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Created for the reason to make all life deceased n'
Got entrusted with the gift of life then guns commit treason
I'm sick of hearing that same ole plug
"Guns don't kill people", then what do they do, give em hugs?
It's fine if you love em but at least cease the frontin
They got no purpose on earth except death and destruction
Let me guess you wanna use it for protection madam?
Whatcha gon' do, pull it out and throw it at em?
Nah, you're gonna try to dead em all, man
Let em spray like an aerosol can
Is that the sound of a bullet that's traveling toward a chest?
Or the sound of a gavel that sentenced someone to death?
It's too late to return to that gun free time
There's too many in the world and criminals carry a nine
Like a math equation
What's with the fascination?
It's supposed to be a peaceful nation not a piece filled nation, man


Opportunities for growth disguise themselves as hardships. 

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The music video I did for an awesome band I started called "The Vangoes". This song was our kick off single. Camera work by Jesse Castellanos and Sam Leanos. I did all the editing in Sony Vegas and used photoshop for the graphics. It was shot at an amazing monthly art show called Alley Art in McAllen, Tx. I hope you enjoy :D

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TEACHERS: RECord Video of yourself sharing an experience you've had with a student who was caught cheating.

EVERYONE W/ A CAMERA: Interview a Teacher sharing their experiences with a student who was caught cheating.


NOTE: Please include these notes in your video:

  • What Grade & Subject you teach?

  • What was the assignment the student cheated on?

  • Describe how the student cheated. What were the consequences?


ADDITIONAL NOTE: You can also touch upon these additional prompts in your Video:

  • What are your overall thoughts on cheating in school?

  • Is this a common problem where you teach?

  • Do you think it has become easier to cheat in school these days?

  • Why do you think cheating is such a common problem?



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my friend Miranda

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LOVED NOTaband's beat and thought I'd give this a shot. (I feel badass when I wear that heat) (I'm not a freestyler, so go easy)

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by hyvoky
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Getting a feature, rerec or remix is a huge boost to the confidence but for most it doesn’t happen everyday and it isn't the be all and end all. It might take ages to get something noticed like that but when you do its a real achievement. No one should expect it or feel hard done by that it hasn't happened yet, it is special and comes through time.  

That being said, YES it is frustrating when you send something out there that you really love and it doesn't get love from others. Art is always personal, that is simply the nature of it, and hell YES it hurts when people don’t respond to it, We all feel the same!


(New or Old to HR) the most important thing is to remember is that this is a community and you have to make yourself present within it, go comment on other peoples stuff, subscribe to others work. Get out there and talk to other people, HR is full of interesting and knowledgeable people who are happy to give advice and help you out. 

Think about how hard it is for you to see everyones work and then think realistically how easy it is for the curators to see everyones work, make yourself known to people.

I joined in 2012 and it took me over a year before I was featured. When you are new to the site it might feel very confusing and like your work just floats away into an abyss never to be seen again but you can't just give up you keep trying, if you believe in what you do someone else will to.  

Same goes for people who have been on HR a long time, its a relationship, you have to work on it! Its not always easy, it doesn't always maintain the same highs! Take a breather and stop obsessing over the bureaucracy. 

Sure not everything runs smoothly all the time and navigating this very passionate and talented bunch of individuals must be intimidating, but sometimes these discussions can seem to turn into a bit of a witch hunt and I just wanted to add my thoughts. Which are basically calm down, keep going, get inspired and if you feel unappreciated chances are someone else does too so go spread some love.  

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**NOTE: I realize that I said 'culture' a few times when I also meant people of colour. Hopefully it's clear where that is. Apologies!

I've been thinking a lot about representation and diversity on the site, and how we can become more diverse and representative.

It starts with questioning why we tell stories the way we do.

A lot of what we do is mythic or storybook in nature that relies on archetypes and shorthand to make a short piece read. Unfortunately, that means we often default to white and straight for our characters. We have a huge opportunity here to break that default. We don't have a gun-shy network that wants to play it safe (Pivot doesn't strike me as a conservative station.) We can approach a project however we like! That is very exciting.

My aim here is to start a conversation and to create some awareness of the tendency to default characters to white and straight that happens across western culture. This is not in response to any specific collaboration(s). I don't mean to stir up controversy and I'm certainly not pointing any fingers. As I say in the video, I've noticed the tendency in myself.

The big questions to ask as we create: do these characters have to be white to make the story work? Do they have to be straight? Does the hero need to be the man? Can this family used in a quick few second animation as part of the larger story be mixed-race? I would guess that the vast majority of the time, the answer is no, it wouldn't make a difference in the story, except to improve it.

I welcome everyone's thoughts on this topic. I am not a minority - I am a straight, white, cisgendered woman from a first world country. I recognize that I come from a place of privilege. 

by Proi
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I don't know what the hell Love is, but as far as I'm concerned, my wife doesn't know what it means either.

by cjx666
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God is a woman!

by cjx666
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