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A few years back, when i was working as the Night Audit Supervisor at the Courtyard/Residence Inn Downtown Convention Center on 4th St. in Austin, i was responding to a call on the 5th floor, in which a drunk guest had punched a mirror and was splattering his blood all over the walls. As i was speaking to the guests in the room, explaining that any other calls would result in their eviction, i got a call on the radio from the front desk that someone had spilled their drink all over our counter and we needed someone from housekeeping to clean it up, but my housekeeper was busy cleaning blood off the walls at the moment, so i headed back downstairs myself to help clean up.
As i entered the elevator, there was a drunk guy in his early 20's just kind of swaying around, but there was no button lit up to any floor, so i asked, "To which floor, Sir?" The guy mumbled some gibberish about having 2 grand in his pocket, and some other garbled talk that i couldn't really understand. I continued to inform him that if he didn't have a room in the hotel, i was going to have to ask him to leave.
He looks me right in the eye and says, "You look like a fuckin' Iraqui. I oughtta knock you the fuck out!" At this point of the night, in the hectic downtown Austin area, after all the bars had just closed, i had had enough, so i look at him and said, "You know what? Get out of my hotel," and i proceeded to escort him out the front door and instructed him to leave the property.
When he exited, he walked up to a group of little Hispanic guys and said something into one of their ears, and the guys got...

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i told God that i wanted to be a star... He gave me Carl Sagan and Neil deGrasse Tyson. Well played, God, well played.


 i said there ain't no borders

between hitRECorders

"again by heart"

is where you'll find our law and order

'cause we respect each other

and we respect each other's art

we'll be doin' it...

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If Jesus had been hanged, would you wear a noose around your neck?
i wish a savior would come back, to put your "christian" ass in check.
All the "religious" would be weeping, and...

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My brain is bigger than my balls, and my heart is bigger than my dick.


The hardest part for me, as the father figure of this family, is trying to convince my closest loved ones, my wife and kids, who look to me for inspiration and answers, that life...

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