her up in a towel
The little girl and her parents run
The wee-ooh interrupted us before
You could get dressed
Say the little girl’s parents
Once they are safely in the shelter
Zeh lo yofeh
That’s not nice
Says the little girl

The man and his wife dress their daughter
To a soundtrack of wee-oohs and booms

The little girl feels the booms
As bombs fall out of the sky

The way her parents say boom
Reminds me
Of my little brothers and sister
Of how I play a game with them
My uncle played with me

Sit on my lap
Lift my legs as we go up the hill
And then boom
Legs fall down
And boom
The child slides down

the shelter shakes
I go about my day
A little girl’s bedtime routine is interrupted

In Crown Hieghts
An old air raid siren
Signals the start of Shabboss
The day of rest

I once stood underneath it
Nearly took my ears out
Wee-ooh Wee-ooh

It’s hard to imagine a Yo that loud
An app can never be that intrusive

The little girl is in her room now
I hope the Wee-ooh and the boom
Don’t disturb our sleep
Zeh lo Yofeh
That’s not nice

In Brooklyn
I set my phone to vibrate

by Mottelz
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<Taken With iPhone 4S>

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He said to never let him go, no matter what.

I made sure to keep my promise.

It's a little snug in this coffin, but we make it work.

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cut and paste


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uploaded twice. oopsy.

a little stop-motion I made with my sister KualaDog.

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(For Gaby -- this is a Native American folktale)

In the beginning, before the People, Rainbow Crow was the loveliest of all birds, with bright feathers and a beautiful singing voice.  The world was warm and peaceful in perpetual summer.  Then the Creator thought up the idea of snow and ice, and winter came.  At first the novelty enchanted the animals, but soon the small animals got covered in snow drifts, and food became scarce for everyone.

The Wise Owl had the idea to send someone up to Heaven to ask the Creator to unthink winter, and get it warm again.  Rainbow Crow got the job.  He flew for three days and nights.  He flew longer and higher than any bird had ever flown, through the very stars, until he found the Creator.  The Creator was quite busy and didn't notice him.  So Rainbow Crow began to sing and his lovely song soon caught the Creator's attention.

The Creator was most pleased by Rainbow Crow, and offered him a gift.  "For my gift, may I ask that you unthink Snow and Ice?  We are cold and hungry."  The Creator told him, sorry, once a thing was thought, even He could not unthink it.  But then the Creator took a stick, poked it into the Sun until it flamed, and gently placed the cool end into Rainbow Crow's beak.

"This gift is called Fire.  It will keep you warm, and help you to find food.  But it will burn quickly so hurry back to the world."

Rainbow Crow flew as fast as his wings could carry him but as the days passed the stick grew shorter and the fire got closer and closer to his body.  His tail feathers caught fire and the smoke burned his throat and lungs.  Burning, smoking, he plummeted to the Earth like a meteor.  But such was his cleverness that he managed to keep the stick lit.  His lovely voice was gone, replaced by a harsh caw.  His brilliant feathers were sooty and burned, but with his sacrifice he saved his fellow creatures from winter.

Despite the respectful treatment and gratitude everyone showed him, the loss of his beauty saddened him.  One night, while sitting off by himself, the Creator came to him on a breath of wind.  "Don't despair, brave Crow.  When People come, and they will, no Man will ever cage you for your fine song.  He will never hunt you, as you will taste of smoke.  The other animals will never harm you, out of respect for your deeds.  You will be free for all eternity.  And if you look closely, you can still see the beauty you once had."

And it's true.  If you examine a crow feather very carefully, you will see it has a beautiful rainbow colored sheen.

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Up until 3AM finishing this but I think it turned out well. I also have a full version without text if need be and vox stems to come soon. I have it all bounced but I'm exhausted.

Shout out again to NOTaband for the amazing beat and to everyone that has supported the song thus far.





Lyrics: School Day

I remember now that back in the day/ All that I would do is go to class and play/ I really didn't give two "what's" bout grades/ And didn't really care what the teacher'd say/

All I really wanted was to go outside/ Run real fast, climb real high/ Get a power rangers megazord toy/ Before anybody else had that, right?/

We'd go outside just to fight at recess/ That's where we'd de-stress/ But never in destress, we just/ Run n then we'd take in what the teachers teach us/

But now it's over, n I don't really know what just to say/ I miss that school yard banter shhh, If only I could do it all again one day/ But now it's over, n I don't really know what just to say/ I miss that school yard banter shhh, If only I could do it all again one day/ like…

I really wanna play, I really wanna play/ Mama's gonna let me outside all day/ Hop scotch, throw rocks, pop rocks, soda, and setting up a stand with some lemonade/

I'm making money, dad is out watching while I'm making cash/ N if you pass by and don't buy some, all of y'all can kiss my/ dad, I didn't say it, I didn't say it, don't make me run to the neighbors/ I'm sorry, I'm sorry, you can wash my mouth out later/

Now schools out, teachers all/ let um out, let me out, let um out, let um out/ We got 3 months to do whatever we want/ N forget everything that we're talking bout/

But then 3 months later it's all/ Let um in, let um in, let um in/ Summer's gone, it didn't take to long/ And it's already time to let school begin/

The classes, the classes, like back then I couldn't stand it/ I'd write a rap instead of doing my math, n then I'd talk up with all my antics/ I'm screaming, you're yelling, I fight back then you're telling/ We're sitting, with the principal, whose acting like we're felons/ I'm whining, you're crying, he's teaching, his lesson/ We both laugh & leave there, the next day we're best friends/

But now it's over, n I don't really know what just to say/ I miss that school yard banter shhh, If only I could do it all again one day/ But now it's over, n I don't really know what just to say/ I miss that school yard banter shhh, If only I could do it all again one day/ … I miss it, I miss it, but back then man I live it/ Nostalgia, for hours, but at least everybody here gets it/ Our childhood, our good times, our old loves and our innocence/ That old desk and chalk board where we learn to build our sentences/ But really we were learning bout our friends and which way to live a life worth mentioning/ So know that I'm here to remember with you, I remember it too, we were getting it… in the school yard.

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cut and paste


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