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To the feminist men of HitRECord. I'm calling you out! What did your parents do right? As the mother of a boy, it's my responsibility to raise a good man. So I am willing to listen to all of your advice.

It takes me a while to get to the point and I left out some important stuff that I already know, like for instance, I'm not doing the whole "gendered toys" and "gendered clothes" thing. He can play with and wear whatever he likes. I'm showing (rather than telling, I hope) the idea of respect and bodily autonomy. As of now, I have to make decisions about his body that pertain to his health and safety, (e.g. "don't eat that penny," "no you can't go down the stairs," "yes you need a diaper change," "sorry, but we are going to the doctor," etc.) but I realize and respect that it is HIS body, and he gets to make the major decisions. In hopes that he'll realize that other people's bodies--women's, specifically--are theirs alone, too. And just basically teaching compassion, respect, kindness as best as I can. 

But I know I fall short some of the time. 

And I also know, as I mention here, some families who raised their boys up really well, still to have them turn into a "red pill,"/ "men going their own way" / "a voice for men" person. (Those are actual groups, by the way, which are violently misogynistic.) 

And I think my parents did a good job with me, but my feminism was a looooong and bumpy process. I got some misguided ideas into my teenage head that it took me a long time to get rid of. I know kids rebel and get all sorts of messages from the media.

So, this is a really heavy responsibility, and, feminist men, I would really like your input on what your parents did right, and what you think was maybe missing, that you had to fill in by yourself?

Moms and dads of feminist men, or older boys, I'd love to hear from you, too!

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