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 i said there ain't no borders

between hitRECorders

"again by heart"

is where you'll find our law and order

'cause we respect each other

and we respect each other's art

we'll be doin' it 'till the end,

like we been doin' it from the start,


amongst every single nation

without no hesitation

'cause we see the whole equation

ain't no boundaries

and if you don't like how it's sounding,

you just fix it, re-mix it, turn it up and twist it,

We're all equal here and there's nothing to distinguish

it's reward in itself to know you're working with a genius

and chances are that the genius might be you.

genius among genius it runs rampant in our crew.

just look around

it's everywhere you look

talent so huge

we put it in a tiny book

we're like a family

we go through our ups and downs

but through the thick and thin

we will always be around.

and if you need to

just go to

every single day there is so much to record

and just like this track

between two guys ain't never met

inspired by a collaboration by some guy named Jeff Peff

and see that is how it works here

ain't no rules dear

just be clear

that what you did is your shit,

cause copyrights and all that ain't nuthin to fuck with

and now we do productions and other live functions

and we don't need any type of your legal injunctions

so make sure what you contribute is original

it's critical when we're trying to give credit to

the right people from all the right places,

walks of life, so many faces.

united by heart, freedom through art

are we recording, are we recording, nope lets go back to the start.....

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